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Feeling In Place -continued

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feeling in place -continued

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Patrick: What are you doing tonight?
Ashley: haha going home and sleeping?
Patrick: Well no I mean do you have to be home right now?
Ashley: I don't know
Patrick: You don't have a curfew?
Ashley: I do but what are you getting at?
Patrick: Oh it's nothing...never mind
Ashley: No...what is it?
Patrick: nothing you have a curfew
Ashley: But what was it?
Patrick: nothing

Ashley squished Patricks cheeks together with her hands and smiled into his eyes. She laughed.

Ashley: TELL ME!
Patrick: NO!
Patrick: Still not telling...
Ashley: Alright you asked for it
Patrick: AHHH no!!!

Ashley started tickling Patrick on the stomach and under the armipits. Everywhere she knew he was ticklish. They both fell on the ground from the bench laughing hysterically. Patrick couldn't breath.

Patrick: I'm gonna get you back!
Ashley: Bring it!
Patrick: Fine I will!

Patrick started tickling Ashley back until her sides hurt and she couldn't fit in a breath to spare. Then Patrick pretended to pass out on top of her.

Ashley: me...can't...breath!
Patrick: I don't know...this is pretty comfortable
Ashley: Please...
Patrick: Alright I'm just kidding

Patrick remained on top of Ashley but not with all his weight on her. He looked into her eyes and let her catch her breath and then started to kiss her. At first it was a soft tender kiss but then Ashley wrapped her arms around Patrick and it got intense. She put her hands on the back of his head and felt his soft light brown hair. When the two finally stopped, Patrick looked at her and she looked at him, then they got up quickly. Patrick grabbed his guitar and both of them started to the car. When they got into the drive way, they got out approaching Patrick's front door. He unlocked it and they ran inside and up the stairs. Going into Patrick's room, he set his guitar down against the wall and closed his door. He then went over to his bed where Ashley was sitting and got on top of her kissing her lips then her neck tenderly.

Ashley: So...I guess this was the reason you asked...
Patrick: Yeah...but then again I didn't want to rush you into anything. I mean we still don't have to do this if you don't want to.
Ashley: No it's perfectly fine. Where are your parents anyways?
Patrick: They went on a trip for the weekend...what are your parents gonna say?
Ashley: If my mom calls I'll just tell her we were out and now we're grabbing a last minute meal and coming home. She won't have a problem with it.
Patrick: Alright cool.

Patrick continued kissing Ashley down her neck. Ashley helped him pull his shirt over his head.

Patrick: You ever done this before?
Ashley: No
Patrick: Are you completely SURE you want to?
Ashley: I don't think I've ever been more sure Patrick
Patrick: Alright...but if you happen to change your mind at any time you tell me ok?
Ashley: Patrick...just stop talking it's really ok...I love you

Patrick stopped kissing her.

Patrick: do?
Ashley: Of course I do!
Patrick: smiling I love you too

and with that he kept going. He helped Ashley with taking off her shirt and started kissing down her stomach. Ashley laughed and wiggled.

Ashley: It tickles!

Patrick looked up smiling.

Patrick: Sorry

Eventually, quite a few more articles of clothing came off. The room was dark except for a lava lamp on the bureau, clothing was scattered on the floor and all that was heard was the sounds of Patrick softly kissing Ashley's neck.

Ashley: Have you done this before?

Patrick paused

Patrick: To be honest, I think it's only happened once...
Ashley: You think...?
Patrick: Long story
Ashley: What were you, drunk or something?
Patrick: Yes, actually I was at a party with the boys and we were just messing around with the girls there. Before I knew it I was pretty shitfaced and didn't know what the hell was going on. I only remember being told I did some girl the which kinda brought me back to it.
Ashley: Wow...
Patrick:'s like I kinda remember it happening but then I don't know what it was like yeah I guess you can say it didn't count. It wouldn't have counted even if I did remember anyways.
Ashley: and why's that?
Patrick: I didn't love that girl...never mind knew her
Ashley: Oh?
Patrick: Yeah because I think it would've been different with you. I'm pretty sure the first time I saw you it was like love at first sight.
Ashley: Seriously?
Patrick: Seriously
Ashley: Awww that's pretty amazing.
Patrick: I know, I see Ashley, I've never met a girl like you. You really are unique to me. Every other girl you find around here doesn't compare to you. You're sweet, caring, I think you're pretty much Fall Out Boy's biggest fan, and well you're just a lovable girl.
Ashley: Wow Patrick, you're really something. I've never heard something so sweet from a guy.
Patrick: haha thanks I just wanted to let you know
Ashley: So anyways...where were we babe?
Patrick: Hmmm I think we were just getting to the good part
Ashley: Does patrick have protection?
Ashley: ...ummm
Patrick: I'm just kidding I have some in the night stand draw right there.

Patrick reached over and pulled out a condom.

Ashley: Phew! Well then we're ready to roll...
Patrick: Hey...can I just tell you something else though before we do this?
Ashley: Sure Patrick what?
Patrick: I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing this out of love. I'm not some jerk who just wants to get it done and leave you. I really feel like you're the person I should really be with. I love you Ashley. There's no one else I'd rather be with and spend my days with. You're perfect in my eyes, and don't let anyone else ever bring you down because I'm here and I think you're the most beautiful most amazing girl I've ever met.
Ashley: You really think that?
Patrick: Yes Ashley I mean it with every part of my heart
Ashley: I'm pretty flattered...
Patrick: Good I wanted to make you feel special.
Ashley: Well you have Patrick, and I think I am a very lucky girl!
Patrick: I'm the lucky guy

They both smiled and looked deeply into each other's eyes wondering what was going to happen when they gave their hearts to each other that night. In the end, they knew it was worth it and they knew they definitely loved each other more then they ever had before and more than they had ever loved any one else.
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