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Being Dorks and Photoshoot

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Ninth Chapter

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Splash! "Awww!" You jump out of bed as you get hit by freezing cold water. As you are dripping wet you look up at the person who threw the water on you. There stands Benji with a stupid grin on his face and a bucket in his hand. "O Benji you are going to fucking die!" "No I'm not" "Yes you are!" "No I'm not, you love me too much to kill me" "Who said I was going to kill you?" "Ok you love me too much to kill me or have someone kill me" "Are you sure about that?" "I was but I guess I'm not so sure now" You laugh then go over and give Benji a hug. "You know I could never do that" "Yea I know but can you let go of me because you're getting me wet" You let go of him and smile, "Just remember Benji, payback's a bitch" You walk past him and into your bathroom. You lock the door and get in the shower. You get out, grab a towel and walk out the door. Benji is sitting on the bed playing with something. You go over to him and see he is playing with the frame you threw and broke; he is piecing it back together. You sit down on the bed next to him (still in your towel) "Another result of seeing the picture?" You nod. Benji gets up and throws the glass and frame away. You watch him intently as he comes and sits back down. "Throwing that ripped the picture" He shows you the picture and you see that it is ripped right between you and Benji. You grab the two separate pieces of the picture from Benji. You look at the picture for a moment they it starts to get hazy as your eyes well up with tears. "I'm so sorry Benji" You look at him tears streaming down your face. He smiles at you and wipes away your tears "Lydia don't worry about it now. I have you with me and that is all I care about" You smile slightly and Benji gives you a kiss on the cheek. "I'm happy that I'm with you too," You smile, "but right now I have to get dressed" "Ok I will leave." He stands up and starts walking to the door. "Wait, Lydia?" "Hmm?" "I know you probably don't, but do you have any of my clothes here?" "Umm yea I do actually. Hold on, I'll get them" You go over to your closet and pull down a box from the top shelf. (Luckily your towel didn't fall off) You hand Benji the box then fix your towel so it stays up. "Thanks" "Yep" Benji walks out and you get some clothes. You pick a black McDonald's shirt, light blue jeans that have bleach spots on them, white socks with orange pumpkins on them, your wristbands and your blue and white tennis shoes. You put your stuff on and go into your bathroom. You blow-dry your hair and check yourself in the mirror "Wow not perfect but not that bad either" You walk out of your bathroom and to the living room. You walk over to the couch and sit down next to Benji. You put your head on his arm and watch t.v. He looks at you, smiles then puts his arm around your waist. You sit and watch t.v. for a while then your kids come running into the living room. "Mom, mom, mom!" "What? What? What?" "There's a spider in our bedroom" "So go kill it" "We can't" "Why not?" "Because it's a big scary spider!" You growl and say, "Ok show me the spider and I'll kill it" They grab your hands and take you to their room. "Ok now where is this "big" spider?" "Over there, by the dresser" You go over to the dresser leaving the scared kids right where they are. You look down in the corner of the dresser and there is this little itty-bitty daddy long legged spider. You put your hand next to it and it climbs on your hand. You walk over to your kids and show them the spider "See kids, it isn't a scary spider" Amie looks at the spider then cuddles behind he brother "Yea it is" You sigh then say, "Ok well I'm not going to kill the spider so lets go take it outside" "Ok" You go to the front door and let the spider outside. The kids go back into their room and you sit down next to Benji. He looks at you and says, "So what kind of spider was it?" "It was just a little daddy long legged" "O I see" "Yea" "Hey Benji" "Yea Dee?" "Where's Joel?" "He is at a photo shoot right now I think" "Either that or he is off having crazy hot sex with some pop star girl" "Shut the fuck up Lydia" You just laugh. Dee skips of to the kitchen and Benji says, "He should back soon" Dee pokes her head out the kitchen doorway and says, "Kewl" "Lydia?" "Hmmm?" "After Joel is done with his photo shoot I have to go take some fabulous pictures," You laugh slightly "Soooo.... I was wondering" He pauses. "You were wondering what?" "I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and take some pictures with me" "Ohh ummm Benji I don't