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Promise Ring and A New Member.

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Fifth Chapter

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You walk hand in hand with Benji to the park. You get to the park and you, Brit, Dee, and your kids all run to the swings. You get going and all of you, at the same time, jump out backwards. The guys just look at you then all of them start saying stuff like "O My god that was so cool" and "Wow do that again" and things like that. You play on the swings a little more then you go and play on the jungle gym. Then Benji comes over to you and says "Lydia can I talk to you privately?" "Umm sure" So you go over to this little bench thingy and sit down. "Ummm Lydia we are going on tour soon and I wanted to know if you would be my girlfriend and wear my ring. Sort of like a promise ring and I promise that even when I'm on tour I will not forget you and by wearing this ring I hope you promise never to forget me. So what do you say?" "I say most definitely" He picks you up in a big bear hug and swings you around. He puts you down and kisses you passionately. Then he slides the ring on your finger and kisses you again. You go play on the jungle gym a little while longer then you decide to go home. The kids are very tired so you and Benji pick them up and carry them. You get to the house and put the sleeping children to bed. Then you and Benji go back out to the living room. You guys talk for a little while longer then you all decide to go to sleep. Benji is about to go sleep on the floor but you grab his hand and say "You can sleep in my bed with me if you want" "Ok" So he goes and gets changed in the bathroom and you get dressed in your room. You hear a knock and Benji says, "Are you getting dressed?" "Yes but I'm not done yet so hold on" "Ok" So you put your shirt on and say "Ok I'm done" He opens the door and you see that he is only in his boxers (Mmmmmm Benji only wearing boxers drools Ok I'm better now back to the story) "Wow I love your boxers" "Thanks aren't they the coolest?" "Yes they are" They are red and they have white dice all over them. So both of you go and get in bed. You cuddle up next to Benji and he wraps his arms around you. "Night Lydia" "Night Benji" Then you fall asleep. You wake up the next morning and see that Benji is still asleep. You smile, move his arm and get up. You grab some clothes and go into the bathroom and do all that happy crap you do in the morning. When you get back you see that Benji isn't there anymore so you go into the living room and see that he is all dressed sitting on the couch so you go over to him and sit on his lap. "Well hello" "Hi" "Ummm why are you sitting on my lap?" "'Cause you're comfy" "O ok" So you sit and watch t.v. for a while then Benji says, "You have to get off my lap" "Why?" "'Cause I have to pee" "O ok" So you stand up and let Benji up. Then you sit back down and watch more t.v. He comes back out and sits on your lap "Oh my god get off me!" "But you're comfy" "So you're squishing me!" "Are you calling me fat?!?" "Yes now get off me!!" "You're so mean. Calling me fat" He gets off your lap and sits next to you. He has his arms folded and he looks really mad so you cuddle up next to him and say, in your cutest kiddie voice, "Benji I'm sorry I really didn't mean it" He looks over at you and you have a puppy dog face on. He just starts laughing and says "Ok Lydia you're forgiven" "Yay!!" So you cuddle up to him more and he puts his arm around you and you guys sit and watch more t.v. Then you say "Benji when are you leavin?" "Ummm I think we leave on Saturday" "So in 2 days?" "Yep" "O how sad I don't want you to leave" "I know I don't want to either" Your kids come back inside from playing and Amie says "Mommy why are you sad?" "'Cause Benji is going to be leaving soon" "HE IS?!?!?" "Yes I am" "When?" "In 2 days" "But you can't leave. We will miss you" "Yeah you're like the dad we never had" There was a long silence after Amie said this. You look up at Benji and see that he is crying, "Come here kids" The kids get up in his lap and he hugs and kisses both of them on the forehead. "No matter what I do or where I go I will always love and care about you guys" Now you have started to cry. All of you just sit on a group hug for a while. Then Brit comes in and says "OK I must have missed something" "Yea you did" "O ok Can I be filled in?" "Benji is leaving in 2 days and the kids don't want him to leave and Amie said 'You can't leave. You're like the dad we never had'" "O ok that makes more sense. Wait you're leaving?" "Yep all of us are we have to go on tour" "O that's not cool" "Where is everyone else?" "They went to get everything ready" "O ok" Ring ring "I'll get it " (Convo) "Hello?