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The Approaching Summer

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The teens are ready to graduate and there's a lot of events to start off their summer!

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Joe: Dude! I am sooo pumped for this party!
Andy: Yeah, I am too actually, and I don't go to parties too often.
Pete: Well you have to have fun sometimes!

Ashley's talk had worked. The next day Pete was just fine. That morning in school, their friend Donnie had told them about a huge party he was throwing at his house after graduation. Most kids would be there and the best part was that he wanted Fall Out Boy to perform for everyone. They accepted and now they were discussing what songs they would play.

Patrick: What about Dead on Arrival?
Pete: Yeah that, and a few more...
Joe: Grand Theft Autumn is a definite.
Andy: and Honorable Mention
Patrick: Hey babe? -he was referring to Ashley-
Ashley: What?
Patrick: What do you think?
Pete: Yeah Ash, any songs you think we should play?
Ashley: Oh you HAVE to play Calm Before the Storm! That's my favie!
Patrick: Alright good we'll play that one then too!
Joe: we have all the songs planned. Good. Now we'll just have to practice them and make sure they're perfect.
Ashley: I don't think you guys will have any problems doing so. You practice almost every day anyways and I haven't heard you mess up once.
Andy: I think you're exaggerating...
Ashley: Okay well you did but it wasn't a lot...just a few times.
Andy: Still exaggerating...
Ashley: Whatever...I think you guys are positively awesome
Joe: What kind of saying was that?
Pete: -laughing- I know it sounded like something some one would say in the old days or something.

Ashley laughed too, realizing what she had sounded like saying it. She blushed at the stupid thing she had said.

Andy: Eh, leave her alone guys I'm sure she didn't mean for it to sound that way.

For the next five minutes everyone was talking with an accent which made them laugh all the more. That week they had finals and all half days of school. They didn't have to work until a certain time later when they usually got out of school, so they had time to hang out more. They were getting out Friday and then they had graduation in the next couple of weeks. They were so excited. They were all at Ashley's house hanging out and talking about the school year and what good memories they shared. Joe told them about a time in his history class when his class made the substitute teacher cry. The rest of the teens thought it funny. Ashley's mom had walked in on the conversation and she even thought it comical. They were watching a movie and eating popcorn and drinking red bulls.

Prom was coming up too. Patrick was of course taking Ashley, Joe was taking his girlfriend, Becky, and Andy was taking his too, Kylie. Pete was going to go with Victoria. Ashley had made friends with her in the beginning of the year and Pete had been eyeing her. It was ironic because Victoria had been checking out Pete too. So that day at school, Ashley put in a good word for them and set them up to go to prom. Ashley just made Pete promise to not take advantage of her and do something to hurt her. Pete had her word and made his promise. He and Victoria were talking for the rest of the day because it so happened they had a class together.

Andy: and imagine guys were in the same class the whole year and you never even uttered a word to eachother.
Joe: I know man...that's not like you
Pete: Well, I mean I didn't exactly want to get into another relationship...
Joe: Yeah I know but I mean I'm surprised you didn't get to know her just to get in her pants.
Pete: Nah man that's not right..
Patrick: and you say this now...
Pete: -smiling- shut up I'm a changed man!
Andy: Yeah...cuz of Ashley
Pete: Well yeah...I owe it all to her because if she didn't help me then I wouldn't be very happy right now.
Ashley: least SOME ONE appreciates me
Patrick: Hey!
Ashley: I know I know -tickling his ribs-
Patrick: AH!!! HELP ME!

That was it. The guys all looked at each other and then at Ashley.

Ashley: Uh...guys? .....UH OH

They guys paused, then jumped on Ashley as she squealed with laughter. They tickled her under the arm pits, on the stomach, on the legs, back, and neck. She was gasping for air.

Ashley: AH...CAN'T...BREATH!

The guys stopped and Ashley pretended to pass out.

Patrick: oh no guys....I think we killed her...what now?
Pete: -whispering- I think we should go hide somewhere and then when she wakes up she'll have to find us...
Joe: I'm in.
Patrick: Ok... -bending down to Ashley's ear- did you hear that Ash? bye bye now you're going to have to come catch us!

It almost made Ashley laugh as she heard the guys running off in different directions giggling like little girls. She opened her eyes after she thought they were all out of site. She was right. She got up off the couch and tiptoed down the hall way.

Ashley: Oh guys!

She proceeded slowly down the hall way. She went up the stairs and started walking through the upstairs hall way. Then suddenly she was pulled into the hall closet and some one was kissing her. She put her hands up to the face and smiled in the dark when she realized it was Patrick. She could feel his fluffy side burns.

Patrick: Sorry babe, I couldn't resist.
Ashley: No need to apologize.

The two continued making out and got deeper and deeper into the kiss. Patrick was feeling her up and she was just about to undo his belt when the door opened. Joe stood there with his hands on his hips.

Joe: DUDE!

Pete came running from Ashley's room and rested his head on Joe's shoulder jokingly.

Pete: So THAT'S where you were all this time! MAN you guys need to start warning us about this shit!
Joe: I know! I don't recall there being such rules in hide and seek.
Ashley: How long were we...
Pete: Like twenty minutes!

Pete answered already answering her question.

Patrick: Wholy fuck
Pete: -laughing- I know man...good job.
Ashley: Sorry guys...I was looking for you to begin with and I just got pulled in here.
Joe: Oh, so it was you Pat huh?
Patrick: -blushing slightly- Yeah it was me
Pete: Well are you two planning on like finishing this up? or are we really going to play hide and seek?

Ashley and Patrick looked at eachother smiling. Andy came up the stairs.