know" "Please please please" "Well look at my arms and legs. They look bad and I don't want anything to look bad in your fabulous pictures" "Well you can just wear long sleeves or arm warmers or something and wear pants. No one will be able to see" He pauses and looks at you. "So please will you come with me" He gives you his puppy dogface that you love and can't resist. You sigh and say, "Fine I'll go" "Yes!!!" "Hey Bitch!" "What Whore?" "Will you watch my kids while I go to the photo shoot with Benji?" "Ugg I guess" "Thank you" "Yea whatever. You're just lucky I love your kids" "Well what about me?" "Ummm... Nope I just love your kids" "Fine I was going to say Joel could come over and watch them with you but since you don't love me and this is my house" "Ok ok ok I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! I love you Lydia!" "O I don't know" She comes running into the living room, sits on your lap, puts her arms around your neck and says, "I'M SORRY LYDIA! I LOVE YOU!" "Ok ok ok I love you too. Get off!" You push her off you lap and she lands on the floor. She sits up cross-legged and says, "So Joel can come over?" "I guess" "Yay!!!" She jumps up and goes back into the kitchen "I swear Lydia. You have the weirdest friends ever" "I know but life would be extremely boring if they were normal" "Yea I guess you're right. I mean I don't think I could survive if the guys weren't weird" "Yea and they are defiantly weird" "That's for sure" You smile at Benji and right as you put your head on his lap someone knocks on the door. You growl and sit up. After stretching you stand up just to see Dee come running into the living room screaming "I'll get it" You plop back down on the couch and put your head on Benji's lap again. Dee opens the door and says, "Hey baby" "Hey Dee" Joel walks in then Dee grabs his hand and drags him into the kitchen. "Hey so Lydia do you want to go now" "Hold on let me go get changed" You get up and try to walk away but Benji has a hold of your belt loop. He pulls you back down and makes you sit on his lap. "Benji I have to go change" "I know" "So can I please get up?" "No" "Why not?" "This is why" He puts his right hand on your cheek and kisses you longingly. You put your hands gently on the back of his neck, which sends chills down Benji back. Benji slowly moves his hand from your cheek to your back. He slowly lays you down on the couch and you continue to kiss him. You break apart when you feel an extra weight on top of you two. "Joel you fat ass get off" "Sorry Benj but nope" "Joel if you don't get off I'm going to knock both you and Benji off" "No you won't" "Yes I will. Dee move the table that way," You point and Dee moves the table. You put your hands on Benji's chest and push as hard as you can. Joel and Benji go flying through the air and land on the ground, hard. (You're not an extremely strong girl but you put a lot of other girls to shame.) You laugh, get up and run to your bedroom. You turn around and see Benji and Joel running towards you. You quickly shut and lock your door. You hear one of them knock on the door "Lydia open the door" You recognize it as Benji "No if I open you guys are going to attack me" "So?" "I don't want to get attacked" You move away from the door and go to your closet. You decide that you are going to change your clothes into something cuter (And when I say change I mean CHANGE like all of it). So you pull out a black v-neck shirt with a collar and strings on the sides. Then some tight dark blue pants. Then you grab some socks that have Eeyore on them and they say, "Acting happy is exhausting" You grab your skater shoes, put them on and go into the bathroom. You grab your black lacy arm-warmers from the sink counter and put them on. You don't bother to put make up on because you figure that they will put some on for you. You just put your hair in a simple ponytail. You go over to the door and unlock it. You slowly open it to see where everyone is. Dee, Joel, and Benji are all sitting on the couch and your kids are sitting on the floor by the table and all of them are just watching t.v. You walk over to the couch and lay across Dee, Joel and Benji. They all grunt and moan. "Lydia you're too fat. Get off!" "Hey don't call my girlfriend fat" Benji pulls you up and pulls your legs over so you are just sitting on his lap. "So I see you're ready?" "Mmmhmm" "So let's go" You cuddle up to him and say, "I don't want to. I'm comfy now" "O come on Lydia" "Fine" You get off his lap and go over to your kids. "Kids give me a hug and kiss" "Why? Where are you going?" "I'm going to go take some pictures with Benji" "Ok" They both stand up and hug you. You kiss both of them on the head and say, "I love you guys