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Nightmares and Hanging Out

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Fourth Chapter

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You sit up in bed and step on Benji but you don't pay attention to him. You run into Dee's room and see that Amie is sitting up right crying and Bennie trying to comfort her. You walk over to the bed and sit down. Amie crawls into your lap and you say, "Baby what's wrong?" "I had a bad dream" "Oh baby it's ok mommy's here now. You don't need to be scared any more" Just then Benji walks in and says, "What's wrong?" "Amie had a bad dream" "OOO" He walks over to you guys and sits on the bed besides you and rubs Amie's back. "So Amie what was the dream about?" "I was in this place and it looked a lot like hell is supposed to and I was there and I was crying 'cause I couldn't find you and then when I did find you I couldn't get to you" "O my gosh baby it's ok mommy's here now and there is nothing to worry about. Do you guys want to go sleep in mommy's bed tonight?" They both nod their heads. So you and Benji carry them back into your room and Benji puts Bennie in your bed and you put Amie in then get in yourself. Benji goes back to his bed on the floor and starts to lie down but Bennie says "Mommy?" "Hmmm?" "Can Benji come sleep in bed with us too?" "Ummm Sure" So Benji gets up and grabs his pillows and goes and gets in next to Bennie "Night Benji, Night Bennie, Night Amie" "Night Lydia, Night kids" "Night mommy and Benji and Amie" "Night everyone. Now shut up!" "Yes ma'am" You close your eyes then you were fast asleep. You open your eyes and see that the kids are gone and you are wrapped in Benji's arms. You smile and cuddle up next to his chest and try to go back to sleep but you can't. So you just look at Benji's sleeping form (HE IS JUST SO CUTE) so you stare at him for a few minutes then his eyes flutter open "Good Morning!" "Good Morning. Where are the kids?" "I don't know I just barely woke up a few minutes ago" "O ok" "Well time to get up" So he moves his arms and you roll off the bed and onto the floor with a ~thump~ Benji leans over the bed and says, "Are you ok?" "Never better" You jump up and go into the front room and see Billy and Chris sleeping on the couch bed. Chris has his arm around Billy and Billy has this BIG grin on his face. You run to your end table and pull out your digital camera. You take a picture of Billy and Chris and this wakes up Billy. He opens his eyes, falls out of bed and screams "Ah Billy I was comfortable" You just laugh then you see Joel sleeping. He is hugging a pillow and has his thumb in his mouth. You take a picture of him too. Then Benji comes in and says, "What the hell is going on?" "I'll show you" So you turn the camera on and show him the picture of Billy and Chris. He laughs and says, "Aww you guys make such a cute couple" Billy flips him off. Then you show him the picture of Joel. He laughs even harder "Now I have black mail on all 3 of you" "Who said you were going to get the pictures?" "Ummm Me" "Who died and made you King?" "Fine YOU have black mail on all 3 of them" "That's better and yes I do" You put the camera away and go into the kitchen. You get yourself some Coca Puffs, a bowl, a spoon and the chocolate milk (mmmmm double chocolate) You pour everything and put the milk and cereal away. You sit down and eat your cereal. A few minutes later Benji walks in and asks, "Can I have some cereal?" "Mmmhmm" "Where is it?" You point to the cupboard and say "In there" He opens it and says "MMMM Lucky Charms" (remembering the Motivation Proclamation video. lol sorry back to the story now) He pulls it out and gets a bowl, a spoon and the milk. He pours and puts everything away. He starts to eat his cereal and you are just finishing up. You put the bowl and spoon in the sink. You get up and sit on the counter next to the sink and watch Benji eat. Then you grab the hose thing and spray Benji. He jumps back and knocks the chair over. You put the hose back and put on your cutest little kid face. He looks at you and says "What the fucking hell? What was that for?" "I didn't do it" He picks the chair up and runs toward you. You scream and jump down off the counter. You go the other way around the table but he cuts you off. He grabs you and picks you up. He takes you into your bedroom then into your bathroom. He puts you in the tub and turns on the water. You scream and he turns the water off. He sticks his hand out and says "Truce?" You stand up and jump on him. He almost falls over but he catches himself. You