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Around Town

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Ashley decides on giving Patrick a call and ends up touring the area

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Ashley woke up around 10 am and threw off her bed sheets. It was a hot day, and she opened the window to let in some fresh air. She could smell breakfast and quickley got dressed. Checking her appearance, she threw on a little make up and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Already there were bacon and eggs on the table and she sat down and started eating.

Ashley: fanks!

Ashley chewed her food.

Mom: So what time are you planning on hangin out with your new friend?
Ashley: Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! I'll call him after breakfast.
Mom: Oh
Ashley: What are you gonna do today?
Mom: Probably just unpack some more.
Ashley: Need any help before I leave?
Mom: That would be nice thanks
Ashley: Kay

Ashley finished up her eggs and gulped down a glass of OJ then went to call Patrick. She found his number in her phone and pressed the call button nervously. 'Oh God, what is he going to say about seeing me dancing on my bed last night?' she thought. It rang a few times until Patrick picked up.

Patrick: Hello?
Ashley: Hey Patrick! It's Ashley, the new kid?
Patrick: Oh hey Ashley! Do you still want to go out today?
Ashley: Yeah sure. My mom just gave me some money. Any good places to shop around here?
Patrick: Well there's the mall. I could drive you anywhere you want.
Ashley: Sweet! What time do you want to leave?
Patrick: We can go now and get an early start if you want. There's kinda a lot to see and get used to.
Ashley: Okay. Well I actually promised my mom I would help her unpack some more.
Patrick: Would you like some help?
Ashley: Really? That would be great!
Patrick: Ok I'll be over in a few
Ashley: Kay bye!

Ashley snapped her phone shut.

Ashley: Mom! You get to meet Patrick! He's coming over to help us unpack!
Mom: That's great honey...I hope he was the one offering
Ashley: Um I wouldn't ask anyone that kind of question Mom. I'm not that mean. Honestly.
Mom: Oh well just checking. He sounds like a nice young man.
Ashley: Well he is so far. He has his license!
Mom: Well you'll be getting yours soon enough.
Ashley: I hope so.

In not more than five minutes, Ashley heard knocking.

Ashley: That must be him! I'll get it!

Ashley walked over to the door tripping on a few boxes and opened it smiling.

Ashley: Hey! Come on in!
Patrick: This is a nice place. I like how you've set it up so far.
Ashley: Thanks...well most of the decor was my mom's doings.

Ashley's mom came into the livin room smiling.

Mom: Hello Patrick! Ashley told me about meeting you yesterday! It was awfully nice of you to be a good neighbor and come over!
Patrick: Thank's. I try to be a good citizen...

Ashley chuckled.

Patrick: So what do you need help with?
Mom: Well these boxes have to go in the basement so it would be great if you could carry them down. You look like a strong boy.
Patrick: Yeah, I try to work out sometimes but I always get too lazy.

Ashley laughed again.

Ashley: Yeah I'll show you where the basement is.

She walked a little ways down the hall and opened the door towards the end. She flicked on the light.

Patrick: Alright cool no problem.

Ashley and Patrick set to work on moving the boxes to the basement. Ashley could see Patrick's muscular arms as he lifted the boxes. He made some funny noises and pretended to strain. Ashley laughed. 'Wow he's fun to be with' she thought and noted on his cute look and how he whore his hat tilted to the side. She liked his style and could tell he liked her kind of music. At least that's what she thought. She would probably get to asking him that later. Maybe he would see something in her CD case that he liked and they could both jam out to it. She wasn't quite afraid of acknowledging the fact that she had indeed jumped on her bed with a hair brush to lip sinc Green Day. In fact, she was already starting to get comfortable around Patrick. She didn't know why, but there was something about him that she liked.
All of a sudden, Ashley stumbled from picking up a heavy box and fell right in Patrick's direction. He caught her by the arm
helping her up and helped to pick up the contents that fell out of the box.

Patrick: That was close
Ashley: Yeah thanks
Patrick: No problem. You almost hit your head.

Ashley looked behind her. The corner of the end table poked at her leg.

Ashley: Wow I could've like died
Patrick: Well I don't know about that...but you would've gotten pretty hurt. That wouldn't be good at all.
Ashley: Just my luck to end up at the hospital or something.
Patrick: Do you usually have bad luck?
Ashley: Well sometimes...I'm usually just a negative thinker.
Patrick: Well don't think like won't get anywhere! You have to think positive for things to turn out the way you want them to!
Ashley: I know. But thanks I could use the encouragement. It was pretty hard for me to move here and leave highschool behind and all. I miss myfriends more than you could ever know.
Patrick: Wow I could only guess what that feels liked. I've lived in Chicago all my life.
Ashley: Wow really? So we won't get lost when we go out right?
Patrick: hahaha no I definitely know this place like the back of my hand. I've gotten lost too many times. Now I just know where everything is.
Ashley: Well that's good.

The teens finished packing and were finally ready to head out. By then it was 1:00 p.m. Ashley's mom waved goodbye and they walked out of the house and across the street to Patrick's car.