soo much" "Love you too mommy" You kiss and hug them both again. Then you stand up and walk to Benji. "Ok we're leaving. Amie, Bennie be good for Dee and Joel. Dee, Joel, actually watch my kids. No making out ok?" "Lydia, I'm not a slut like you. I won't be making out" "O Dee that was harsh" She smiles and says, "I know" "Bye Guys" "Bye" You walk out the door, down the steps and get in Benji's car "Thank you for coming with me" You look at Benji and he's go his cute smile plastered on his face (I absolutely love his smile) You laugh and say, "No problem" Benji pulls out of your driveway and drives off to the photo shoot. The ride was mainly quite besides the radio and yours and Benji's small conversations. When you get to the photo shoot you are kind of nervous and your stomach is in knots. "Benji are you sure you want me in your pictures with you?" "Of course I am. Why?" "Because I just look like crap. I have for a couple days now" He comes over to you and puts his hands on your hips. You put your hands on his arms and look at him. "Babe you look great. Even if you were in big sweats and had make up running down your face you would still look beautiful" You smile at then kiss him. "Thanks Benji." You put your head on his chest and say, "You are the best boyfriend ever. I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't been by my side the whole time that Derek was here. And I know I was a bitch and should've realized that you were just trying to help. So thank you" You look up at him "And I love you" He smiles then kisses your nose, "I love you too and you're welcome" You smile then kiss him. He grabs your hand and takes you into the building. You walk into this room and it is just full of backdrops, cameras, equipment, props and of course people. Everywhere there were people running around, trying to get stuff organized and it was just so crowded. A really tall guy comes up to you and Benji and says, "Benji I'm glad you could make it. I was worried. I didn't think you were coming for minute there. Awww and this must be your girlfriend. Hi I'm Butch Carlton." He sticks out his hand and you take it, "Hi I'm Lydia" "O I know. I've worked with Benji on a couple of other things and you're all he ever talks about." "Really?" "Yea" You look at Benji and see that his face is all red. You smile and squeeze his hand. He looks at you and smiles. "Then plus I've seen you in magazines for your band" "O yea" "Ok. I think what we're going to do, Benji, is take a couple pictures of you then a couple pictures of you and Lydia" "Ok" "And I really think we need get some pictures of just Lydia because you are in a band and you are really gorgeous." "Ha! I told you!" "You really think so?" "Yea I really do. And it is good that you are in a band because you can't let a pretty face like that go to waste" "O well thanks" "Yep. K Benji I want you sitting in this chair putting your fists out showing off your MADE MAN" "Ok" He starts to go over to where he was told when he gets tackled by someone. Benji looks up at the person who attacked him and yells "Tony get the fuck off me!!" Tony gets up and then helps Benji up. You're just kinda standing off to the side giggling. "O yea Tony this is my girlfriend Lydia, Lydia this is the incredibly rude jackass Tony" "O that's not a very good way to treat your friends Benji" "I've been telling him that for years now and has he listened to me? No." "O shut up Tony" Benji goes and sits down where he was told and you and Tony stand behind the camera so you guys can watch. He takes that picture and they try to figure out some more posses so you lean up to Tony and whisper, "Hey Tony do you want to help me drench Benji?" "O yea!" Both of you go to the sink after finding a bucket. You fill it up with water and then go over to where Benji is just standing around. You both take the bucket and dump it on Benji's head. He screams then spins around. "That's getting you back for this morning" He smiles then says, "Ok so we're even now. Truce?" "Truce" You two shake hands then this girl comes up behind you and says, "Are you Lydia?" "Yea" "Ok I need you to come into this room with me so we can get you some makeup, clothes and get your hair done" "Ok" You follow her into the room and sit down in the chair that she told you to sit in. She looks at you and says "Ok I think I'm just going to do some eyeliner and mascara and probably some black or gray eye shadow. Sound good to you?" "Sounds great" "O and with your hair I think I will just straighten it because you have such beautiful hair." "O thank you" "And your clothes.... I'll decide that later" You laugh and say, "Ok" So she does your make up and hair then she spins you around and you look into the