wrap you legs around his waist and ring your hair out on his back and your sleeves out on his head. You jump down and stick your hand out and say "Truce" He shakes your hand and you guys walk out of the bathroom. Benji walks out of your room and you shut and lock the door behind him so you can get dressed. You go over to your dresser and pull out a pair of black bondage pants with light blue stitching and blue skull and crossbones on the right butt pocket and on the left bottom of your pants. You grab a black Green Day shirt that says "Green Day" in blue on the front. You grab a new bra and a pair of underwear. You go and take a shower. When you get done you get dressed and blow dry your hair. You get done and put you make up on. You stick your head out of your room. "BENJI?" "WHAT?" "WILL YOU COME AND GIVE ME TEARSTREAKS?" "YEAH HOLD ON" You go back into the bathroom. A few seconds later Benji comes in and says, "Why can't you do it?" "'Cause when I try to do it myself it doesn't work" "O Ok" So you sit on the counter and Benji gives you tear streaks. He helps you down and he gets on the counter and says "My turn" So you take the eyeliner and do Benji's make up. You walk out of the bathroom and you are about to walk out of your room when Benji says "Hey Lydia will you get my clothes from Joel?" "Yes I will" So you go ask Joel where Benji's clothes are "They are sitting by the door" "Ok" So you go to the door and pick up Benji's clothes. You sling them over your right arm. You pick up his clothes one by one and sling them over your left arm. He has just plain black pants, a slipknot shirt, a bandana, a MADE hat and a MADE hoodie. You take the hoodie and put it on the arm of the couch. "HEY BILLY CHRIS DONT YOU GUYS KNOW HOW TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESSES?" "SORRY LYDIA" "IT'S OK JUST CLEAN IT UP PLEASE" "OK" So you go take Benji his clothes (except his hoodie) He takes them and says "Thank you" "Mmmhmm" So you go back out to the front room and put Benji's hoodie on. Then you sit on the couch (which is now folded up and the cushions are back on it) and turn the TV. on. A few minutes later Benji comes out and says "Lydia have you seen" he looks at you and sees that you are wearing his hoodie "You have it" "Have what?" "My hoodie" "No I don't" "Yes you do" "No I don't" "Lydia give me my hoodie" "No" So he comes over to the couch and attacks you. He pushes you down so now you are lying down on the couch. He straddles your waist and unzips the hoodie. You take the hoodie off and take it in your hand out of Benji's reach. He tries to grab it but he can't. Then he looks down at you and says "Lydia can I please have my hoodie back?" "Ummm Nope!" He moves closer so now your faces are only inches apart "Please?" "No" Then you feel Benji's soft lips against yours. He pulls away, you must have had a weird look on your face because Benji says "Lydia I'm so sor--" You cut him off by kissing him again. You guys pull away and you say "Benji don't be sorry" "OOOOOOOO" You look over to the kitchen and Joel, Billy, Chris, Paul, Brit, Dee, and even your kids are all making kissie noises. "O shut up. All of you are just jealous" Then Chris puts his arm around Billy's shoulders and says "No thanks Lydia I'd rather Billy" Billy takes Chris' arm off his shoulders and says "No thanks Chris I don't swing that way" "So what made last night different?" "Last night? We didn't do anything last night" "Man Billy I'm hurt" Benji looks back at you and says "Lydia can I please have my hoodie back?" "Why can't I have it?" He just avoids your question and says "I'll give you a different one if I can have that one" "Really?" "Really. I'll go get it" "Ok go get it and I will give you this one" "OK" So he goes and gets the hoodie. He gives it to you and you give him his hoodie back. "Benji why did you bring 2 hoodies" "Just in case one got wet or dirty or something like that" "O ok" You both stand up to put the hoodies on then sit back down and watch TV. Then you turn to Benji and say, "You know what would be fun?" He doesn't even look away from the TV. and says "Hmmm?" "If all of us went to the park" He looks away from the TV. and says "That would be fun" So you guys go to the kitchen where everyone is and say "Hey lets go to the park" "Ok" So you grab Amie and Benji grabs Bennie and you go to their room and get their clothes. You get them dressed and meet everyone at the door. When you get there everyone is already there so you say, "Ok lets go" Then everyone walked out the door and you guys were off.
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