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Meeting Patrick

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Ashley's unpacking when she hears a knock on the door...who is it?

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Ashley was just getting all her stuff unpacked when she heard the door bell. She put the box she was holding, down on her bed and went down the stairs to go answer the door. She and her parents had just moved to Chicago Illinois a few days ago, and she was only a troubled teen who missed her friends. She didn't like leaving highschool behind at all, but her parents had no choice. Her house in Massachusetts had to be sold before they lost it. There just wasn't enough money to support them. Ashley's father had found a new job in Chicago that offered good pay, so here they were; stuck in Chicago of course. Ashley turned the knob and opened the door to a cute kid her age with longish brown hair, black rimmed glasses, and a funny smile. He held out his hand.

Patrick: I'm Patrick. Patrick Stump

He shook Ashley's hand.

Ashley: I'm Ashley. I just moved here a few days ago from Mass.
Patrick: Really? We don't get a lot of new people around here.
Ashley: Oh. Do you live around here?
Patrick: I live right across te street actually. You must be pretty nervous to be just moving here. You don't know anyone yet. But don't worry. Everyone is pretty nice.
Ashley: Ok I'll take your word for it. So what made you come to my door?
Patrick: Figured I'd be nice and welcome the new neighbors.
Ashley: Oh. Well thanks. You can come in if you'd like.
Patrick: Well I'd like to, but I can't. I have to go back home and eat dinner. Give you my cell number?
Ashley: Sure

Patrick gave Ashley his number and waved goodbye to her as he walked down the walk way.

Patrick: Maybe we can hang tomorrow? I'll show you around the area if you want!
Ashley: Yeah! I'd like that!

Ashley waved and then closed the door. She made her way back up the stairs and into her room. Closing the door, she went to sit on her bed and fell back onto it, staring up at the ceiling.

Ashley: I think I might actually like this place!

Just then, Ashley heard her parents talking as the door opened downstairs. 'Crap!' Ashley thought. 'I was supposed to start boiling the water!' She got up and ran down the stairs slipping into the kitchen. She got a pot, filled it with water, and put it on the stove setting it on high.

Dad: Ashley?
Ashley: Yes dad?
Dad: Did you forget to boil that water?
Ashley: Uhh no...

Ashley's dad came into the kitchen and stood at the entryway. He scowled and crossed his arms.

Ashley: Okay fine I admit I forgot again!

Ashley's dad laughed and went over to hug her. Ashley's mom then came in carrying a bag of groceries. She set the bag down and pulled out several boxes of pasta.

Mom: What were you doing the whole time while we were gone? Anything interesting?
Ashley: Well, I met this new kid named Patrick. He came to the door to be a nice neighbor.
Mom: Well that's nice. See? You won't be friendless for long! Just think, school starts next week! I'm sure you'll make a ton of new friends!
Ashley: Let's just hope so...but anyways, I exchanged numbers with Patrick and he says he can show me around town tomorrow.
Mom: Got any money?
Ashley: No Mom. It's not like it's a date!
Mom: Well I know, but still you'll need it to get something to eat!
Ashley: I'll manage Mom.
Dad: Yeah Patrick will end up paying for you probably.
Ashley: Dad! Shut up!

Ashley's dad laughed again and walked out of the kitchen with the newspaper.

Mom: Well I'll give you a few bucks to grab a bite okay?
Ashley: Thanks Mom.
Mom: Did you unpack any more?
Ashley: Yes a lot actually. I'm almost done! I've got one more box!
Mom: Well that's good. I hope you're arranging things neatly too.
Ashley: Yes Mom you can go check if you want to.
Mom: Oh I believe you. I'll check it later.

Ashley went back to her room and grabbed her CD case out of the box on her bed. She flipped through until she found a Green Day and popped it in her stereo. Turning the volume up, she changed the song to Hitchin a Ride and stood on her bed. The song started and she started lip sincing to it with a hair brush. As the song reached the chorus, she noticed through her window that she had a perfect view of Patrick's house; and who was staring through a second floor window but Patrick himself! She immediately jumped off her bed and closed her curtain. Flushed red in the face, she turned her music down. 'Why do I have to humiliate myself in front of the first person I meet around here?' she thought. She threw her hairbrush on her bed and once again went down stairs. In the living room, she sat on the couch and flicked on the Tv until dinner.
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