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The Kids' Dad and School

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Sixth Chapter

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You run to Dee's room and see a person climbing out the window. You run over to them, grab the back of their shirt and throw them to the ground. You start beating the shit out of them. Then Benji turns the light on and you look down to who you were beating up, it's Derek. "DEREK WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, IN MY KIDS BEDROOM?!?!?!?!?!?" You get off him and he gets up. His lip and nose are bleeding. "Hey they are my kids too!" "Yea but you have never wanted to see them before!" Benji's sitting with your kids trying to comfort them. Then Bennie says "Daddy?" "Yes baby it's me, daddy" He starts walking towards them but you stand in front of him "Lydia get out of my way" "No!" "Lydia get the hell out of my way!" "NO!!" He pushes you out of the way and you fall to the ground. Then Benji stands up and gets in front of him "And who the hell are you?" "I am Benji Madden and I am not going to let you touch these kids" Derek tries pushing past Benji but it doesn't work so he runs around him and grabs the kids. They scream as Derek runs out the door. You and Benji run after him and when you get to the door you see that Joel has Derek in a headlock and Brit has your crying kids in her arms. Joel says, "Who the hell is this guy?!?" "This is Derek, the kids' father" It was silent for a little and everyone was looking from you to Derek and back to you. "So this is the jackass you were talking about?" "Yea he is" Joel punches him in the face and Derek falls to the floor "Joel don't!" Derek gets up and runs out the door. Benji says, "Good job Joel you let him get away!" You take your kids from Brit and say "Ohh it's ok don't worry mommy's here" Then Dee says, "All of us should sleep in here. You know like a protection thingy" "That's a good idea Dee" So everyone gets settled in and you, your kids, Benji, Joel and Dee are all sleeping on the couch bed and everyone else is sleeping on the floor. No matter how hard you tried you couldn't get to sleep so after about an hour and a half of trying you get up and go to the kitchen. You get yourself a glass of water and drink it. You turn around and put the glass in the sink "You ok baby?" You turn around and see Benji standing against the doorframe. You look down "No" He comes over to you and wraps his arms around you. You lean your head on his chest and just cry. He rocks you back and forth trying to comfort you. "That stupid son of a bitch!!!!! I can't believe he came to my house in the middle of the night and tried taking my kids!" "Shhh it's ok Lydia, your kids are safe and that stupid mother fucker is long gone and he's never coming back especially with me and Joel here" You laugh a little and look up at Benji. "Thanks Benji" "Anytime baby" He gives you a little kiss then you hear your alarm go off. You pull apart and say "Well time to wake up" Benji laughs and says "Are you sure you want to go to school toddy considering what happened?" "NO I don't WANT to go to school but I HAVE to. I have 2 tests today and besides like you said my kids are safe and that stupid mother fucker isn't coming back" You both smile and you go into your room. You turn your alarm off then go into the front room. You go and jump on the couch bed. "Ugh Lydia!" "Yes?" "What the hell are you doing?" "Waking you up" "Why are you waking me up? I don't have to do anything today" "Yea but Dee does and you are in the same bed as Dee so you are going to get waken up too" "Well that's not fair how come you aren't going to wake up Billy, Paul, Chris or Bald Chris?" "I never said I wasn't going too" You get off the bed and step on Chris, Bald Chris, Billy, Paul, and Brit. "Lydia you're an annoying bitch" "I know" You go into your bedroom with Benji following "Why are you following me?" "'Cause I'm admiring your fine ass" You turn around and cover your butt "I'm just kidding" "I sure hope so" "So what are you doing?" "I'm going to go take a shower but you know what you could do for me?" "What?" "Will you pick out a CUTE outfit for me that would be ok to wear to school?" "Will do" "Thanks baby" "Yep" So you grab a towel and get in the shower. You get done and wrap the towel around you. You walk out to your room and see your outfit lying on your bed. It's a pair of black bondage pants' a pair of black see through arm-warmers, and a black shirt that says, "Silence is golden but duct tape is silver" So you put your clothes on and walk out to the front room. You see all the rest of the guys have piled onto the couch bed and are asleep. You can't see your kids so you go into their room and there they are sleeping in their bed. You smile and walk out of the room. Then you walk to the kitchen and see Benji eating a bowl of cereal. You cover his eyes and say, "Guess who?" "Ummm the Easter Bunny?" "Nope guess again" "Ummm the hottest girl in the world?" "Nope gue...." "Lydia I know