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"It had been years ago..."

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Aunt claire and uncle john taking Frank in.

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Pretty proud of this chapter. It's okay. It's better than my newest chapter in lust.

"It had been years ago..."

When they arrived at Frank's house, it was already 6:00 giving frank an hour to get dress, eat, and go and pick up Darcy, which Frank wasn't to excited on. She was always moody in the morning especially Sunday morning.

But today she would be even bitchier at Frank because he was going to be late, and she hated when people were late. Rush? But it wasn't anybody's fault but Frank's, he had offered this stranger a ride. Gerard could be this crazy kid hunger to kill; now Frank had to take him 10 miles out of the direction he was going.

Frank showed Gerard to his car, and told him to wait while he snuck into his house and got his keys.

Frank walked inside his house only to be greeted by he's aunt's morning dull voice. She always was like this in the morning, which was something constant about her.

"John if you would just hold on, I'll get to that...I just have to start making breakfast for us, and make the coffee." She yelled at frank's Uncle as she entered the kitchen and busied herself. Sometimes Frank was happy to live with people who had love for each other, like he's aunt, and uncle. They were so kind and loving to him, when he had came and lived with them. But could be so god damn overprotective.

It had been years ago...

"Hey Frankie... I'm your aunt Claire, and this is your uncle John." She pointed her finger at haired man, with rose cheeks and smile plastered on his face. "and were going to be taking care of you." She continued greeting Frank with a hug and a kiss on his cheek, while he's uncle patted him on his back.

They had showed him to his room, and Frank was truly amazed by it. It looked like a room that would be in a TV show, you could tell they were trying hard to make him feel loved and wanted.

Frank sat his bags on the floor by his bed, and took a sit on the bed. Frank's aunt and uncle stood in the doorframe puzzled on what to do next. They had never took care a kid before, and they were hesitant if they would be able to take of a child that had come from such a bad life style.

Even though they had took Frank in, and he was truly happy to be away from his sad mother, and violent Eric, He felt empty, he felt he missed someone, he missed his sister.

Claire came over and sat next to Frank, wrapping her arms around him. "Do you want anything Frank before we leave and let you set up your clothes in your drawers?" Aunt Claire whispered softly in Frank's ear.

Frank sat quiet for a second letting the room fill with silence, and letting little tear drops fall from his big round innocent eyes. "I want my sister." Frank muttered through the tears that had slipped into his mouth. He had a vacant look into his eyes.

His aunt Claire had stayed with him that whole day. Holding him while he fell asleep, and once he woke up, she feed him dinner, and he slept while she put away he's clothes.

Claire and John made a promise that night to give Frank the love that he deserved, to give him a better life.
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