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"Why were you touching me?"

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Frank finds someone passed out on the sidewalk.

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so i decided to post this chapter out early. because i won't be able to post an chapters all next week until friday, because i'm going over my friends house. but if we go to the library we can, but i highly doubt that. so i'm going to post another chapter tomorrow, and i hope you guys like it, and i'll update my other story lust, which has been incredible hard. I know what i want to write, but it's just not coming out right. Like i look back on my past work and the chapter i'm writing just seems so dull, maybe it's the situation. But idk. i will stay up all night trying to fix this. I love that story to death, and i haven't updated in a longtime. I owe it.

"Why were you touching me?"

Frank walked up to the body slowly. He didn't want to be embarrassed when the person ended up just being asleep.

But the person didn't look asleep; the way he sprawled on the sidewalk didn't look like he lay there purposely. Frank kneeled down, and just stared at the person.

Who ever it was had long Black hair? (BIG HINT: We know who this is) Probably a girl Frank thought positioning himself in a sitting position. Just what Frank needed more girls to end up hating him?

Frank stared closely at the girl, and watched as her body lifted up every time she exhaled or inhaled. But she looked a little bruised in the face, well only the parts that he could see through the black hair, it was strewn everywhere.

He ran his hand over the girls soft face, and soft features, she looked like an angel, until the eyes shot open. Frank removed his hand away from her, and backed away a little, he didn't want to come off as some weird stranger or a rapist or anything.

"Who the fuck are you?" The voice wasn't a girl voice; even though it was high it still didn't seem right. But who was Frank to judge people's voices? He's voice wasn't very manly either.

"I-I-I'm Fra-nk" He said. Great he thought, now he made himself look like some retarded stranger. The girl sat up, but it wasn't a girl, it was just a guy with really long hair. Frank felt stupid; maybe he was on the retardation side. Because clearly he wasn't some annoying girl, clearly he was a beautiful guy. "Who are you?" Frank tried his hardest not to stutter anymore, and calm himself down.

He took a long time to answer. What did he do, forget he's name? Frank thought. "Gerard." He told him. Gerard continued to look at Frank while he patted himself for a cigarette. Nope he thought all out. "Cigarette? Do you have one?" Gerard asked. Frank went into his pocket grabbing his package and pulling out the last one, and handing it over.

He knew it was a good idea to save it. Gerard took out his matches and lit it, and exhaled.

"Why were you laying on the ground?" Frank asked feeling a little more calm then he was before.

Gerard Blew smoke into Frank's face. "Why were you touching me?" He asked and placed the cigarette back into his mouth.

"I was trying to wake you up." Frank told him a little annoyed; he was beginning to not like this Gerard guy.

"And I was trying to sleep." Gerard shot right back. Frank stood up.

"Well I'm sorry I woke you up, next time I see you on the sidewalk I'll walk right past you." Frank was about to walk away when he heard he's voice again.

"I didn't attend to sleep on the ground, I was drunk and I passed out." Gerard threw the cigarette into the grass and stood up as well. "House party you know? It gets pretty out of control."

Frank nodded his head, but really didn't know what he was talking about. Frank never went to a house parties. His aunt and uncle wouldn't let him. "Where's your house?"

"Like a 10miles away." He laughed, scratching his head, trying to think of how he was going to get to school.

"Well you can come back to my house, and I can drive you home." Frank suggested. Gerard looked up at Frank with a surprised look on his face.


"Yeah my house isn't too far away." He said jerking his thumb behind him. Gerard smiled.

"Okay yeah."

Frank and Gerard realized they had more things in common then they thought, they liked the same music, and both felt empty at times.

"Okay, since our lives are about the same do you have a brother or sister?" Gerard asked, looking more alive then he did before when he was smoking.

"Uhh I have a sister, and she's older then me, but she doesn't--" Frank stopped himself; he shouldn't tell Gerard about her not liking him anymore. "But she doesn't live with me."

"Uhh I have a brother, and he's younger than me, and lives with me." Gerard's smile got even wider; it was like it was he's first time talking to someone in a long time. Frank laughed.

"A brother eh, mmm I don't think I would like it if I had a brother." Frank said out loud. "I love my sister so much. I can not wait to go see her." Frank didn't smile. Usually when he talked about his sister he would light up, but now, it was like talking highly of a bully, it didn't seem right.

Yep so Frank met Gerard. Urgh i wonder what will happen next. I can't wait to introduce Frank's friend, shit i love this character to death, but if she was real i would stay the hell away from her. CRAZY BITCH ALERT! ready to kill(well claims.)
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