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The Kids Meeting Their Dad and Leaving.

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Seventh Chapter

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You wake up and see that you are lying on Benji's chest (lucky girl!) You just lay there for a moment listening to his heartbeat. Then you lift your head up and look at Benji's sleeping form (just sooo cute ^_^) You smile to yourself and kiss him on the forehead. You look at the clock and see that it is 10:00 so you decide to wake Benji up. You whisper in his ear "Benji time to wake up" "No it's not. I'm still sleeping" "O c'mon Benji" "NO I'M SLEEPING" "Ok Benji if you get up now we can spend some of the time this morning making out" He sits up really fast and hits you head with his and you fall on the bed "Ow" "Sorry are you ok?" "Yea I am" "So were you serious about the whole making out thing?" "Yes I was" Benji gets this big smile on his face and leans down and kisses you. Then you hear someone knock on the door and "MOMMY!" You break apart "YES?!?" "I'M HUNGRY!" You look at Benji and he rolls his eyes "Ok! Nice way to kill the mode huh?" He rolls over and lies down on the bed "I'm sorry baby" "It's ok" You lean over and put an arm on each side of him. "I really am sorry" "I said it was ok" "I know I just feel bad" "Well don't it's really ok" "Ok" You lean down and kiss him "Now it's even better" You laugh and kiss him again. You roll over and get up. You go out to the living room and see that everyone is sleeping. So you go into the kitchen and see Amie and Bennie talking. "Hey guys" "Hi mommy" "So you guys are hungry?" "Yeah!" "Ok what do you want?" "Lucky Charms" "Wow those are some smart kids" You look at the doorway and see Benji "Hey Benj hungry?" "Yeah I am and I'm not hungry for food" "O really?" You get out the Lucky Charms and milk and put them on the table. "Really" He comes over to you while you are getting the bowls out and wraps his arms around you "Yes? What do you want?" "O I'm just getting what I'm hungry for" "Well you're going to have to wait 'cause I have to go feed my kids" You try to walk to the table but Benji has a tight grip on you "Benji let go I have to go feed my kids" "No" "Benji please?" "Let me do this first" He leans in and kisses you. You wrap your arms around his neck and he tries to pull away but you hold him there. Benji smiles through the kiss then you hear "EWWW GROSS!!" You pull apart and look at your kids. They are making disgusted faces and noises. You look back at Benji and laugh. He lets go of you and goes over to Amie. "You think that is gross?" "Yes" "Well do you think it's gross when I do it to you?" He starts kissing he all over her face "EWW NO THAT'S NASTY. MOMMY HELP!" "No I'm not gonna help ya" Benji stops kissing Amie and looks at Bennie who is laughing hysterically "O you think this is funny?" "laughYeslaugh" "Ok that's it" He goes over to Bennie and starts kissing him "EWWWW! GROSS! QUIT! THAT'S NASTY! BENJI GERMS!!!!" "Ok time to settle down and eat" Benji stops kissing Bennie and whispers "Party pooper" "Excuse me?" Bennie laughs and Benji says "O nothing" "Whatever you little liar" He smiles and walks out of the room. You grab some spoons and put the bowls on the table in front of the kids. You pour the cereal and milk and put the spoons in the bowls "Eat up kids" You walk out to the living room and see Benji messing with everyone. He put Bald Chris' hand on Billy's butt, Paul's finger up his nose and drew on Chris' face "Benji what the hell are you doing?" He looks up at you and says "Having fun" "You know you're going to get in deep shit for this don't you?" "Umm yea but I don't care, I'm having fun!" You laugh, roll your eyes and say "Ok whatever weirdo" Your kids come out of the kitchen and are heading towards their room but you say "Did you guys put your bowls and spoons in the sink?" "Yea and we put the cereal" "and the milk away" "O thanks guys" "Yep Mommy" They go into their room and you look at Benji "Lydia you have the best kids in the world" "I know and I love them dearly" "And you are the best mom in the world" "I know and I love me dearly" You both laugh and Benji says "I do too" You look at him shocked and say "Did you just say that you loved me?" "Yes I did" "Awww Benji I love you too!" You both smile and Benji says "Do you think it is time to wake everyone up?" "Yea I do but how are we going to wake them up?" "Ummm I don't know. Wait do you have a Metalica or Slipknot CD?" "I have both why?" "Go grab you Metalica CD." "Ok?" You go into your room and grab your Metalica CD. You bring it to Benji "Here you go" "Thanks" He takes the CD and puts it into the CD