mirror. "Wow I look really good" You laugh and she says, "Well I did my best but you looked really good just to begin with so I really didn't have to do much" "Well thanks" "Yep no problem. Ok and now for clothes" She goes over to a closet and picks out some black bondage pants with a lot of zippers and straps on them. Then she chooses a black tight shirt that says, "Silence is golden but duct tape is silver" on it. She also grabs a belt that is white and has skulls and crossbones on it. She hands you your clothes and shows you where you can go to change. You go and get changed then walk out. You spin around for her and she says, "You look awesome" "Thanks" "Mmmhmm" You walk out of the room and see Benji with a new shirt, new pants and his hair stuck up with more gel waiting for you by one of the backdrops. It's a black backdrop that says "True Love" on it on the very top. You start walking over to Benji and he notices you and just grins. "Hey baby" "Hey doll. Wow you look really good. The outfit looks the one I picked out when you told me to for school." You smile and say, "Thanks. It does doesn't it" "Mmmhmm" He pulls you into a hug then kisses you. "Wow what was that for?" "Do I need a reason to kiss my girlfriend?" "No I guess not" "Alright then" You laugh then look up at the backdrop "So they think we have true love?" Benji looks at you shocked and you just laugh and say, "I'm kidding!" "You damn well better be" "I am. I swear I am" Butch comes over to you guys and says, "Ok I don't think I want to do this backdrop first. I think I want to do this one" He takes you over to a backdrop that is red and says "Benji and his riot girl" on it. "So I take it you guys knew that I was coming?" "Yea we had a hunch. Because I've learned that no one can say no to Benji" "Yea I know" You nudge Benji and he smiles. "Well at least I don't ask for much" "Yea that's true" "Ok I really don't know what I want to do for this picture so you guys can just improvise" "Ok I think I know what I want to do. Benji come here" Benji walks over to you and you grab both of his hands and put them on your back "Ok now link your fingers" He links his fingers and you put your head on his chest and you hands right below your head on his chest. You look at the camera and Benji does the same. Butch takes the picture then says; "Ok now just change your posses a little or one person change or something" Benji removes one of his hands and points at the camera. You lower your hand that is closest to the camera and hook it on one of Benji's belt loop. Butch takes that pictures then says, "Ok great!" He takes a couple more and then you guys go over to the other backdrop, the one that says, "True Love" Butch says, "Ok I think-" "Hey I have an idea for this pic. Can we do that one first then yours?" "Yea sure" "So what's your idea?" "I'll show you" You guys stand by the backdrop and Benji turns you around so your back is too him. He puts his hands around your waist and you know exactly what pose he wants to do. You put your hands on his and look up at him. He looks down at you and smiles. You smile back and Butch says, "So that is the pose?" Both of you say, "Mmmhmm" "Ok" He takes the picture then he tells you his pose. "Ok I think I want you, Benji, to hold on to Lydia's waist and Lydia I want you to put your hands on his shoulders and I will count to three and when I get to three I want you, Lydia, to jump up and I want you guys to just look at each other and smile" "Ok" Butch goes back behind the camera and says "Ok 1.... 2.... 3" You jump up and Benji holds you up for a little. Butch takes the picture and you hit the ground. You laugh slightly then say, "I want to see the picture" Butch pulls up that picture you guys just took on one of the computers they have and the picture is awesome. "Awww I love it! I want it in poster size for my room!" "That is a really great picture" "Wow don't sound so excited about it" "Were you being sarcastic?" "Yea." "Why?" "Because you didn't sound that excited. You were like 'That is a really great picture'" You say that in a mocking voice sort of way "It sounded like you didn't like it" "Well I do like. Ok is this better. 