it's you and to me you are the hottest girl in the world" "Awww you're so sweet" You lean down, hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek. Then you go into Brit's room "Brit are you ready?" "Umm is my book bag in the living room?" "Ummm I don't know I'll go check" So you go into the front room and grab Brit's book bag "Here you go Brit" "Thanks Lydia" "Yep" You give her her book bag and both of you go into Dee's room. She is drawing in her notebook "Dee are you ready?" "Yea I've been ready for a while" "Ok then lets go" So all of you go to the front door and you and Dee grab your book bags. Then you open the door and there sitting on your porch is Derek. "Derek what the hell are you doing here?" "I thought we could talk" "Well we can't I don't ever want to see you again" "Lydia you do know that I could sue you for not letting me see my kids but" "You do know I could sue you for breaking and entering?" "But I won't because I think we could work this out" "Well we can't so leave me and my kids alone" "Lydia please just talk to me" "I can't I have to go to school now" You walk down the steps and get in your car. Brit and Dee get in your car and you drive away looking back only once to see Derek walking away from your house. You get to school and see your other friends, Lindsey, Allison, Zamber, and Elsha playing hackey sack. You park your car and go over to them "Hey guys" "Hey Lydia, Brit, and Dee." "Lydia what's wrong?" You take a deep long breath then slowly let it out "Amie and Bennie's dad broke into my house last night and tried taking my kids" All your friends come over to you and give you a big hug. "O my god Lydia I am soooo sorry" "It's ok" "Yea you should have seen it, her and Joel both beat the shit out of him" Everyone laughs then you hear a car horn. You turn around and see Derek getting out of his car (Derek is 3 years older than you so he doesn't go to your school) "Derek I told you to leave me alone" "I am not going to leave you alone until you talk to me" "Well I can't talk right now because I know that it will take more then 2 minutes to sort this thing out so maybe we can talk after school only if you leave me alone" "Ok that's all I want" He gets back in his car and drives off. "God I want to kill that dickhead" "I would too" Then the bell rings and all of you go to class. You get to first hour and take a seat in back as usual. You couldn't concentrate during first hour because you kept thinking about your kids. So you go through your first 4 classes and are walking out of the building to get in your car so you can go eat. You get outside and see Benji leaning against his car. "Hey baby" "Hey Benji" You're about to kiss him when you hear a loud piercing scream. You turn around and see Lindsey there with a BIG grin on her face "Ummm Benji this is Lindsey and I know Lindsey knows who you are Benji" Benji sticks out his hand "Hi nice to meet you" Lindsey shakes his hand "Hi" "Lindsey where's Allison, Brit and Dee?" "They went to go eat" "Well will you go run and find them then all of us can have lunch at my house" "Yea I will" She gives you her book bag and coat "Here hold these" Then she runs off "Ok? She's a little weird" "Yeah she is and she is like totally in love with Billy" "She is?" "Yep" "O well I don't think Billy would like her that much" "Yea most people don't" Just then Lindsey, Allison, Brit and Dee come running out the door "Hey guys" "Hey Lydia so we are going to go eat at your house?" "Yep everyone pile" "OH MY GOD!!!" You look at Allison who has the biggest grin on her face "O yes Allison this is Benji, Benji this is Allison" Benji waves a little and says "Hey Allison" "Hey Benji, Hey guys guess what?" "What?" "A hipuc come outta my mouf" (Inside joke with me and my friends you don't need to worry about it) "Really?" "Yeah just barely" "Cool" So all of you pile into Benji's Range Rover and he drives off "So Lydia who's all at your house" "Well..." "Joel, Billy, Paul, Bald Chris, Chris and her kids" "What Brit said" "O ok wait Bald Chris?" "Yea the Chris I work with came over to my house, then the other Chris came to my house and we thought it might get a little confusing so we called Chris Wilson Bald Chris so we wouldn't get mixed up" "O ok that makes sense now" "Yeah" So you drive home. You all get out and Benji says, "Lydia how long is your lunch?" "45 minutes why?" "Just wondering so I can get all of you back to school on time" "O ok" You open your door and see that everyone is still asleep "So were you the only on awake Benji?" "No your kids were awake but I put them down for a nap" "Awww thanks Benji" "Well it's time to wake them up" "What are you going to do?" "You'll see" "Ok" Dee goes over to Joel sits on his back, strokes his head and says "Joely Moley time to wake up" You all laugh and Joel says "Dee what the HELL are you doing?" "Waking you up" "Well can you get off me so I can get up?" "O yeah" She gets off him and he gets up slowly then starts to chase Dee around the house. He finally catches her and swings her around. Finally