player. "You might want to plug your ears" You plug your ears and Benji pushes play and turns it up full blast. Everyone wakes up with a start and Benji turns the music down. "Morning everyone!" "Why did you wake us up this way?" "Because Benji wanted to and besides it's 11:00. Time to wake up!" "Fine fine" "Chris you might want to go look in the mirror" "Who me?" "No the other Chris" Everyone looks at Chris and starts laughing "What?" He runs into the bathroom "Alright who did it?" Benji jumps up and down and raises his hand "I did it! I did it! It was me!!!!" "Benji you little jackass" "So do you guys have everything ready?" "Yea unfortunately" "Why unfortunately?" "'Cause I don't want to leave. I get an awesome girlfriend then I have to leave. It sucks" "I'm sorry Joel but I know how you feel 'cause I'm losing the best boyfriend in the world" "You're not losing me" "I know. I'm not talking about you. You're not the best boyfriend in the world. Benji is" "No he's not Joel is" "Nu-uh Benji is" "Joel is" "Benji is" "Joel is" "Benji is" "How about both of us are" "Ok works for me" "Yea ok" "Mommy! Bennie stole my barbie and he says he is going to throw it out the window!" She comes running into the living room "Bennie get in here now please!" "She's lying I didn't do anything!" He comes running into the living room "Where is her barbie?" He looks down and whispers "Outside" "Bennie Micheal Longmore! Go get it right now!" He walks out the door and down the steps "Thank you Mommy" "You're welcome baby" Bennie comes back in with Amie's Barbie, gives it to her and she runs back into her room. "Thank you Bennie but I still have to talk to you so sit down" He sits down on the chair and you crouch down to his level. "Why did you do that Bennie?" "'Cause I was mad at her" "Why were you mad at her?" "'Cause she said that I would have to go live with dad because I'm a boy" "Awww baby that's not true. Both of you are going to stay here with mommy. I promise" "Ok mommy" "Amie will you come here please?!?" She comes into the living room "Yes mommy?" "Why did you tell Bennie that he was going to go live with daddy?" "Because I was watching this t.v. show and the little boy had to go live with the dad." "Well you can't believe everything on t.v. baby. He probably wanted to go live with his dad. Neither me nor your dad wants to split you up or take you away from me" You get both of them in a group hug "I love you guys so much and nothing will ever change that" "I love you too Mommy!" "Awww you guys are so cute. Now go play and be nice to each other" "Ok we will mommy" They go into their room and you stand up. You look at everyone and Benji says, "You're the best mom Lydia" "Thanks Benji" "Anytime baby" "Ok Let's clean up!" Everyone gets up and starts cleaning. You all sit down and watch t.v. Then Joel says "I'm bored" "So let's play 20 questions" "Ok" "I get to go first. Ummm Joel if you had to quit singing what would you do?" "Ummm I think I would like to be a music video director" You smile and look from Brit to Dee. Then all of you at the same time say, "I'm a video director. What's that slappy thing?" (It's from the Good Charlotte Video Collection DVD. So funny! If you haven't seen it yet you so need too. It's on the The Young and the Hopeless commentary) You three bust out laughing and Benji says "Was it really that funny?" "Yea it was and like all the time at school we would just bust out saying that. It was soo funny" "Yea and we made a vow that if we ever met you guys" "We would say that" "Yea that and 'Kids go start rock bands so that you can do videos. It's a lot of fun'" "'Yea make videos'" You and Dee bust out laughing (You can't know how funny it is until you see it. It's soo freakin hilarious) You look at the clock and see that it is 1:00. "Well I am going to go get dressed" "Why?" "'Cause Derek is coming in one hour" "He is?" "Yea look at the clock" Everyone looks at the clock and scatters about the house trying to get dressed. You laugh, roll your eyes and go into you room. Benji follow you and says, "Are you going into the bathroom or do you want me too?" "Ummm I will so I can put my make up on" "Ok" You grab some clothes (Whatever you want them to be) and go into the bathroom. You get dressed and start putting your make up on. Benji knocks on the door and says, "Lydia are you done getting dressed?" "Yes I am" He opens the door and walks in. "Hey Lydia you know what you said this morning?" "Yea why?" "I was wondering if we could do that now?" "Man you really are the playboy (More from the Music Video Collection DVD) but I guess so" Benji gets this big grin on his face and kisses you. You drop the eyeliner you were holding and wrap your arms around Benji's