-Hi Ms. Longmore?-Yes?-I was talking to my boss about you guys and I had him listen to your guys' performance because I recorded it and he said that something was missing-What did he say was missing?-He said that you needed another instrument. Like a guitar or something. So if you get that all sorted out we will make a demo-Ok thank you-Yep good bye-Bye" Dee comes up behind you "Who was that?" You jump up and scream "O sorry I didn't mean to scare you" "It's ok. That was the recording studio guy" "O what did he say?" "He said that if we don't get another instrument then we can't make a demo" "Really?" "Yep" "O that sucks" "Yep" "So who the hell are we going to ask?" "I don't know" "Well when we do find someone they can play the drums if they want 'cause I don't want to anymore if someone else want to" "Ok Brit" You go back over to the couch and sit by Benji. You're sitting there watching t.v. when Dee says, "Lydia, your cell phone is ringing" "It is?" "Yep" So you get up and go to your room and grab your phone (Convo) "Hello?-Hi Lydia-Oh hi Chris. Umm why did you call this phone and not my home phone-Because I didn't remember your home phone number and this one is programmed into my phone-O ok So what did you want?-I am extremely bored and I was wondering if I could come over-Yea sure all that's here is me, my kids, Brit, Dee, and Benji-Benji? Who's Benji?-You know Benji Madden one of the people from Good Charlotte-He is there at your house?-Yep all the other guys were too but they left-So can I come over?-Yep-Ok I'll see you in a little bit-Ok bye-Bye" You walk back out to the living room and Dee says, "Who was that?" "Chris he wanted to know if he could come over" "O and you told him yes?" "Yep" "Oh ok" You go sit down by Benji and he says "Who's Chris?" "He's this guy I work with. He's really kewl you'll like him. Benji are you-Where'd the kids go?" "They went into their room" "Oh Ok. Are you hungry?" "Ummm yea" "What do you want?" "I don't know. What are you willing to make?" "Well I could make hash browns, eggs, sausage, and/or bacon" "O that sounds good" "Which part?" "All but the sausage and bacon" "Ok I'll go make that" You stand up and go to your kids' room and say, "Kids are you guys hungry?" "Yeah!!" "K I'm going to make hash browns, eggs, sausage, and bacon" "Yay!" Then you go into Brit's and ask, "Are you hungry Brit" "Yeah what are you gong to make?" "Ummm hash browns, eggs, sausage and bacon" "Oh yummy" "So I take it you want some?" "Yep!" "Ok I'll call you when it's done" "Ok" Then you go to Dee's room "Yes I'm hungry and I want all of it" "Ok so I take it you heard me talking to Brit?" "Yep" "Ok I will call you when I get done" "OK" As you walk into the living room you hear someone knock on the door "I'll get it while you go make breakfast." "Thanks Benji" So you go into the kitchen and get all the stuff out. "HEY LYDIA. YOUR FRIEND IS HERE" "OK THANK YOU" You go and wash your hands because you have been touching raw meat. When you are washing your hands someone comes up behind you and picks you up. They spin you around and then put you down. You turn around and it is Chris. "Hey Chris what's up?" "Nothin' I just wanted to know if I could help" "Sure. You can cook the eggs" "OK" You go start cooking the hash browns. Someone else comes in the room and wraps their arms around your waist. You look back to a smiling Benji. "Hey Benji" You go back to cooking hash browns "Hey baby. Is there anything I can do to help?" "Umm yea will you get out the syrup and the ketchup?" "Yep" He lets go of you and goes to the fridge. "Lydia where's the ketchup?" "It's in the door." "Oh" He gets everything and puts his arms around your waist and starts kissing your neck. You squirm and say, "Benji quit! I'm trying to cook" "Fine I'll just go watch t.v." "Ok you do that" "Ok I will" So he goes into the living room and Chris says "Baby? And kissing your neck? Is he your boyfriend?" "Yes he is. Do you have a problem with it?" "No no not at all" "Good" You go back to cooking and you're almost done so you call Benji in the kitchen "BENJI!" He comes in the kitchen "Yea baby?" "Will you set the table please?" "Sure. Where is everything?" You point to a cupboard "Plates and cups are in there" You point to a drawer "And the forks and knives are in there. O and will you get out the butter, bread, and orange juice?" "Yep" So he gets the stuff out and sets it on the table "Thanks baby" "Yep anything else?" Yea will you call everyone in?" "Yep. HEY EVERYONE GET YOUR ASSES IN HERE! BREAKFAST" "Benjamin my kids are in the house!" "So you talk like that all the time" "Not around my kids Chris so you just stay out of this" So everyone comes in and eats their breakfast. Then everyone goes back to what they were doing while you and Chris