'O my gosh such a great picture!'" He said that in this really girly tone. "No because now you sound like a freakin cheerleader" "Well I'm sorry I can't sound as ecstatic as you" "It's ok I still love you" You put you hands on his chest and he wraps his around your waist then you kiss him. "I love you" "I love you too" You both smile then kiss again. Then you hear gagging noises and see Tony making the gagging motion (You know the one that goes along with the gagging sounds. I really didn't know how to explain it better) "O shut up Tony you're just jealous" "You know what Lydia I really am! You guys are like the perfect couple. I'm extremely jealous" "How would you know that we're the perfect couple? You've only seen us together once." "That's true but I have seen pictures and I wouldn't have thought that you guys would've gotten back together after the picture on MTV. But somehow you guys managed it. I really want that" "Well you should have seen us before we made up. It was bad" "Yea I stopped by her house and she was just yelling at me. I thought she was like going to strangle me or something" "Ugh" You hit Benji "How could you even think that? I would never do anything like that." "I know but you thought I was dating Lindsay Lohan" "So... I never thought you would strangle me or anything like that." "Ok so I guess that was kinda mean" "Yea it was" "Ok Lydia now I want to take a couple pictures of you" "Ok. Where do you want me?" "I want you right here baby. Uhh!" "Tony!" Benji goes over and hits Tony on the back of the head. "Tony, don't talk to my girlfriend like that!" "Ok fine I'm sorry" "Lydia I want you to sit right here in this chair and I'm going to be above you and I just want you to look into the camera." "Ok can do." You go sit down where he told you and look up and take the picture. You take a couple more pictures and when you're done you go into the room to change and the girl says that you can just keep those clothes so you say thank you and grab your other clothes. You walk out of that room and out too where Benji and Tony are talking. You go over to Benji and put your arm (the one that doesn't have all your clothes in it) around his back. Benji and Tony finish their conversation and Tony looks from you to Benji and back to you. "See that's what I want" He thrusts his hands out towards you and Benji. "I'm sorry Tony. If I had a friend that didn't already have a boyfriend I would hook you up all the way" "Soo all of your friends have boyfriends?" "Yea all my close ones do anyway. Brit's got Colton, Dee's got Joel and Allison's got Billy. Sorry Tony but you are shit out of luck" "Damn" "To make up for it do you want to come to my house and maybe watch some movies or something?" "Umm yea that sounds like fun." "Kewl" So the three of you get in Benji's car and drive home. You walk into your house and see Dee, Joel, Allison, Billy and some chick you don't know sitting in your living room. You let Tony and Benji in then say, "Everyone this is Tony, Tony this is Dee and Allison and I know you know Joel and Billy and this is?" "O sorry I'm Annalise, I'm Dee's friend" "Ok kewl and I guess Annalise" "Hey" You look at Tony and he just has this BIG grin on his face so you decide to talk to Annalise to see if she has a boyfriend. "Hey Annalise can I talk to you for a second?" "Umm yea sure" "Kewl" You walk into your bedroom and she follows. When she goes into your room you shut the door. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Umm no I don't why?" "OOO that's so great!" "Why is it great? What the hell is going on?" "Tony was complaining because he doesn't have a girlfriend and then I just saw him in there looking at you with this BIG grin on his face" "Tony was looking at me????" "Yea he was" "AWWWW I've had the biggest crush on him ever since Mest came out. I think he is soo hot" "Ok I'll hook you up" "You'd do that?" "Of course" You two walk out of the bedroom and you go over and sit next to Benji. "Guess what" "What?" "Annalise likes Tony and she doesn't have a boyfriend" "OOO that's awesome because Tony thinks she's hot" "Kewl" You go to look at Tony and Annalise but both of them get up and Annalise says, "Umm guys me and Tony are going to go for a walk. So yea see ya later" "Ok see ya" They walk out and you say, "I was going to try and hook them up but I guess they did it themselves" "Awesome now Tony can stop being so down in the dumps" So the rest of the day was just you guys kinda lounging around. Then you finally decide to go to bed at like 12:30. So you and Benji go into your room and Benji strips down to his boxers and you go and change into a small black tank top that says "Naughty" across the top and then some small black shorts that say, "But nice" on the butt. Needless to say they came as a set. "OOO love the outfit" "Yea it's cute huh?" "Mmmhmm" You two climb into bed and Benji wraps his arms around you. "I've missed this soo much" "I have too. You make me feel safe. Nothing can happen to me when I'm in your arms" It was silent for a little then Benji says, "I love you soo much Lydia. There is nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for you" "I love you too Benji." And with that both of you were asleep.
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