neck. He wraps his around you waist. He opens his mouth and once again begs for entrance. You open your mouth and allow him to explore. He pulls away and says, "You have a tongue ring?!?" "Yea" "Then how come I didn't feel it the other times?" "Because I didn't have it in" "O ok" "Yea now get back here" You pull him back to you and kiss him. He smiles through the kiss and then you hear a knock on the bedroom door. You pull apart and hear Billy yell "BENJI HAVE YOU SEEN MY AMP?" "YEA IT'S ON THE BUS ALREADY" "IT IS?" "YEAH" "WHERE?" "IN ONE OF THE LITTLE CUBBY THINGIES" "OK THANKS" "YEP" He looks back to you and rolls his eyes. You laugh and kiss him again. You pull apart and pick up the eyeliner. "Ahh you can't just leave me here wanting more" "O really? Watch me" "You're soo mean" You start putting you eyeliner on "I know" Benji comes over to you and wraps his arms around you. He puts his chin on your shoulder and you lean your head on his. "You're so cute" "You're cuter" "No you are" "Nu-uh you are" "Whatever Benji" "Ha I win!" You laugh and continue to put your make up on. Benji picks his head up and starts kissing your neck. "Benji quit! I'm trying to put my make up on." He stops, says, "I don't care" and continues to kiss your neck. You stop putting your make up on, tilt your head to the side, close your eyes and enjoy Benji kissing you. He starts kissing up you neck then to the back of your ear and when he hits this one certain spot your knees go weak and you almost fall over. He stops kissing your neck, smiles and says "I found it" "Found what?" "Your turn on spot" "Oh. Yea you did" He smiles and continues to kiss your neck. He kisses it for a little then he starts sucking on it. "Are you giving me a hickey?!?" He stops and looks at your neck "No, I gave you a hickey" You look at your neck in the mirror and yell "Benjamin!" "What?" "You gave me a freakin hickey!" "Yea so?" "Derek is coming over today" "So just cover it up with your hair or make up" "What if I forget and I move my hair and make up doesn't work very well" "Well then I guess you're screwed" "No you're the one that is going to be screwed" "O please?" "Not that way! You are going to have to explain it to everyone" "Fine, I will. I'll gladly tell everyone that I gave you that beautiful hickey" "Shut up Benji" "I should run into the living room right now and yell that I gave you a hickey" You turn around and point you finger at him "You will do no such thing!" "You wanna make a bet?" He starts moving towards the door. "Benji don't even think about it" He opens the door "Benji don't!" He takes a step out of the room. "Benji don't! Please! I will do anything" "Ok" He shuts the door. He wraps his arms around your waist again and you put your hands on his shoulders. "You are soo beautiful Lydia" You blush and say "Awww you're soo sweet" You lean in and kiss him. You pull apart and Benji says "OOOO I want some more of that" You laugh and kiss him again. You make out for a good 10 minutes. Then you hear a knock on the door and "Mommy what are you doing in there?!? You have been in there for 40 minutes" You pull apart and look at your watch "O my god we have. That's funny" You finish putting your make up on and walk out to the living room "What the hell were you guys doing in there?!?!?" "Well by the looks of it they were making out" "Why do you say that Brit?" "Because Lydia has a hickey" Your hand shoots up to your neck and covers the hickey. "OO busted!" "Benji you little asshole" You push him a little and he almost falls over. "So you really were?" You blush, look down, and say "No" "So our making out means nothing to you? Ahhh I'm soo offended" "I'm sorry Benji I didn't mean it" "Yea yea whatever" "Benji don't be mad" "I'm just so hurt that our making out means nothing to you" "It does, I was just kidding" "Whatever" "Don't whatever me, Benjahole" "Ha ha Benjahole I forgot that was you nickname" "Ha ha Benjahole. That's just as bad as Joely Moley" "Benjahole and Joely Moley that's great" "Hey how come they get nicknames and we don't?" "I have a nickname. It is Bald Chris mwahahahahaha" "Ok Billy you can be Lil' Billy" "And what about me?" "Paul you can be St. Paul" "Ok works for me" "So we have Joely Moley, Benjahole, Lil' Billy, Bald Chris and St. Paul?" "Yep" You get done saying this and then there was a knock on the door. You look at the clock and see that is exactly 2:00. "KIDS GET IN HERE, YOUR DAD'S HERE" "OK" They reluctantly walk in and sit on Benji's lap. You get up and answer the door. "Hey Lydia" "Hi Derek" You step aside and let him in "Everyone this is Derek, Derek this is Benji, Joel, Billy, Paul, Bald Chris, Chris and you already know Brit and Dee, And these" You take