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Highschool in Chicago

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Ashley gets to experience highschool in Chicago

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The alarm clock rang and Ashley turned over to shut it off. Her mother came in.

Mom: Ashley you have to get up now
Ashley: It's ok Mom I'll go tomorrow.
Mom: Ashley come on. I'm sure your day is going to be just fine.
Ashley: Yeah whatev...

Ashley's mom left the room.

Ashley groaned and got out of bed. She got dressed and went to her mirror. Sighing, she did her make up and fixed her hair. She recalled talking to Patrick last night and he had told her to meet him in his drive way for a ride to school. As soon as she approved of her appearance, she left the room.

Mom: Do you need anything? Like your backpack?
Ashley: No not really it's just the first day. Chances are we won't be having homework until the end of the week. That and all of our books.
Mom: Alright then. Are you gonna eat something before you go?
Ashley: Mom what did I tell you about eating this early?
Mom: Oh right...stomach aches
Ashley: Yeah one bite of something will set my stomach right off and you know how nervous I already am!
Mom: Okay then. Well let me get the camera so I can take some pictures of you and Patrick!
Ashley: Must we always do this every year?
Mom: Well it's your first year of highschool in Chicago so why not? Wouldn't you want a picture of Patrick too?

Ashley smiled to herself as she thought about Patrick's cute smiling face. Well okay she could take a few nice pictures with Patrick.

Ashley: Fine

They stepped outside into the warm air and Ashley spotted Patrick in his drive way. She motioned him over.

Patrick: Morning sleepy head
Ashley: Morning. My mom wants pictures. Think you can manage a flash or two?
Patrick: Sure

Patrick put his arm around Ashley and Ashley's mom snapped the picture. They took a few more and some singles and Ashley's mom finally put the camera away.

Mom: Well are you two ready to go?
Patrick: Yes I think so

Ashley just nodded and yawned again.

Mom: Take care of her now
Patrick: Oh I will

Ashley hugged her mom and followed Patrick across the street to his car. Getting in, she slammed the car door and settled into the nice plush seat. Patrick got in the driver's side and popped a CD into the player.

Ashley: What is it?
Patrick: You'll see

Patrick pressed some buttons and turned it up. The lyrics played "I'm good to go but I'm going nowhere fast it could be worse I could be takin you there with me I'm good to go but it looks like I'm still on my own"

Ashley: Wow is this you?
Patrick: Yours truly
Ashley: Seriously?! That's awesome! You're such a good singer. and I'm lovin the melody line. all the music wow it's just amazing. You guys could be famous.
Patrick: Well that's kind of what we're aiming for. As soon as we all get out of school.
Ashley: Wow now I'm really looking forward to meeting your band buddies.
Patrick: Yeah I assure you you'll like them.
Ashley: I'll take your word for it.

Soon enough, they pulled into the school parking lot and Patrick found a space right near the doors. They must've been early. There weren't too many cars in the lot and Ashley couldn't see too many people either.

Ashley: What time does school start?
Patrick: Like 7:23
Ashley: Oh

Ashley glanced at her phone. It only read 7:00

Ashley: You like getting here early I'm guessing?
Patrick: Yeah most of the time. I like the extra time with the guys.
Ashley: Pete Andy and Joe?
Patrick: Yeah. Sometimes we get lucky and the band doors are unlocked so we get to practice.
Ashley: Well what are you waiting for? Let's meet them and see what we can do.
Patrick: Well someone's certainly excited!
Ashley: Yeah sorry it's just that I think it's totally cool that you're in a band. Are you guys popular around here?
Patrick: Yeah a lot of people like us in school.
Ashley: Sweet. I bet a lot of girls are after you.
Patrick: Yeah sometimes they're hard to get rid of.

Patrick led Ashley to the front doors of the school and let her in before him. He then took the lead again and led her down a few hallways. Finally they reached some doors. Ashley could see three guys whom of which she guessed were Pete Andy and Joe. One had black hair that covered a little bit of one eye, another had glasses and long shoulder length wavy hair, and the last had brown hair that was buzz cut.