Andy: What's this?
Joe: Oh they're just the reason we've been waiting in our hiding spots forever...
Andy: I see...
Patrick: We'll play again I guess
Pete: I want to be the seeker!
Joe: and no hiding together you two! -eyeing Ashley and Patrick-
Ashley: Hey don't look at me
Patrick: Ok Ok let's go then!

Ashley Patrick Joe and Andy went to go hide again and Pete went into Ashley's room to count.

The next week was hot and humid. It was Saturday and Ashley decided to wear a yellow sundress with matching flip flops. She and Patrick were going to the school to pick up their graduation garb. The girls had to wear white gowns and the boys had to wear blue. After getting the gowns, they planned to meet the boys at Chicago Burger for some cheese fries and smoothies. Ashley was just heading out the door when her mother called her name from the kitchen.

Kathy: Hey Ashley?
Ashley: Yes Mom?
Kathy: You better not be out too late. You know you have to get up early for church tomorrow morning and you know how I feel about you being out on saturday nights...
Ashley: But Mom, it's Saturdaaaayyy! -dragging out the word-
Kathy: I don't care if it's Saturday, Girlie. I want you home at a decent time! I thought you wanted to go to church with me?
Ashley: Well yeah but...but...What about midnight?
Kathy: Eleven 'O'Clock
Ashley: But...
Kathy: No buts...I think eleven is fair enough.
Ashley: Fine...
Kathy: Now go ahead, and make sure you have your phone on you. I'll be calling you.
Ashley: Okay Mom, don't worry I always have it with me!

Ashley grabbed her bag and kissed her mom on the cheek. Then she proceeded out the door. No sooner did she close the door behind her, when she turned around and bumped right into Patrick.

Ashley: Holy Shit! You scared me!
Patrick: I'm so sorry Babe! -hugging her with a smile-
Ashley: Never do that again
Patrick: It's ok I won't
Ashley: You better not or I'll kick your ass!
Patrick: Ooh, I'm scared -cupping his hands over his mouth-
Ashley: -playfully punching him in the shoulder- You know I mean business...
Patrick: Ashley, really don't worry, I won't scare you like that anymore!
Ashley: Good!

The couple held hands as they walked across the street to Patrick's car. Patrick opened the passenger side door for her and she stepped in, buckling her seat belt. Patrick then got in and they were off to the school.

Ashley: My mom doesn't want me home too late tonight...
Patrick: Meaning what time?
Ashley: She wants me home at eleven...kinda gay
Patrick: Why does she want you home so early?
Ashley: Well it may seem early to us, but that's probably because we're always out so late. But I don't know. She wants me to start going to church with her.

Ashley was kind of afraid of what Patrick's response was going to be to the whole church thing. She didn't want him to think she was weird because she believed in God and wanted to go to church.

Patrick: Well that's ok. My parents go to church too. It's ok to be a Jesus freak.
Ashley: Really?
Patrick: Yeah, why not? I go with them sometimes. That's why I couldn't hang out with you on Sundays a few times.
Ashley: But why didn't you just tell me?
Patrick: Honestly...I was afraid what you would think of me
Ashley: -chuckling- Seriously? I thought you would think I was weird when I told you I was going to church!
Patrick: Ha! We think too much alike huh?
Ashley: I guess so!
Patrick: Do you know what church it is?
Ashley: It's called Chicago South Shore Community
Patrick: Hey, what do you know? That's were my family goes to church!
Ashley: Well that's too ironic...
Patrick: Maybe we could go together some time. Like our families and stuff too.
Ashley: That's a good idea...hey why don't you ask your parents if they want to go tomorrow?
Patrick: Yeah why not? I'll ask them when we get home.

They pulled into the school parking lot and waved when they saw the boys. Patrick got a spot and they got out of the car and walked up to the school entrance falling in step with Pete Andy Joe and their girlfriends. Pete and Victoria weren't dating just yet, but they were talking and they looked like they were pretty into eachother. At least that's what everyone else witnessed.

It didn't take long to get their graduation gowns. They were only in line for a few minutes. When they got to the table where their gowns were being given out, they had to tell the lady what size they were and submit an order form along with a check or cash in an envelope. Once they all recieved their gowns, they headed outside for their cars and met up at Chicago Burger.

Victoria: I can't believe we're graduating already! I'm so excited!
Ashley: Yeah me too. I know I've only been here for senior year, but I'm still gonna miss everybody so much. I had such an easy time making friends here. It was almost too good to be true.
Becky: Well, there was that one girl, Katrina. She was such a bitch! She was totally jealous of you Ash.
Ashley: Yeah, but I didn't let her bother me. I have better things to do than worry about who's talking shit about me.
Kylie: And that's how you should be. Don't let anybody give you a hard time. Just ignore them.
Ashley: Yeah, I know. I figure they'll get tired of talking shit about one person eventually. They always move on to someone else.

The boys had all gone to the bathroom and the girls were just sitting at the booth waiting for them to get back so they could order.

Becky: So Vicky...about you and Pete?
Victoria: What about us?
Becky: you like him or not?

Victoria's face turned crimson.

Kylie: Well...?
Ashley: I think it's obvious she does...not only because her and Pete flirt so damn much but also because she's blooming like a rose in June!
Victoria: -giggling- Well of course I...

Just then, the boys all came back from the bathroom and took their seats beside their girls.

Pete: What was just going on here? Why do you girls all have a guilty look on your faces?
Joe: Yeah, you kinda look like you just committed something cruel
Andy: Girls will be girls...
Kylie: And boys will be boys!
Pete: What's that supposed to mean?

The girls all looked at eachother and just smiled again, then started giggling.

Patrick: I don't get it...
Joe: Me neither

Ashley: Just never get ready to order because I think I see the waitress coming our way!
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