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"No.... it's Sunday school. And I go to St. John's school. A catholic school."

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Frank driving Gerard home

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Okay i think i'll be taking a break from lust, but not long, i just really want to get into this story, then i have another idea, for another story, that this girl gave me. And it's perfect. Probably start on that, during school. :[. But yeah you guys can expect more BPD(Borderline personality Disorder)

"No.... it's Sunday school. And I go to St. John's school. A catholic school."

Frank got back into the car to find Gerard humming to a tone he did not know.

"Whatcha humming?" Frank started up the car, letting the engine slightly roar. Gerard shrugged looking over frank.

"Nothing. It's just something I made up." Frank nodded and backed out of the drive away.

"You look pretty tired. I can just walk. You know?" Gerard asked still looking at the tired Frank that was driving. He was partly scared that frank would fall asleep at the wheel, and they would end up getting into a car accident with huge explosions and shit.

Frank gave a little yawn "Even if I made you walk I would still have to drive, I have to go and pick up my friend Darcy, and then I have to drive to school." Frank said in a whiney kind of voice. Gerard passed him a sympathy look.

"School? You have to go to school on Sunday's? What school do you go to? Military" Gerard asked picking at the dirt that was stuck on his clothes and flicking it out the window.

Frank hesitated to answer Gerard. He didn't want him to think that he was lame for where he was actually going. "No.... it's Sunday school. And I go to St. John's school. A catholic school." Gerard's mouth fell open, before he fell into a pit of laughter. Just what Frank needed, some guy to laugh at him, for the school that he's aunt and uncle made him go to.

"I'm sorry for laughing. Why you going there? Parent's?" Gerard asked Becoming serious.

"Yeah my aunt and uncle." Frank put his blinker on. "They wanted me to be closer to God." Frank muttered, but Gerard heard.


"What street do you live on again, I think I'm close." Frank turned down a street.

"23 vicar street, yeah you are close, it's just on the next street." Frank turned down vicar. The street was fairly nice; many of the houses had flowers covering their sidewalks and lawns.

Gerard's house was the second house on the right, it wasn't very small, but it wasn't very big it was just perfect. "Well thanks for the ride." Gerard said after a second, and left. Frank smiled and drove back home.

I know this one is pretty short, but that's why i made the next chapter much longer, and you guys can expect that tomorrow, because that's how much i love this story, and some you guys! :]
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