everyone gets up and Billy says "Ok I'm playing video games who wants to play with me?" "Ohh I do! I do!" "O great with you playing I'll never win" "Well you never know you could beat her" So they play and Billy wins "HA HA I WON O YEA GO ME GO ME!!!!" "That is so not fair" Everyone but Brit laughs then you go over to the game and shut it off "Hey!!!!" "Don't hey me it's time to eat not play games" "Fine" "Mommy!!!" You look over to the hallway and see your kids running towards you. You crouch down and the run into your arms "Hey guys!" "Hey mommy!" "So how you guys holding up today?" "We're ok" "Yea I think we'll be ok as long as Benji's here when you're not" "Yea me too" "Yea Benji's a good guy huh?" They both yell "YEAH!!!!!" "Are you guys hungry?" Once again they both yell "YEAH!!!" "Ok sit and watch t.v. with everyone else and me and Benji will make it" "Ok" So both of them go sit on Joel and Dee's laps. You and Benji go into the kitchen and he says, "Ok so what are we making?" "Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches" "O yummy" "Yea it's mine, my kids' and Brit's favorite food" "O kewl kewl" "Yeah" So you make the 13 sandwiches and hand everyone a sandwich. Billy yells "YAY!! Peanut Butter!!!!!!" "O yea I forgot that you like peanut butter" "Like it?!? I LOVE IT!!!!" "Ok Billy calm down" So you all eat and hangout for a little. Then when it was time to go you said "Ok everyone time to go" Then Billy and Joel scream "O CAN WE COME?!?!?!?" "Ummm I guess" So you all pile in and there is barely enough room. So everyone in the back is all chatting and you look to Benji and say "Benji you don't have to come pick me up after school today" "Why?" "Well for one I have my own car at school and 2 I am going to go talk to Derek" Benji looks at you "What?!?!?" "Benji watch the road!!" He looks back to the road and says "So why are you going to go talk to him?" "So he will leave me alone" "Oh. Well I don't think you should" "Benji he is my kids' father. I think he has the right to talk to me" "Ok fine whatever" "Benji please don't be mad at me" "Fine I won't be mad but I think it's just kinda fucked up that you are going to go talk to someone who broke into your house" "How's this? I promise I won't stay more than 45 minutes" "O but after exactly 45 minutes I'm coming and picking you up" "Ok works for me" So you get to the school and everyone gets out. All the guys are leaning against the car and are talking to the girls. Then the bell rings so you say "Bye Benji. I will call you and tell you where we are going ok?" "Ok" He leans down and gives you a kiss "Bye Benji" "Bye baby" You start to walk off but stop and turn around when you notice you are the only one walking "Guys come on" Everyone but Allison and Dee start walking "Allison, Dee lets go" They say "Hold on" Dee hugs Joel and Allison hugs Billy. "Bye Joel" "Bye Dee" "Bye Billy" "Bye Allison" They walk to you guys and the guys drive off. You walk up to Dee and say "So are you and Joel like a couple or something?" "Yea actually we are" "O that's soo kewl. You guys make a cute couple and if you guys get married and if me and Benji get married WE WILL BE SISTERS!!!" "Yea that would be so kewl!" "Yea it would!" Then you run up to Allison "Allison are you and Billy" "A couple? Yes!" "O how cool!" "Yea I know I have wanted to be his girlfriend for so long and now I am!!! I'm so happy!" "Well I'm happy for ya" "Thanks!" "Yep" So you go through your classes and when you get to 8th you are really nervous because you don't know what Derek is going to say. When 8th hour gets over you gather all your stuff and walk out of the classroom very slowly. You get out to the front and there waiting for you is Derek. You say "Ok so where are we going to go to talk?" "Umm I was thinking the park why?" "Just wondering. I will be right back. I have to go give my stuff to my friends" You run over to them and give then your stuff "Tell Benji I am at the park ok? O and here are my keys drive my car home but be VERY careful" "K Lyds" "Be careful" "I will. Bye guys thanks" "Yep Bye Lyds" You run back to the car and get in "Ok let's go" The whole drive was silent and you just looked out the window. You get to the park and you reluctantly get out of the car. Both of you go sit on a little a bench thingy. It was the same one that you and Benji sat on when he asked you to be his girlfriend. You smiled at this memory. "Lydia I know you don't like me very much" "Hmmm when did you figure that out?" "And I understand that but please I have changed. I really have just give me another chance" "Why should I? First you get me pregnant then when I told you, you said it wasn't yours then you abandoned me then you break into my house and tried kidnapping my kids!!" "I know I know and I'm really sorry about it but I really have changed I promise. Please if you will give me just one more chance I can show you I have changed. Please Lydia please" You look straight at him and see he really has changed and he really wants to make it better "Fine you can show me that you