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Starting Out

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Ashley starts getting used to her new life

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For the next few weeks Ashley had a lot of fun at her new highschool and with her new friends. She had made lots of plans to hang out with them too. She would meet up with them at different restaraunts and they would talk for a long time. Sometimes Patrick had to remind her what time it was because they talked for so long. But he didn't seem to mind driving her places. Usually he would be the one to ask if she needed a ride and sometimes willingly she would accept. Other times she would feel bad and decline his favor. By the time a month had gone by, Ashley was pretty popular. She would walk through the school hallways and wave to her new friends. It reminded her of her old school when she would wave to her friends there but it was kind of better here. She felt she had even more friends than she used to. Probably more to come. After school on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's, she would stay after to listen to Patrick, Pete, Andy, and Joe rock out in the auditorium. They played something new every time and she always liked it. It was rock music! What wasn't there to like about it?

Patrick, Pete, Andy, Joe, and Ashley were hanging out at Patrick's in the basement and they were watching a movie. They all had sodas and it was a Saturday in October.

Patrick: Any one want chips or something? I'm heading upstairs to get food!
Pete: Yeah grab me some. Get me some dip or something too!
Patrick: You got it! Anyone else?
Joe: Get me another soda?
Patrick: Yup!

They watched as Patrick disappeared upstairs and turned their attention back to the movie. Ashley was trying to pay attention but Pete kept poking her and tugging at her long hair. She looked at him and scowled.

Ashley: Will you stop that already?
Pete: Nope!
Ashley: ERRRRG!

Ashley slapped at him.

Pete: Ow! That hurt!
Ashley: Oh suck it up you're such a baby!
Pete: Excuse me, I am a man!
Ashley: Right...

Patrick came back down with a few more sodas and Pete's bag of chips and some dip. He threw them at Pete and squished back into his seat next to Ashley. The movie they were watching was "Kids." Ashley had remembered seeing it before a long time ago at her friend Pat's house along with a bunch of her other friends. 'Good times,' she thought. She sighed at the thought.

Patrick: You okay?
Ashley: Yeah I'm fine I'm just remembering all the good times I used to have with my other friends back home.
Patrick: Aw I understand. It's hard to loose good friends.
Ashley: Yeah...well at least I have you guys now and some other cool new friends from school.
Patrick: You bet you do. We're here for you now. There's nothing to worry about. In a couple years we'll be out of highschool and you should be able to make your own decisions.
Ashley: Yeah I better. I shouldn't have a problem with that though. Cuz my parents are pretty good about freedom and all that.
Patrick: Good for you.
Ashley: Yup
Joe: SHHHH I'm trying to pat attention to the movie. You should blab outside if you need to.
Patrick: Shut up!

Patrick threw a pillow at Joe and it hit him square in the face.

Joe: this what you want!? This is what you'll get.

Joe stood from the sofa and took up two pillows, hurling them at Patrick. Patrick stood too and threw them back. Soon, everyone was up throwing soda pillows and even cushions at eachother. They were no longer paying attention to the movie. They got tired and fell to the floor laughing. way...
Patrick: Yeah...I've already...seen it...too many...times.
Pete: it!
Joe: Me...too
Andy: you guys like it cuz there's sex, drugs, and booz in it!

Andy was the only one not included in the pillow fight. He stayed out of it.

Ashley: Yeah that seems too true.
Pete: Shut up, we're guys what do you expect?
Joe: Exactly.
Ashley: Whatever...boys will be boys!

After the pillow fight and the shortness of breath on the basement floor, the teens decided to take a walk down to the park to hang out. They brought blankets again like Patrick and Ashley had that first night they were together. Lying down on the blankets, they folded their hands behind their heads, looking heavenward.

Andy: I love the stars.
Ashley: Metoo.
Pete: I always wish I could go to space some day.
Joe: Yeah that would be awesome. Go to the moon or something and play extreme frizbee.
Pete: I wonder what it would look like if you jizzed in space?
Joe: Yeah it would probably be like floating everywhere...
Patrick: Aww guys, stop! You're fucking gross!

Pete and Joe just laughed immaturely.

Patrick: See what I have to deal with all the time?
Ashley: Yeah but aren't you used to it?
Patrick: Sure, but sometimes it gets a little too over the top.
Ashley: Well, yeah I'm sure.

The teens lay in silence for a little while. Joe was making funny noises and Ashley was trying not to laugh.

Andy: Shut up Joe you're annoying
Joe: Awww but it's fun! I think you should try it...
Andy: I'm all set with that thankyou
Joe: Andy never has any fun!
Andy: I do too...just in different ways. You however choose to have fun in perverted ways in which you think you're funny when you're actually not.
Joe: Whatever...

Patrick: whispering Hey Ash, wanna go some where?
Ashley: Yeah that would be long as we can get away from these goofs.
Patrick: Alright come on. Let's go to the other side of the park.

Patrick held out his hand and Ashley took it, following him across the grass.

Pete: Ooooh! and just where do you think you guys are going off to?
Patrick: To be alone...and no you can't come.
Joe: Hmmm...I think I know what's going guys need a condom?
Patrick: Shut the fuck up Joe you're not funny.
Joe: Whatever...just askin...but really guys, no babies.
Pete: That's black babies Joe remember?
Joe: Right.
Andy: You guys are messed in the head.
Pete: Proud of it!

Patrick and Ashley reached the other end of the park. They found a bench and sat. Looking up at the stars, Patrick put his arm around Ashley.

Patrick: kinda wanted to talk to you about something.
Ashley: Alright...what is it?
Patrick: Well...I...uhh...
Ashley: Really like me?
Patrick: How did you know?
Ashley: Well I mean come on it's kinda obvious. There are signs that tell a girl when a guy likes her. First of all, I notice you always brighhten up when I'm around. Second of all, you never stop following me, and third of all, you blush when we joke and flirt. Trust me, I've been through this before I'm not that stupid.
Patrick: Wow...well you pretty much got that down.
Ashley: Yeah
Patrick: Well, what do you think about it all? Do you think it's creepy or anything? Cuz if you don't like it I'll stop. I totally understand. I mean sometimes I can't really help myself when I'm around you and...
Ashley: Patrick!
Patrick: What?
Ashley: It's ok...I totally love it

Ashley got up closer to Patrick's face and looked at his wide smile. She held his hands in hers, and leaned in closer. Patrick leaned in the other half and their lips touched. Ashley had been dying for this moment. Every night she thought about what it would feel like kissing Patrick. Now here they were, making out. His tongue brushing slowly against hers. When their lips parted, they smiled at eachother.

Patrick: Be my girlfriend?
Ashley: Well now, what do you think?

Patrick nodded and chuckled, putting his forehead against Ashley's. They walked back to the others, holding hands and with wide grins on their faces.

Pete: Upp! They're smiling! We can only guess what just happened.
Patrick: Yeah...cept that I got a new girlfriend!
Pete: Yeah I mean wow...reallly nice job Pat...I was gonna go for her, but looks like you beat me to it!
Joe: you're a lucky guy Pat. Now that you guys are hitched, wanna hook Pete and I up with someone? Maybe Andy if he wants.
Ashley: Hmmm...I'm pretty sure that can be arranged.
Joe: How?
Ashley: Some of my friends..
Joe: Ooh nice, you better show me these hot mama sitas in school.
Ashley: Oh I will don't you worry. You Pete and Andy. I will hook you up!
Pete: Dude! Great!

Everyone laughed and headed back towards Patrick and Ashley's street.
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