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Feeling In Place

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Ashley and Patrick are getting started

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For the next month, Ashley and Patrick were doing very well. They seemed to love being together. Every time they walked into Chicago Burger holding hands, they'd spot Pete, Andy and Joe at their usual table. They would always tease them. One day they walked in and took their seats in the booth by the window.

Pete: Wow are you guys like superglued together or something?
Joe: I know guys...don't you ever let go?
Patrick: Shut up jackass
Andy: Yeah come on guys, they like eachother...a lot. Unlike you guys, you couldn't keep a girlfriend for one day.
Pete: Um what are you talking about? I could too...
Joe: Yeah me too...who are you to say that?
Andy: Well maybe you could but not some one like Ashley. Sweet, nice, and innocent of most things you've ever done.
Pete: Yeah I'm sure she's so innocent...for all we know she could match my profile.
Patrick: Guys just shut up!

Ashley laughed.

Ashley: You guys are so funny when you fight about me...
Andy: Yeah well they need to take their head outta the clouds and find some one like you to go out with...if they can manage it.
Joe: Sure we can.
Pete: Yeah you're about we make a bet on if we can find some one as nice or maybe better than Ashley huh?
Andy: No...
Joe: Yeah Pete! Good idea...we'll find some one at school tomorrow!
Andy:'re on then. I bet I'm gonna win.
Pete: You? Who said you were in this?
Joe: You haven't had a girlrfriend in months...
Andy: So doesn't mean I can't attract one. In fact, I already have on in mind I'm going to ask out tomorrow.
Pete: I bet she's ugly.
Joe: Yeah....probably has a unibrow and a mustache or something...
Andy: I beg your pardon...she's actually gorgeous mind you. You'll see. Next Friday when you see her, your mouths will need to be hammered shut.
Joe: Yeah, well how do you even know she's going to say yes?
Andy: Oh she will'll see.

At the next table over, Ashley and Patrick were ordering their meals.

Patrick: I'll have a double cheese burger with an order of fries and a shake.
Waitress: Alrighty, and what can I get for you missy?
Ashley: I'll have the same.
Waitress: Alright then you're shakes will be right out.
Patrick: I didn't know you had such a big appetite. The other times I took you here, you didn't order anything more than fries and a Coke.
Ashley: Yeah...well tonight I'm pretty hungry.
Patrick: I guess so. Now let's see who can finish their meal first!
Ashley: Hmmm okay...I might just kick your ass in this. When it comes to eating when I'm hungry, I can really gulp the food down.
Patrick: We'll just see about that...

Pete: whispering to Patrick over the seat I bet that's not the only thing she can gulp down.

Patrick tried to smack Pete as he ducked behind the plush booth.

Patrick: You are so nasty man! You know that!?

Pete laughed.

Pete: Yeah I know but that's just how Petey's mind works you know?
Patrick: Yeah well lay off the dirty comments from now on! You're gonna make me sick!
Ashley: Hm well actually in that case, keep the comments coming Pete cuz Pat could lose this eating match!
Patrick: No! laughing I can't lose to a girl!
Pete: Aw Patty doesn't wanna lose to a "sweet innocent little girl" making the quote signs with his fingers
Patrick: Got that right!

Within fifteen minutes, the food came out and Patrick and Ashley started biting and chewing away. Pete massaged Pat's shoulders as he chewed.

Pete: Come on man, you can win this

Ashley laughed, almost choking on her food.

In the end, Patrick won. There wasn't a single crumb left on his plate. Ashley had decided on stopping before she got too full and sick. She leaned back, patting her stomach and stretching. Patrick took a deep breath and sat back.

Patrick: Well that was good.
Ashley: laughing Yeah it was...Cept I didn't win like I thought I would.
Patrick: That's okay. At least you finished your burger...left some fries, but not bad. I guess you were right about you having a decent appetite. You're just a slow eater!

Ashley smiled.

