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The Club and SLEEPOVER!

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Third Chapter

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So you get in the car and Benji turns to you and says, "Hey Lydia" "Hmmm?" "Will you put my make up on for me please?" "Sure. Did you bring your eyeliner?" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out some eyeliner "Yep sure did" "OK" So you take his eyeliner and put it on for him. When you're done you ask him "Do you want tear streaks?" He nods so you give him tear streaks. You give him the eyeliner back and say, "Now do mine" So he takes the eyeliner and before he starts he asks "Tear streaks?" "Yea sure why not?" So he puts on your makeup. When you get to the club you, Brit and Dee get out first and all the guys in line to get into the club start whistling. Then the guys get out of the car and all of the whistling guys stop. This make you laugh. You go up to the body guard guy and say "Hey Joey" "Hey Lydia" "Can we go in?" "Gotta give me a little kiss right here" and he points to his cheek. So you stretch up and kiss him on the cheek. "K you can go in now" "Thanks Joey" "Mmmhmm" So you go in and you start making your way to the back where the bar is. You are pushing past people pretty fast. Then you hear your name being called "LYDIA WAIT UP" So you stop and wait for Benji to catch up and when he does you grab his hand and drag him to the back. When you get there you sit down and say "Hey Kat" "Geez Lydia even on your day off you can't stay away from here can you?" "What can I say? I love this place." "So what can I get you guys?" "Well since I swore I would never drink again I'll just have a Pepsi" "Ok and you Benji?" "Umm since I also swore never to drink again I will also have a Pepsi." "Ok here you go" A few minutes go by and you are just sitting there talking to Kat and Benji. Then a slow song comes on so you say "Benji come dance with me" "Um I'm not a very good dancer" So you stand up and grab his hand and put on your cutest puppy dog look and say "Pwease?" He caves in and says, "Ok" So you walk/skip out to the dance floor and when you get there you put your arms around his neck and he puts his hands on your waist. You gaze into his awesome brown eyes while he gazes into your hazel ones. You would have kissed him right then and there but you remembered about your lip piercing and you think Benji was thinking the same thing. When the song ended you two walked back to the bar and you were so hyper and bored that you started spinning in your chair "You're going to get sick if you keep spinning like that" "No I'm not" "Yes you are" "No I'm not" "Whatever" "Yea I win" A little while later you stop spinning and put your head on the bar "Ohh now I'm sick" "Told ya so" "Shut up Benji" "Well I'm going to go to the bathroom I'll be right back" "Mmmhmm" You pick your head up a few minutes after he leaves and this guy comes over to you and puts his arm around you and says "Hey sexy" You could tell that he was drunk so you pushed him away and said "Go away" No one noticed the guy 'cause Kat was helping this guy and Benji was still in the bathroom and Joel and Brit were in a deep conversation and everyone else was out dancing. The guy comes back over to you and starts kissing your neck. You try to get away but his grip on you is very strong. So he continues to kiss your neck until someone comes over and throws him to the ground and starts beating the shit out of him. You run over to where they are and yell "BENJI! GET OFF HIM RIGHT NOW" He doesn't listen. So you try again. "BENJAMIN LEVI MADDEN GET UP RIGHT NOW" This time he listens and he storms out of the club with you close behind him. He walks out of the club and walks down the street "BENJI! BENJI! BENJI PLEASE STOP" He stops and you go over and catch up with him and say, "What's wrong?" "I was trying to protect my girlfriend and she tells me to stop" "Benji I just didn't want you to get in trouble and have the cops called on you" He looks down at you and just sighs. You say, "I think we should go home now" "Yea me too but how are we going to find everyone" "I'll show you" So you grab his hand and pull him into the club. You drag him back to the bar and go find Kat and ask, "Can I use your mega-phone?" "Umm Yeah what for?" "To find my friends" "O yeah here you go" She hands you the mega-phone and you get up on the bar and