Patrick: Ashley...this is
Ashley: Pete, Andy, and Joe?
Patrick: Yes

Pete: Nice to meet you Ash
Andy: How ya doin?
Joe: Well hello

Each one shook hands with Ashley.

Pete: Wow Pat she's one hottie. Look at her!

Ashley blushed and giggled.

Ashley: I've heard so much about you guys. It's crazy. I felt like I already knew you before I even met you.
Pete: Yeah we've heard a lot about you too. Our friend Patrick here always tells us how much fun you guys have.
Ashley: Yeah it's been great so far. He's showed me around everywhere.
Joe: So do you like this place?
Ashley: Yeah I think I'm going to like it even more now that I get to experience highschool here.
Andy: Yeah you will. Everyone here is pretty nice. There hasn't been much drama. If you stay clear of the cliques, then you'll be fine. Just don't get into anything.
Ashley: Well thanks. About time I got some good advice.
Joe: Yeah Andy's the smart one here. Everyone goes to him.
Ashley: Okay I'll let you know if I need anything.

Andy nodded.

Patrick: Is the door open?
Pete: No should be on the first day...fucking dickwad school office custodian people.
Joe: Yeah and we need to practice. I haven't practiced in a while. Well make that WE.
Patrick: Yeah. I try at home sometimes but my mom always tells me to turn down the volume. It just doesn't sound right when it's not loud. I need the speakers. But other than that everything's good.
Ashley: Well when do you think I'll be able to hear you guys play?
Joe: Chances are this afternoon. School programs will be going on so these doors should be open and if not, I will seriously go to the office and complain.
Andy: Yeah I think they should be open by then
Ashley: Cool I so look forward to it.

The teens walked back to the lobby and saw that there were now more people. There were buses outside and Ashley glanced at her phone. It was now 7:17. She could see from what Andy had just explained how everyone was in a certain group or "clique" and how seperate they were. Some were dressed gangsta, others punks, emos, goths, preps, and jocks. It was like her former school but worse. 'I guess they're a little tougher around these parts' she thought. She clung to Patrick and the guys and followed them across the lobby. A few minutes later, the bell rang. Everyone rushed around into different hallways. Ashley just stood with Patrick looking at her schedule.

Patrick: Need help?
Ashley: Ya think?

Patrick laughed and looked at her schedule. He pointed down a hallway.

Patrick: Room 216 is right down there on the left kay? I have to go but if I happen to see you in the hallway, I'll help you!
Ashley: Thanks! See you later!
Patrick: Later!

Ashley watched as Patrick walked away through the crowd of people and went up the stairs. She stood there for a minute looking in every direction, the started down the hallway Patrick had pointed to. She glanced at the left side of the hallway and kept walking until she found room 216. She walked in and found a seat in the back. She didn't want everyone to notice her, but then again, they probably would anyway. She looked at her surrounding class mates and looked up as she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Joe.

Joe: Looks like we have the same homeroom!
Ashley: Yeah I guess we do!

Ashley smiled. Joe took a seat next to her.

Joe: This school isn't very big but it's possible to get lost.
Ashley: Well I'll probably find that out as the day goes on.
Joe: You'll be fine. I'll point you to your next class. That is if I remember. Sometimes I get the room numbers mixed up.
Ashley: That's okay. I mix things up all the time.
Joe: Yeah I'm not that great at school.
Ashley: Me neither. I've always been completely horrible at math.
Joe: Yeah me and the boys have too. The only one who's decent at it is Andy.
Ashley: Well good then cuz I need a tutor real bad.

The classroom filled up rather quickley and the teacher walked in right as the bell rang. She went to the front of the class and smiled.

Teacher: Hello everyone. My name is Mrs. Cadence! I'm your homeroom teacher. I'm sure everyone is glad to be juniors this year! I know I'm glad to be teaching them. Some of you may have me. I teach English.

Most of the kids smiled and nodded.

Mrs. Cadence: I also have some exciting news to tell you all. We have just recieved a new student from Massachusetts. Her name is Ashley. Ashley Szeto. Ashley? Would you please come up to the front of the class? I don't know who you are in all these faces. They're all quite new to me.