Ashley: Hey! Don't make fun of me for it! I try to take my time on things...I heard if you eat slow you can eat more.
Patrick: Yeah well either way, I would've won!
Ashley: Alright you can stop rubbing it in my face now.
Patrick: Oh I'm sorry.
Ashley: Don't worry about it...bragger.
Patrick: Oh I know I just love it...Aren't I just so awesome? He ran his fingers through his hair and did the hair flip
Ashley: giggling Oh but yes you are!
Patrick: Oh really think so? I'm not that great but I mean come on thank you thank you.
Ashley: laughing again You know Patrick, you make me so happy...Whenever I'm with you I feel place. Like I fit in some where for the first time. You make me laugh, you make me're just...such a wonderful guy!
Patrick: Really?
Ashley: Yes
Patrick: Wow...I've never heard such a compliment in my whole life...Thanks for it, and I'd like to say the same to you. You make me feel like there's something to live for.
Ashley: Oh Patrick, you're so sweet. Not like the guys back home...they're all jerks
Patrick: Pete and Joe?

Ashley giggled but didn't say anything.

Patrick: Yeah, I know rolling his eyes They could use some serious help sometimes...
Ashley: Sometimes?
Patrick: Alright, well all the time!
Ashley: Yeah...I wonder who they're gonna end up with on Friday.
Patrick: chuckling Yeah I know...but yeah, are you ready to go?
Ashley: Yeah sure

Pete, Andy and Joe had left earlier, so Ashley and Patrick were the only ones left in the restaraunt. It was dark outside.

Boss: Have a good night!
Patrick: Thanks you too!

He waved.

Patrick opened the door for Ashley then shut it, going around the car and getting into the driver's seat.
He started the engine.

Patrick: So, uh is there anywhere else you'd like to go?
Ashley: Wanna go to the park?
Patrick: Ahh, thought you would suggest that place!

Patrick pulled the car out of the parking lot, and onto the main road.

Ashley: I loe the park. I think it's my favorite place here so far.
Patrick: Yeah, I've always loved it too. You know...I used to go to the park even before you moved here?
Ashley: Really?
Patrick: Yeah. I went there to be alone and play my guitar.
Ashley: Sounds romantic.
Patrick: Yeah...we can stop by my place and get my guitar if you would like to hear me play.
Ashley: Oh yes I would like that very much.
Patrick: Alright.

Patrick pulled up in front of his house.

Patrick: Be right out.
Ashley: Kay.

Ashley glanced over at her house. She could see her parents sitting on the living room couch through the window. Her mother was curled up reading a magazine under the lamp on the side table. Her father was leaned back, sleeping. Ashley chuckled to herself as she watched her mother comically slapping her father and mouthing the words, "YOU'RE SNORING!" Often times her father dosed off and often times her mother would slap him for it.

Patrick was soon back out with his guitar and he put it safely in the back seat before getting in.

Patrick: Alright, ready to go.

Patrick drove the short drive down the street and parked along the curb of the park. He and Ashley got out and he grabbed his guitar from the back seat. They started walking towards the middle of the park where they had, had their first kissed. When they arrived, they sat on the bench. Patrick put his guitar strap over his shoulder. He kissed Ashley's forehead before propping it on his knee. Strumming it a few times, he found his chords and started playing a tune. He surprised Ashley by starting to sing along with it. By then, Ashley had realized what the song was from hearing it before and she joined in quietly so she could still hear Patrick's voice over hers. When the song was done, Ashley smiled.

Ashley: Beautiful
Patrick: Thank you. I'm surprised you already know all the words!
Ashley: Yes. I loved it so much that I picked up on it quickley. Remember your CD you gave me?
Patrick: How could I forget?
Ashley: Yeah it's pretty amazing what you can do with your guitar.
Patrick: smiling back at her I just remembered. I wrote a song about you. I'm not quite done with it yet, but uh, would you like to hear it?
Ashley: Well shouldn't you finish it first?
Patrick: If you want me to...but I mean I've been dying to show it to you. I feel like I can't wait...Plus, I'm pretty much done. I just need the bridge part. What do you say?
Ashley: Well, okay, If you're sure then.
Patrick: Kay

Patrick started his song. Ashley listened to it smiling the whole time, and staring into Patrick's gorgeous eyes. Patrick sang it smiling back at her. When he finished, Ashley kissed him.

Ashley: Beautiful...simply beautiful.

Patrick smiled, putting down his guitar and wrapping his arms around his girl. He leaned his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes. Then, he touched his lips with hers for a long kiss.
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