clean up. "So Lydia what have you been up to lately?" "Umm the other day we were performing and I guess this studio guy was watching us. Then he said that we were really good. So we met with him and he said that he would talk to his boss but he was like 90% sure that he would like us. So he predicted that we would be able to make a demo in a couple of days" "Well that is awesome" "Yea but he called today and his boss said that something was missing like an instrument or something so now if we don't find it then we don't get to make a demo. So now I have no idea what to do" "Well you do know that I play bass right?" "You do?" "Mmmhmm" "Oh my god do you think that you could help us then?" "I'd love too" "Oh thank you thank you thank you" You jump up and give him a big hug. He hugs you back and says "No problem." You let go of him and finish cleaning up. You get done and run in Brit's room "Brit guess what?!?" "What?" "Chris said that he would become our bass player so we can make a demo" She jumps up and says "Seriously?!?" "Yep!" She screams and says, "Where is he?!?" "In the living room" She runs past you and into the living room. You hear her yell "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" You smile and are about to go into Dee's room but she runs past you and says "I heard you talking to Brit again" You follow her into the living room and see that Brit and Dee have Chris in a group hug. Chris looks really funny; he looks like he can't breath. You laugh and go sit bye Benji. He looks at you and says, "What is their problem?" "Chris said that he would be our bass player so we can make a demo" "O that was nice of him" "Mmmhmm" They let Chris go and everyone sits down and watches t.v. Then you hear a knock on the door. You go answer it and it is the rest of the guys from GC. "Hey guys" "Hey Lydia" You step aside and let the guys in. "You missed it bro" "Missed what?" "The most delicious breakfast ever" "O Really?" "Really Lydia and Chris made it" "No I didn't" "Not you Chris that Chris" and he points to Chris "Chris this is Joel, Billy, Paul and Chris. Everyone this is Chris." "Man this is going to get confusing" "Yes it will. We'll just call that Chris" You point to Chris Wilson "Bald Chris" "Yes just call me Bald Chris. Fear me and my baldness!" "Chris you are so weird" "I know" Everyone goes and sits down and there is no more room on the couch so you go sit on Benji's lap "O get off me fatty!" "Ugh That was mean" "I was just getting you back for calling me fat" "I said I was sorry" "Fine, fine You're not fat" "Thank you" "Hey Lydia" "Yeah?" "Do you have any video games?" "Yes I do. Why do you want to play?" "Yes I do" "Ok" So you go and get all the stuff out for Billy "So who wants to play video games with me?" Brit yells, "I do!" "Ok prepare to get your ass kicked!" "I'm not going to get my ass kicked you are" "Whatever" So you get done hooking everything up. Then you go and sit on Benji's lap. Billy and Brit get done playing the first game and Brit wins. Billy just look at he screen with a shocked look on his face. "I lost. I lost! I can't believe I lost!" Everyone is just laughing at Billy. He looks at Brit and says "I call a re-match" "Ok" So they play again and Brit wins again. "Holy shit she beat me again" The play a few more times and Brit wins every single time "THAT'S IT I QUIT!" "Ha ha I win" So everyone hangs out at your house a little more then you decide to go out to eat. You go to Olive Garden. When you were like 10 you, your mom and a lot of your aunts went to Olive Garden and your aunt Jessica, after she got her food looked up at the waiter pointed to her drink, cross-eyed and said "This is really good" in this really funny voice (That actually happened. It was soo funny) from that day on you have always wanted to do that. So when you got your food (you've had your drink for a while) you look up at the waitress and say, "This is really good. Thank you" She just laughs and walks away "Lydia you are such a dork. Why did you do that?" "Because when I was like 10 my aunt did that and I have always wanted to " A few minutes later you look at your watch and see that it is 4:30 "Shit I have to be to work in half an hour" "Are you done eating?" "Almost" "Well hurry up and I will take you." "Ok" So you finish up then you and Benji leave. "Wait how is everyone else getting home?" "I'll come back for them later. Don't worry" "Ok thanks" So you go and get in the car. "So are we going to your house first or just to the bar?" "Umm home please" "Ok" So he pulls out of the parking lot and you sit in silence for a little while then you say "Thanks Benji" "For what?" "For everything you have done, for taking care of my kids, for helping me around my house and just for coming into my life" He quickly looks at you