Ashley got up slowly and walked to the front of the classroom. Most everyone smiled and waved. A couple of immature guys said "HI ASHLEY!" and the girls smiled and fluttered their eyes. They all seemed really nice. 'I hope no one thinks I'm weird' Ashley thought.

Mrs. Candence: Thank you Ashley. It looks like everyone is glad to meet you. You may take a seat now.

Ashley went back to her seat and Joe smiled at her.

Joe: You alright? I'm pretty sure everyone likes you from what I saw.
Ashley: Yeah I'm fine. I just hope no one thinks I'm weird or a freak or something.
Joe: Why would they think that? It's not like you dress differently or something. You're a very attractive girl from what I think.
Ashley: Well thank you then!

Mrs. Candence: Ok class now we're going to learn everyone's names. You may already know eachother from freshman and sophomore year, but it doesn't hurt to refresh memories! We'll go around and say names.

Ashley looked at Joe and rolled her eyes.

Ashley: Was I not just introduced!?

Joe laughed.

The rest of the school day went well. Ashley got help getting directions to her classes, and she discovered Patrick was in three of her other classes. Math, Science, and Spanish. Joe was in her computer class, and Pete and Andy were in her English class, and math class. So she had people to talk to in every class. She also met some new friends. Some came right up to her and told her their names. They became fast friends. Lunch was great too. Ashley saw the four boys there and of course she sat with them and got introduced to some of their friends. By the end of the day, she had exchanged phone numbers with at least five new friends and some screen names and Emails. She was pretty happy and smiled to herself as she followed Pete and Andy down the hall to the auditorium doors. She could hear guitar playing and guessed Patrick and Joe were warming up. Andy opened the door for her and she and Pete followed him down the rows of seats. On stage were Patrick and Joe rockin out with electric guitars. Patrick's was red and black and Joe's was white. Ashley took a seat in one of the chairs in the front row. Pete and Andy went on the stage to join Patrick and Joe and picked up their instruments. Andy had drums and Pete had bass.

Patrick: Well are you ready to hear something?
Ashley: What do you think?
Patrick: haha alright then...boys? a 1..a 2..a 1,2,3,4!

Ashley listened as they rocked out and found herself tapping her foot on the floor. The smooth tunes of the guitar flowed to her ears and she watched in amazement at how talented the four boys played their songs. When they finished she stood and clapped.

Ashley: Wow guys that was really amazing! I loved it!
Patrick: Well thank you. You were a good audience.

The boys bowed and put down their instruments carefully.

Ashley: Do you leave them here?
Pete: Yeah most of them time. We tell the people to lock the auditorium when we leave unless it's like completely necessary to leave it open. We have cameras too though incase anyone tries to make a smart move and steal the equipment. We only trust the custodians.
Ashley: That's funny. This morning you called them dickwads.
Pete: Haha I know that's cuz they are sometimes. But at least we can trust them.

After everything was put back in place and the lights were shut and the doors locked, they all headed outside. Ashley had a call from her mom.

Kathy: Um why aren't you home yet?
Ashley: OH! CRAP! I totally forgot to tell you I was staying at school for a little while!
Kathy: Oh Ashley you scared me! I was so worried!
Ashley: I'm really sorry mom! I'll never do it again!
Kathy: Well you better not! Or you'll be staying home for a while.
Ashley: Okay mom I'm really sorry. But hey we're coming home right now. I'll see you when I'm there!
Kathy: Alright. Bye hun
Ashley: Bye

Patrick: In trouble?
Ashley: She'll get over it. Let's just go
Patrick: Alright

They waved goodbye to Pete, Andy and Joe and drove out of school grounds.

Patrick: So your day was good right?
Ashley: Oh yeah. I think you guys playing for me was my favorite part though.
Patrick: You really liked it that much?
Ashley: Of course I did! Do you know how much I love rock music?
Patrick: Well I guess I do now!

Ashley and Patrick laughed as they drove on past the center of town.
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