your kids off Benji's lap "Are your kids, Amie and Bennie" They put their heads down on your shoulders and Derek says "Hey guys" He tries to put his hand on their shoulders but they cry a little and cuddle up to you more. "O sorry" You go sit down and Derek follows. "Amie can you please say hi to your dad?" She picks her head up and whispers "Hi dad" "Hey baby. How are you?" She doesn't answer him "Amie don't be rude. Answer him" "I'm fine" "And how are you little man?" He whispers "Fine" "Well it looks like you guys are a couple of shy kids" "Only around their jackass dad that didn't want anything to do with them for 3 years" "Benji! Don't say that!" "Well it's true. This stupid mother fucker didn't even want to see these wonderful kids" "Benji!" "Well obviously I'm not wanted here. Lydia here's my number" He hands you a little card thingy "Call me when you don't have jackasses at your house" "O that's it" Benji stands up, gets in Derek's face and starts yelling at him. You stand up, put you kids on the couch and get between Benji and Derek "Benji quit!" "No I'm not going to quit. This mother fucker deserves to get his ass kicked." Derek walks to the door "Bye Lydia, bye kids" "Bye Derek" He walks out and is about to shut the door but opens it again and says "O yea Lydia nice hickey" He shuts the door and you say "Benji why the hell did you do that?" "Because that retard is a stupid jackass!" "But he is my kids' father so I think you need to treat him a little better! Don't be like me and Derek, set a GOOD example for my kids!" "I can't set a good example for your kids when there's a jackass in the room!" "Well the only jackass I see now is you!" You run to your room, slam the door and lock it. You sit on your bed and cry. You hear someone knock "Who is it?" "Brit and Dee can we come in?" "I guess" You get up and unlock the door, you go sit back down and say "Ok it's unlocked" Brit opens the door and comes in followed by Dee. "Lydia I am soo sorry" "Don't be. It's not your fault, it's that stupid jackass out there" They come sit by you "Lydia you don't mean that" "Yes I do. All that fucking asshole did when Derek was here is yell at him and talk shit. I got so fucking sick of it!" "Lydia I am way sorry. I didn't mean those things I said." "Bullshit Benji, you meant every fucking word of it" "You're right Lydia I did mean it but I was just mad because he hurt you and you're kids" "Whatever Benji, you don't give a shit about me or my kids" "God Lydia you are such a bitch! I DO care about you and I DO care about your kids and I said I was sorry" It was silent for a while then you heard a door slam shut "I hope that was him that just walked out that door." Brit looks at the clock and says "Lydia the guys are leaving in half an hour. So you can either fix up or stay in here and be a bitch. You decide" They walk out of the room and you lay down on the bed. You think about all the good things you have down with Benji. Him helping you get your tattoo and peircings, The feeling you got when you first held hands, your first kiss, him asking you to be his girlfriend (You look at your ring), making out a whole bunch of times, the list could go on and on. Then you thought about all the bad things that have happened with Benji, him yelling at Derek. Only one "LYDIA THE GUYS ARE LEAVING IN TEN MINUTES. SO IF YOU WANT TO SAY GOODBYE WE WILL BE OUTSIDE." You sit and think about Benji for a little, then you decide to go outside. You stand outside and watch everyone say their goodbyes. Benji gets done saying goodbye to your kids and looking at all of them makes you tear up because you are going to miss him playing with your kids. He notices you crying so he comes over to you. He wipes off the tear that was running down you cheek. He puts his index finger under you chin and raises your head up to his and kisses you "I'm going to miss you Lydia and I'm going to miss this" he leans down and kisses you again. "Benji I am so sorry for everything I said" He smiles and says "Shh Lydia its ok" He picks up your hand "See this ring?" You look down "Yea" "This ring symbolizes that even if we get in a fight, I will always love and care about you" "Awww Benji you're so sweet!" He kisses you again. You pull apart when you see a flash and hear applause. You look over at everyone else and see Chris with a camera. Everyone is clapping and saying things like "Yay they're back together!" and "Yay they aren't mad anymore" You laugh and look back to Benji. He kisses you again then you guys walk to the bus. You kiss Benji one last time and he gets on the bus. You wave to the bus as it drives away with tears streaming down your cheeks.
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