then back to the road "You're welcome Lydia I'm glad that I could make you happy" You smile then look back out the front window. So you get home and run inside and grab some clothes. You get dressed; do your hair, and your makeup. Then you grab your phone and your coat. Then you go back into the living room and say; "Ok I'm ready" "Are you sure?" "Umm I think so O wait I want to grab my laptop incase it is slow today because this bar around the corner is having couples night tonight" So you run and grab your laptop "Ok I'm ready now" "Ok" So you walk out the door and get in the car. Benji drives to the bar and as you are grabbing your coat and laptop Benji runs around the car and opens your door. "Thanks Benji" "Yep so when do you get off?" "Around 10:30" "Ok I will come pick you up" "Ok" He leans in and gives you a quick kiss "I'll see you later?" "Yep bye" "Bye" He goes gets in the car and drives off. You walk around to the back and get your key out and open the door. You go to the back room and hang up your coat. Then you go out to the bar with your laptop. "Hey Kat" "Hey Lydia I see you came prepared." She points to your laptop "Yep" You set your laptop down and help a customer. Just as you expected it was completely slow all night so you chatted on your computer and played games. Then at 10:30 you turned off your laptop, grabbed your coat, said goodbye to Kat and walked out the back door. You walk out front and there waiting for you is Benji. You get in the car and Benji gives you a kiss "So how was work?" He starts driving home "Like I predicted it was really slow. So I just played on my computer most of the time" "O fun fun" "O yea let me tell ya. So what have you been up too?" "Well we watched Brit kick Billy's ass at video games again" "Hasn't he learned that he can't beat Brit?" "Apparently not" "Ok and what else?" "Ummm I went outside and played with the kids" "I bet they were happy" "Yea but they wanted you to be there too" "Awww how sad but I'm sure they still had fun with you" "Yeah we had loads of fun but they won't go to sleep until you tuck them in" "Yeah that's usually how it goes" You pull up into your drive way, you grab your coat and laptop and once again Benji opens your door. "Thanks Benji" "Yep" You walk into your house "Hey Lydia" "Hey Dee" "Your kids are in my room waiting for you" "Why are they in your room?" "Because they said that they wanted to sleep in my room tonight" "O ok" You go put your laptop and coat in your room then you go into Dee's "MOMMY!" "Hey guys. Did you have fun with Benji?" "Yes we did!" "We played outside!" "On the trampoline!" "And then we played tag!" "Then we played board games!" "Well it sounds like you had loads of fun" "Yep!" "Well time for bed" So they get in bed and you tuck them in. You kiss both of them "Night Bennie Night Amie" "Night Mommy" Then you turn on their radio and night light and their light off and walk out. "We have been playing this video game for 6 hours and she has beat me EVERY FUCKING TIME!!" You go sit on Benji's lap "Billy when are you going to learn? YOU CAN'T BEAT BRIT!" "But I am always the best at video games. I always win!" "Well obviously not when you're playing against Brit" "I see this now but it's not fair!" "Well you can play against someone else so you can win 'cause we have to go to bed we have school in the morning" "O yea I don't want to go to school!" "Why didn't you go to school yesterday Lydia?" "'Cause we have every Thursday off" "O ok that makes sense" "Are you going to stay up with everyone else?" "Yeah but I won't stay up to long" "O it's ok stay up as long as you want" So you get up say goodnight to everyone. Then Billy says "I'm going to win you tomorrow Brit" "Whatever Ash-hole" (Meet the Fockers. O yea fucking funny movie) so you go, get changed, and go to bed. About one hour later you hear the door open and the light turns on. You open your eyes and see Benji. "Sorry I didn't mean to wake you" "O that's ok. I wasn't really asleep" "Ok" So he strips down to boxers turns off the light and gets in bed with you. He wraps his arms around you and you turn around so you are now facing him. You gaze into his awesome brown eyes and he says "What?" "Nothing you just have the sexiest brown eyes ever" You both smile and he says "Thanks!" "You're very welcome" You sit there for a minute looking at each other then Benji leans in and kisses you. He pulls away and both of you smile again. He leans in and kisses you again, this time more passionately. You pull away roll over and set your alarm. You get all comfy and Benji wraps his arms around you again. "Night Lydia" "Night Benji" Then you fall asleep. You wake up in the middle of the night to "MOMMY!!!!!" and think "O shit what now"
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