Ashley: So how old are you?
Patrick: Just turned 17
Ashley: Pretty sweet. I'm 16 going on 17
Patrick: Nice. When's your birthday?
Ashley: August
Patrick: Sweet. Summer birthday!
Ashley: Yeah I'm so glad it's in the summer

They got into Patrick's Grand AM and Patrick backed out of the drive way.

Ashley: When did you get your license?
Patrick: 6 months ago
Ashley: So you're just aloud to drive people?
Patrick: Yeah. I've been driving my friends everywhere since last week.
Ashley: That's cool
Patrick: Yeah you have to meet them some time. They're my best friends.
Ashley: Who may I ask? Tell me about these friends...
Patrick: Well there's Pete, who's the crazy wack and totally physcho kid, Joe who's not so bad but a little crazy, and there's Andy who's kinda laid back like me.
Ashley: Wow they sound pretty decent...Pete kinda pops out though.

Patrick laughed

Patrick: yeah most people say that. He's just one of a kind...that's all I have to say. Trust don't even know until you meet him.
Ashley: How long have you known them?
Patrick: Since a couple years ago. We kinda play in a band together.
Ashley: Wait...what!?
Patrick: Yeah I forgot to tell you. I'm in a band.
Ashley: No way, like a rock band?
Patrick: Mhm
Ashley: Dude, no way! That's awesome. None of my friends have ever really been in bands before.
Patrick: Well I am.
Ashley: Well what do you play? and what's the band called?
Patrick: I play guitar and I'm the lead vocal. The name of the band is Fall Out Boy.
Ashley: Sweet! I'm gonna have to hear you guys play some time!

Patrick blushed.

Patrick: Yeah sure if you want
Ashley: Oh most def!

Patrick pulled into a strip of stores and found a parking space quickly.

Ashley: That was fast.
Patrick: Yeah I'm good at finding spaces and getting to them first.

The teens got out of the car and walked up to the strip mall. They were in front of Pac Sun.

Ashley: Do you shop here?
Patrick: Yeah one of my favs
Ashley: Me too! I love their clothing lines and the shoes.
Patrick: agreed

They went in and snooped around for a little bit, looking at shoes and comparing belts and hats. After a while, they left and went in some other stores like Aeropostale and Journey's. After looking around the mall, they got back in Patrick's car and were off to a new place. Patrick showed Ashley where all the main places were like golf courses, restaurants, cinemas, stores, bowling lanes, more malls, museums, and more. They stopped by a few places to look around so Ashley would know how everything was set up and where to look for people. When they were done with touring everything, Patrick pulled into a restaurant parking lot.

Patrick: Hungry?
Ashley: Yeah
Patrick: Good cuz I am starving! I'm definitely stopping here if you don't mind.
Ashley: Cool whatever place you prefer
Patrick: Yeah I come here a lot with the boys.

They walked into Chicago Burger and chose a seat. Then they waited until a waitress came over. They ordered their meals and started stuffing their faces.

Patrick: So tell me...what's your opinion on this place?
Ashley: The restaurant or Chicago?
Patrick: Chicago
Ashley: I think it's pretty interesting
Patrick: Well I'm glad you like it
Ashley: Yeah. Hey look I'm glad you showed me around. Otherwise I would never get to know this place.
Patrick: Oh any time.

They finished their meals and decided on paying half and half. They put the money on the table and left.

Ashley: So Patrick, do you have a girlfriend?
Patrick: me? nah I haven't had one in a while.
Ashley: How come?
Patrick: Girls break my heart
Ashley: Aww I'm sorry to hear it.

The teens had gone to a park that was down the street from their homes. Patrick had dropped his car off at his house and managed to find a blanket in his trunk. They walked to the park and sat on it to look at the stars.

Patrick: It's okay. I just haven't found the right one yet. They're all too...saucy I don't know. I have a lot of female friends but they're not my type.
Ashley: Oh I guess I can understand what you're saying.
Patrick: yeah. So how about you? Did you have anyone to leave behind in Mass?
Ashley: Well not really. I guess you can say that...sorta kinda.
Patrick: Do tell
Ashley: Well he was my neighbor Kevin and I grew up with him my whole life...until now when I had to leave. See, I've always loved him and he never quite understood. He was always too immature to know what love was.
Patrick: Wow that's tough. I'm really sorry to hear things didn't work out.
Ashley: yeah but I would've had to leave sooner or later anyways if anything did happen.
Patrick: Oh. Yeah it makes sense.
Ashley: Yeah so both ways I couln't win.
Patrick: Know how you feel...I can relate to that kind of situation.
Ashley: Yeah it's hard.
Patrick: Well just know that even though we just met yesterday you can always give me a call to talk about anything.
Ashley: Thanks! You're such a nice kid.
Patrick: Thanks.
Ashley: No prob.

The teens talked a little more and then headed home. Patrick walked Ashley to the door.

Ashley: Hey Patrick, thanks for was really great. I guess my mom was right about me making new friends...and even if I don't I know I still have you.
Patrick: Aww it was no problem. Just call me when you're bored and we can chill any time.
Ashley: Okay.

Patrick looked a little nervous at first, but then took Ashley by surprise when he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Patrick: Good night Ashley

He smiled and Ashley smiled and blushed back.

Ashley: Good night Patrick
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