speak into the mega-phone "JOEL MADDEN, BRIT MAXFIELD, DEE LYBBERT, PAUL THOMAS, BILLY MARTIN AND CHRISTOPHER WILSON WILL YOU PLEASE COME BACK TO THE BAR. THANK YOU" You jump down from the bar and in seconds everyone is there. They look at you funny and you say, "Me and Benji want to go home" Paul looks at his watch and says "Yeah I guess we should be getting back shouldn't we?" "Hey you know what would be fun?" "What?" "We all should have a BIG sleepover at my house!" "That would be so much fun!" "We so should" "K we will but we have to go to everyone's houses to get clothes" Joel says "K everyone pile into the car and we will get going" So everyone got in the car and you guys went to Joel and Benji's house first. When you got there Joel went to the front door with everyone following. He opens the door and sleeping on the couch is Amie, Bennie and Robin. Robin has Amie and Bennie in her arms. Joel goes over and turns on the light. Robins eyes open and she turns to face you guys. In a sleepy voice she says "Hi guys." "Hey mom all of us are going to spend the night at Lydia's. Ok?" "That's fine Benji" "Ok me and Joel will be right back" They run upstairs and while they are upstairs you ask Chris who is jumping up and down singing "Going to spend the night at Lydia's" if he will help you get the care seats in and he says yeah. So he is still jumping up and down but he stopped singing. So you get the car seats in and Chris jumps on you and says "SLEEPOVER!" "Chris if you don't get off me right now you're not going" "OK OK" He lets go of you and you guys go back inside. When you get in there you see that Joel and Benji have your kids in there arms. They are still sleeping so they have their heads down on Benji and Joel's shoulders. (Such a cute picture well at least in my mind) So everyone says their goodbyes and you hug Robin and say, "Thank you again Robin" "Anytime sweetheart. Your kids are just such angels" "Why thank you bye Robin" "Bye dear" Then you walk out of the house and you see that everyone is in and buckled so you get in and buckle yourself. You turn to Benji and say "Thanks Benji" "For what?" "For helping with my kids" "No problem" "Hey what about me? I helped with your kids too" "Thank you Joel" "Your welcome" So you go to Paul's and Chris's and Billy's house so they can get clothes then you go back to your house. You and Benji put your kids in Dee's room so they could be closer to you. You put them in the bed and kiss each of them on the forehead and said "Good night Amie, Good night Bennie" Then Benji kisses each of them an the forehead (Aww how cute) and he says "Night kids" You grab his hand and you guys walk out of the room. "K this couch fold out into a bed and there are blankets, sheets, and pillows in this closet right here" You open the closet and show everyone. Benji says "Hey Lydia do you have a place where I can change?" "Yes I do. Follow me" So you take him into your room and show him your bathroom. He goes in there and shuts the door and you yell "KNOCK BEFORE YOU COME OUT 'CAUSE I'M GOING TO BE CHANGING IN HERE" "OK" So you get done changing and knock on the door 'cause you need to use the bathroom "YEAH?" "ARE YOU DONE GETTING DRESSED?" "YES I AM" "SO CAN I COME IN?" "YES YOU CAN" You open the door and see that he is taking off his makeup but he is having trouble "Do you want me to help you?" "Yes please" So you grab the wet wipe from him and say "Sit on this stool right here" So he does and you sit on the toilet and you take off his makeup "Ok all done" "Do you want me to take your off?" "Sure" So he gets a different wet wipe and takes your makeup off. "Okie dokie all done" "Cool" and once again you are lost in his eyes. So you guys sit there for a moment gazing into each others eyes until someone knocks on the door. "COMING" So you get up and open the door. It's Dee. "Yes?" "I was just wondering where you and Benji are going to sleep" "Well since I have my own room I am going to be sleeping in here and so is Benji" "I am?" "Yep" "No funny business now Lydia" "Shut up Dee. Benji is going to be sleeping on the floor" "I am?" "Yes you are" "Ok" So you go and get a couple of blankets and pillows for Benji. You bring them back and give them to Benji and he makes his bed. You turn off the lights and get in bed "Night Benji" "Night Lydia" Then you fall asleep. All of a sudden you wake up to a piercing scream.
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