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Pete's Anger Issues

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it's close to the end of the school year and the boys are planning what to do what will Ashley do with out them?

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The end of the school year approached fast. Ashley and Patrick and the boys hung out as much as they could since they knew Fall Out Boy would be making some plans. They needed a lot of time for it. If they were going to become famous and start the new life, they would need some back up plans if it didn't work out. Ashley offered to help with things too even though she wasn't in the band. She practically knew all of their tactics and every time they practiced she'd be there. She was like a manager to them. Except for not telling them what to do. She just enjoyed listening to their music and knew for a fact they would be a great band some day in the real world. The only thing Ashley worried about was what she would do with out the boys. Especially Patrick since their relationship had gotten so much deeper over the months being together. She wondered how long the boys would be gone and if they would come back and visit often. She made Patrick promise her that if he and the boys got famous she was definitely going on tour with them. He would shurg his shoulders and laugh. "Of course you will my love," he would always say.

One day they five teens were hanging out outside of the school. They had just finished practice in the auditorium and they had nothing else to do. It was a hot day.

Joe: I can't believe we're graduating soon.
Pete: No shit, I don't know where these years have gone.
Andy: High school years are supposed to go by fast no matter how much you want them to slow down.
Pete: Well it sucks! I don't like it at all...I'm gonna fuckin miss all of my boys.
Patrick: Yeah but aren't we all?
Joe: True enough...but I'm gonna miss Becky even more.
Pete: HAHA that's why I'm glad I don't have a girlfriend. I have no girl to miss!
Andy: yeah well even if you did have one you wouldn't care enough about her to stay with her or even miss her.
Pete: Yeah I would!
Andy: lost that bet a few months ago on how you were supposed to find some one as nice if not nicer than Ashley!
Joe: Yeah...that was great. Good thing I won!
Pete: Fuck you
Joe: Ew no thanks that's what a girlfriend is for...
Pete: Dude!

Joe laughed and ducked a stick that Pete threw at him.

Patrick: Well I know I'm gonna miss Ash to death.
Pete: Yeah yeah we know we know you guys are deathly in love
Patrick: It's true
Joe: Well sometimes it's kinda guys are so...stuck together!
Andy: That would explain the "deathly in love" part.
Joe: Yeah I know, but I love Becky and her and I aren't like that.
Patrick: That's because you and her have only been together for three months.
Ashley: Yeah Patrick and I have been together almost since I moved which was like ten months ago...almost a year!
Pete: Dude I think that's like the longest relationship you've ever been in man.
Patrick: Yeah me's just I've never been this into a girl before..
Joe: Apparently not...
Andy: Now see? That's what I call real love...
Pete: Yeah whatever...?
Ashley: You don't like to get mushy do you Pete?
Pete: Not really...well...I can's just...I don't know
Patrick: He doesn't wanna talk about it...
Ashley: Talk about what?
Joe: His ex.....
Pete: Dude! You fuckin shit head!
Ashley: Hey it's okay...I understand...
Pete: Fuck you all!

Pete got up frowning and walked away towards the parking lot. Ashley Patrick Andy and Joe saw him get in his car and speed off. Ashley frowned.

Andy: Well there goes our ride
Joe: man....
Patrick: It's okay guys I'll give you guys a ride home

Ashley: So if you don't mind me asking...what was that all about?
Andy: Oh some girl.
Joe: Yeah her name was Sam...her and Pete went out once for a mad long time. Eighteen months I think from Sophomore year to Junior and then they broke it off.
Ashley: Who dumped who?
Patrick: Sam cheated on Pete and he found out and dumped her...broke his heart...I don't think I've ever seen him so into a was like a you and I thing.
Ashley: Andy if he could keep a year and a half relationship why do you tease him about not keeping girlfriends?
Andy: Well after Sam and him broke up, Pete started dating all these girls...he went crazy and started being a player and hurting girls...that's why every girl knows about him and he can't keep one. The only thing he gets girls for are one night stands if they're up to it, but they know better about suggesting a relationship so they stay clear after that.
Joe: Yeah it's a one time only thing.
Ashley: That's pretty horrible.
Patrick: Tell me about it...I tried talking to him..we all did actually. He just wouldn't listen. He must've been pretty hurt. The reason I'm not like that is because I've watched him go through all of those girls and hurt them and I didn't want to be anything like that.
Ashley: Well that's a good thing in that case...
Patrick: Yeah.
Andy: Maybe you could talk to him
Ashley: Me?
Joe: Yeah, that's a pretty good idea actually...he doesn't have many female friends so maybe if you talked to him in your female perspective he might understand more.
Ashley: I don't know guys...
Patrick: That would be perfect!
Ashley: Um...
Joe: Come on Ash you gotta do it! Pete's our best friend...we've known eachother forever. We hate to see him hurting like this.
Ashley: I...guess I could talk to him.
Andy: That's great. It's just what he needs!
Patrick: Yeah I think so too. You could cause the change in him Ash.
Ashley: Ha! I don't think I'm quite that good with advice.
Andy: But you care...and that's all that matters.
Patrick: Agreed
Joe: Yeah Ash I mean you're like the coolest chick I know! I always see you helping people out and giving them advice and sure enough they turn out fine! I honestly don't think they'd manage with out you.
Andy: Yeah I mean it's people like you we need around here...everyone else seems so...selfish
Ashley: Okay boys! Okay okay I get your point already! -she laughed- I'll do it! Ya happy now?
Andy: Yes!
Patrick: Thanks Ash. Pete and I are really close and it's pretty sad when you can't even talk to your best friend.
Ashley: Yeah well I'll do my best to talk to him.