can be a better dad but if you want to show me that you love me and really want to be my boyfriend you can just forget about it because I have a boyfriend who loves and cares about me" "That's fine I don't really care as long as I get to see my kids" "Well you can see them tomorrow come over around 2 and use the front door this time not the window" He laughs nervously and says "Ok I will" Just then you heard a honk. You look and see Benji. You stand up and go to the car "Lydia!" "What?" "Tomorrow at 2?" "Yeah" "Ok thank you Lydia" "Yea yea whatever" You get in the car and Benji says "So how did it go?" "Bad. When are you going to leave tomorrow?" "I think around 3 why?" "'Cause Derek is coming to see the kids tomorrow at 2" "Oh well I will be there for ya Lydia" "Thanks Benji" "Yep" So you drive home and walk in your house "So how did it go Lydia?" "Bad" You plop down on the couch "How.." "Mommy!!!" "Hey guys" They crawl up into your lap "It was bad because I said he could come see the kids tomorrow at 2" I was silent for a moment then Amie said "NO WE DON'T WANT TO SEE HIM" "Amie you have to. He's your father" "NO I WILL NOT TALK TO HIM!!!" She runs off and into her room "Amie!!!" You take Bennie of your lap and hand him to Benji. You run to Amie's bedroom. "Amie please come out" "NO I'M NOT COMING OUT. I don't want to talk to him OR you!!!" You looked at the door stunned then walk away. You go sit down on the couch and Bennie crawls back into your lap "What did she say Lydia?" "She said she's not coming out and that she doesn't want to talk to Derek or me" Then you just started bawling. "Ohh it's ok mommy" "Thanks Bennie" You dry your eyes and Benji says "Just give her time Lydia. I think she will come around" "Do you want me to go talk to her mommy?" "Only if you want to and if she will let you" "Ok" He jumps off your lap and goes to their room. You faintly here Bennie talking "Amie can I come in?~No mommy's not here and she's not mean" You start crying again "Lydia how many times has Amie been mad at you? Like really mad?" "Once when I wouldn't buy her an ice cream cone" "See only once and how long did it take for her to get over it?" "Like an hour" "See that's not very long. Just wait and I think she will get over it" "I guess" You sit and watch t.v. for at little. Then Amie and Bennie come walking out and sit in your lap "Mommy?" "Yes baby?" "I'm really sorry I just really don't want to talk to him. What if he tries to take me again?" "Amie all of us, everyone from Good Charlotte, Brit, Dee, Me and Chris, will all be here I promise" "Really?" "Yes of course" "Ok but I am only going to talk to him. I won't hug him, sit in his lap or kiss him" "That's fine you don't have too. I just want you to talk to him" "Ok I will" "Thank you Amie and thank you Bennie for talking to her" "You're welcome Mommy" "Awww I love twin moments. They are so cute. Do you guys ever have twin moments?" "No never" "Ha ha there was one right there! That was really cute" "Awww thanks" "God Joel shut up" "You shut up Benji" "No you shut up" "No you shut up" Then Amie and Bennie say "How about you both shut up!" "Wow talk about a lot of twin moments" "Yea tell me about it" So you all hang out for a little then you all decide to go to sleep. You get in your room and change. "Knock, knock" "Who is it?" "Umm the Boogey Man" "I don't think you are the Boogey Man but I'm sure you're ugly enough" "Awww that was mean" "I'm just kidding" You go open the door and Benji leans in and kisses you "Ok what was that for?" "'Cause I don't think I have kissed you today" "O ok works for me" You let him in and go to the bathroom. You start taking off your make up and Benji comes into the bathroom. "Hey" "Hello" "Can I help you?" "No I'm just watching you" "Like you were when we first met?" "Yea except I was watching you put on make up instead of taking it off" "Yep" So you take your make up off and Benji says "Ok move I have to take mine off now" "Geez pushy pushy" "I was just kidding" "Yea yea whatever" You start to walk out to your room but Benji grabs your arm "Get back here" He swings you around so you are facing him "I said I was just kidding" You just look at him "Here will this make it better?" He leans down and kisses you "Umm I don't know you might want to try again" He smiles and leans in again. You close your eyes and feel Benji's soft lips against yours. A chill goes down your spin because of his many lip rings (which I love so much) He brings his hand to your back and rests it there. This other hand goes to your cheek. You lift your hand and rest it on the back of his neck and you rest the other one on his arm. You feel his mouth open and his tongue rubs your bottom lip begging for entrance. You open your mouth and allow his tongue to explore your mouth. You pull apart and say "I think we better go to bed" "Ok" You both go into your room and Benji strips down to his boxers. You both get in bed and you say "Night Benji" "Night Lydia" and you fall into a dreamless sleep.
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