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Your name is Lydia.
You are 16 years old. You live in this small town apartment with your 2 best friends and your 2 kids (I'll explain later) You have light brown hair with blonde streaks and it's black underneath. You wear mostly black shirts and dark colored pants. You really hate cheerleaders and they really hate you. You like safety pins and big studded belts. Band you like: Good Charlotte, Green Day, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, and of course your band Dream Angels. You really like Hot Topic, Spencers, Zumies, Vans, and Quicksilver.
Your Band:
Your band consists of your best friends Brit and Dee. Brit plays the drums, Dee plays the guitar, you play keyboards and you all sing. Your Friends:
Other than Brit and Dee your friends consists of Lindsey, Allison, and your ex-boyfriend Tanner. Dory and Zamber are kind of your friends. Then you have Amanda and Tricia, Amanda is Brit's little sister and Tricia is your cousin.
Your Family:
Your family is mostly all out of the house, the only person living with your parents is your little brother Corbin. You have 3 brothers and 1 sister. Your oldest brother, J.C, lives in this really weird town and you hardly ever see him. Your other brother, Josh the second oldest, lives not too far away but you don't see him much either. Josh has a wife, Angela, and 2 daughters, Alyssa and Samantha. J.C. doesn't have any kids and isn't married. Then your sister is married to Jay and has one kid, Braxten. Your mom and step-dad love each other very much and don't plan on ever getting a divorce which sucks because your step-dad is a jackass. Your kids are twins, Amie and Bennie. They are 3 years old so that means you had them when you were 13 years old (you slut! j/k) Your kids are the cutest things in the world and you love them very much. They are your world. But like I said earlier I will explain your kids later.
Your Work:
You go to high school from 8:15 to 3:00. Then after school you get ready and go to work at 5:00. You work at a bar as a bartender even though you are underage because you don't drink or smoke. While you are at school your mom watches your kids and while you go to work either Dee or Brit watches your kids. They have different shifts at Hot Topic. So they take turns babysitting. You work with this guy named Chris. He is really cool. He has short brown spiky hair and he has a little muscle but not much just enough to make him look good. When you first started you had this little crush on him but now he is like a brother. He dresses like you and your friends. He likes black and safety pins and cuffs and sweat bands. Even though you work a lot and go to school every day (expect Saturdays and Sundays) you're never really tired or grouchy. In fact you are actually really happy and hyper all the time.
Things I have forgotten:
Your eyes are kind of bad so you wear contacts. You're single. Your apartment is actually kind of big. It has 3 1/2 bedrooms. One of them was a closet (a BIG closet) but you made it into a bedroom for your kids. So that is where the half comes from. Your room is black with posters and glow in the dark stuff all over the place. You have this big king sized bed that is a dark maroon color. You also have a dresser that is dark blue with stars and moons on it.
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