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Performing and Meeting the Guys

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First Chapter

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You and your band were performing at this little fair thing. When you got done everyone was on their feet applauding you guys. You just smiled. Then you guys jumped down off the stage and put all your stuff away. You guys were talking to your moms and this guy comes up to you and he asks, "Hey what are your names?" "My name is Lydia, You point to Brit "This is Brit" Then you point to Dee "And this is Dee" "Well I think you guys are really good. Do you think I could see you guys in my studio tomorrow?" You say "Your studio?" "Yes my studio and if you come tomorrow after our meeting you can sit and hang out with any band you like if they have a break and can get off. So give me a list and I will see what I can do." All of you at the same time ask, "Please mom!!" Your mom says, "Fine but we are coming with you" The guy says, "Of course if these girls tried coming themselves I wouldn't allow it." By this time all of you are screaming and jumping up and down. Then your mom asks, "Ok what time and where is this going to be?" He pulls out a hand held "How about 10:00 and here is my studio" He hands your mom a little card thing. She takes it and puts it in her purse. He says, "Now can I have a list of all the bands you guys like?" You say, "Yea, hold on." So you go and get 3 pieces of paper and 3 pens and you all write a list and give it to him. Then he leaves and you, Brit and Dee all hug your moms and say "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Then you ask everyone, "Hey how about we have a big sleepover, me and Brit and Dee and Kolene (Dee's mom) and Christy (Brit's mom) and my mom. That would be so awesome!" Then Brit and Dee say, "Yea that would be so cool. We really should." So all your moms agree and when you get home you all look at what you are going to wear then you set the alarm and go to sleep. When the alarm goes off you jump out of bed and get dressed and run downstairs and wake everyone else up and by 8:00 you are out of there (yes it will take 2 hours to get there) so when you get there the lady at the desk asks for your name. Then she says, "He will be with you shortly" "Ok thank you" Then you go and sit with everyone else. You don't wait there very long and he comes out and you go into his office and discussed some things and you decided that you would make a demo in a couple of days. So you exit the office and Brit goes and looks in some of the rooms then she comes along the one she wants and goes in there then Dee finds the one she wants and goes in. Then the guy turns to you and says, "Sorry Breaking Benjamin and Slipknot couldn't show up" "O dang but Good Charlotte showed up didn't they?" "Yes they did. The first room right here" He points to a door and you go in and you are about to introduce yourself but Paul says, "Let me guess you are Brit" Then Chris hits his stomach and says, "No, that's Dee" Then Benji hits the back of his head and says, "No, her name is Lydia" Then Joel says, "So who is right?" You say, "Benji" Benji does a little dance and you can't help but laugh at him. He notices you laughing and he says, "What are you laughing at?" and the way he says that makes you laugh even more. Between laughs you say, "You" By now everyone except Benji is laughing. Then Benji gets this hurt look on his face and you notice so you stop laughing and go over to him. He has his face down so he doesn't notice you. You pat his head and say "It's ok Benji" He looks up at you and says while he "cries" "No its not everyone is laughing at me" "That's because you're funny" "Yea but I wasn't meaning too" "Well you are so you might as well just laugh too" Then Benji gets a sly smile on his face so you step away. Benji stands up and slings you over his shoulder. Now everyone is on the floor laughing hysterically. Benji says "Am I funny now?" "NO PUT ME DOWN BENJAMIN" "The guys think I'm funny" "I DON'T CARE PUT ME DOWN BENJAMIN LEVI MADDEN" "No I don't think I will. I think I will take you outside" "NO DON'T. PLEASE HELP ME! BILLY, PAUL, CHRIS, JOEL, SOMEONE HELP ME" Chris gets up and holds on to your pants to try and pull you down but you lightly kick him away. Chris says, "Hey I was trying to help you" "Well you weren't. You were pulling my pants down" "Hmmm.. Maybe I should try that again" He stands up and reaches up to grab your pants but you kick him away "Don't even think about it Christopher Wilson" "K now it's time to take Lydia outside" "AAAAAHHHHHH BENJI PLEASE DON'T" "Well since you said please" He puts you down and you pull you pants up the rest of the way. You shoot Chris the death glare and his smile fades. Joel says, "So Lydia I heard you are in a band" "Yep that's why I'm here" "What do you play?" "I play the keyboards and I sing" Benji says, "Hey how come you don't play the guitar?" "Because Dee plays the guitar and I don't know how too" "So both me and Billy play the guitar and you don't see me or him changing. It is very easy to learn how to play the guitar too." "Yea but you have 5 people in your band we only have 3 and I don't have time to learn how to play. I've tried and failed miserably" "O I see" "Yea but I'm having a little problem with one of these songs" Billy says, "I could help you 'cause I play the keyboards too" "Ok thanks" After you say that your mom walks in and says, "Lydia you have got to take these kids they are driving me up the wall" "Ok bring them in" A second later Amie and Bennie come running in. They run over to you and yell "Mommy!" and give you a BIG hug. You sit on the floor and put them in your lap. By now all the guys are looking at you really funny and before you can say anything Brit and Dee walk in. Brit says, "I heard a lot of screaming coming from this room and it really didn't sound good so I had to see what was going on" "O wow I guess that really didn't sound good did it" "No it didn't. So what was going on?" "Well Benji said something really funny so I started laughing at him and I guess that was funny so everyone else stared laughing then he got all sad so I went over to comfort him and so I guess he thought it would be funny to sling me over his shoulder so he did and he was going to take me outside so I asked someone to help me and Chris-" You glare at Chris "-came over and started pulling my pants down then I got Benji to put me down so that's the story" "O ok now that doesn't sound so bad" "Yeah" Then Benji says "So Lydia what's up with those kids?" Amie says "Those kids? Those kids? I am Amie Rose ________ and this is Bennie Michael ________. This is our mommy Lydia ______ ________ and our daddy is an asshole according to mommy" "AMIE! Don't say that" "But you say it all the time" "I know and I'm not supposed too" "Then why do you?" "Because mommy is a bad girl and mommy just gets mad and she says things she's not supposed to," Benji says, "So these kids are your kids?" "Yep they are" "So what is the story behind this?" "Well...."
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