So a couple of days later when the teens had the weekend to themselves, Ashley was driven to Pete's place and Patrick parked down the street to wait for her. No one told Pete Ashley was stopping by and Ashley dreaded walking in on someone with anger issues. She didn't want Pete flipping out on her.
Quietly, Ashley walked up to the door and knocked. Pete's mother came to the door smiling.

Pete's mom: What can I do for you hun?
Ashley: Hi...uhh is Pete home?
Pete's mom: Why yes he is...he's been quite the grump for the past few days. I think he needs some company. I'll go get him.
Ashley: Thanks...

Ashley waited patiently while Pete's mom went to get him. She noticed the house was pretty messy and it could use some cleaning and maybe some air freshener. She had only been to it a few other times but it was only to pick up Pete or help him organize some recordings with the guys when Patrick's computer wasn't working. Pete soon emerged from a corner and frowned. He slowly walked up to the door.

Pete: If you're here to make some more fun of me then you can leave cuz I might as well slam this door in your face.
Ashley: No Pete...I promise I'm not. I'm just here to help you.
Pete: The boys sent you didn't they?
Pete: Whatever...just come in.

Pete opened the door letting her into the messy house.

Pete: We can talk in my room

He lead her down the hall into his room where Ashley had been a few times before. He closed the door and took a seat in his computer chair. Ashley sat down on the bed.

Pete: So what do you need to say?
Ashley: have to promise not to get mad...
Pete: Mad? I've already been mad for the past three days. What more could set me off?
Ashley: Well it;s just something the boys told me about.
Pete: About what!?
Ashley: -sighing- It's about Sam.
Pete: Oh, not her...
Ashley: They kind of told me the whole story.
Ashley: So I thought maybe I could help you.
Pete: No one can help me. No one wants to help me.
Ashley: But I do...I understand
Pete: That's what they all say.
Ashley: No really Pete! Come should know me by now!
Pete: Well maybe I don't...
Ashley: The boys think I'm "understanding" I guess and "caring" and "loving". The question is, do you agree with them? Do you trust me?
Pete: I don't know.
Ashley: Come on Pete, have I lied to you? Have I ever been mean to you in a serious way? Have I ever joked with you about things you didn't want to hear? Trust me Pete. I know how you feel and I don't think it's right for the boys to be criticizing you like that when they don't know how you feel. It's really not fair.
Pete: You're isn't.
Ashley: So?
Pete: Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you...I just hate the subject when it comes up and the boys really don't understand how important it is to me...or was anyway...
Ashley: Well that's why I'd like to help you Pete. Clearly I'm not like the others and I'm actually concerned about others' conflicts. So would you let me help you? You know I'm not here to eat you! -smiling-
Pete: -still looking at the floor- Yeah I'll let you help me I guess...
Ashley: Good! Well let's start with this whole Sam thing. Tell me all about it. I know you don't like to talk about it but it's the only way we're going to get somewhere.
Pete: Okay I suppose...

Pete told Ashley all about how he and Sam met and how they ended up together, how they used to have the best fun and how he never saw himself falling so fast for a girl. He told her how Sam had broken his heart by cheating on him with some guy. Ashley listened and noted on every detail. She was good at this stuff. She had helped other friends out before and she knew Pete was going to end up being fine eventually. She was glad in a way the boys suggested she help Pete. If she didn't then Pete would have remained angry for a long time. She remembered one time when he had gotten angry before except it was about something different. He didn't speak to her and the boys for a week. Now Ashley was certain she's have him acting normal in the next day or two.

Ashley: So how long has it been since you guys have broken up?
Pete: Since the middle of junior year
Ashley: Oh wow and you still feel strongly about it?
Pete: Well yeah I've never loved a girl more. Since then all I've been doing it writing songs about her. It's pretty horrible.
Ashley: Well maybe if you stopped writing songs about her it wouldn't be so bad.
Pete: I can't help it. Every time I try to think about something different to write, her name just pops into my head.
Ashley: Okay...well why don't you write songs about other girls?
Pete: There are no other girls...
Ashley: -sighing again- Pete I'm going to tell you this one more time and I hope I don't have to repeat myself. Life goes on. You have to try as hard as you can to forget about her. If it's been this long and she hasn't given you the time of day to even be friends then that just means it just wasn't meant to be and never will be.
Pete: I know I know...I just have to keep telling myself that. I guess I don't have much encouragement.
Ashley: Well if it's encouragement you want why didn't you just ask? You know me and the boys will be there for you...
Pete: I'm not just going to ask for it.
Ashley: Well sometimes asking for what you want is completely necessary...especially when you're having trouble with something.
Pete: But what about the guys? They always have something to say!
Ashley: I will talk to them. Don't worry about it.
Pete: Thanks...
Ashley: No problem...and if you need anything you know you can just ask me because I will always be here to listen.
Pete: Thank you Ash.

Ashley nodded. Pete's mom was calling him.

Pete: WHAT MOM!?
Pete's mom: Your dinner's ready!

Pete: I have to go eat...
Ashley: Okay yeah I gotta get going anyways...
Pete: But hey thanks Ash for talking to me. I feel better already.
Ashley: Any time.

Ashley got up to leave.

Pete: Oh and Ash?
Ashley: Yeah?
Pete: Tell Pat not to park where I can stil see him! -smiling-
Ashley: -laughing hard- I'll be sure to tell him!

Ashley left the house and started down the street smiling to tell Patrick Pete's suggestion.
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