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She walks down the steps of her new house that she and her boyfriend bought. She walks into the kitchen and looks at her boyfriend of two years now. She laughs slightly as she looks at her boyfriend. He is just wearing boxers that are blue and have rubber duckies on them. He is eating Count Chocula cereal and reading a Spiderman comic. She goes over to her boyfriend and puts her arms around his neck. He finishes chewing his food and says, "Morning baby" "Morning" She sits down on a chair next to her boyfriend and just watches him eat. Her boyfriend looks at her and says, "What?" The girl smiles and says, "Nothing" The boy gives the girl a weird look but says, "Ok... Oh" All of a sudden the boy jumps up and runs upstairs. The boy comes running down the stairs fast. He walks into the kitchen with a smile spread across his face and something behind his back. He goes up to the girl and says, "Close your eyes" "Why?" "Because I asked you too" "Well actually you really didn't ask me. You told me" "Just do it please..." "Ok" The girl closes her eyes and the boy says, "Ok now put out your hands" The girl does as she is told. The boy places something in her hands. "Ok open your eyes" The girl opens her eyes and in her hands is a small stuffed teddy bear with a small box of chocolates in its paws "Ohh honey thank you!" The boy smiles and kisses the top of the girl's head "Happy birthday sweetie" "Awww this teddy bear is soo adorable. And I have been craving chocolate for so long. Thank you so much" "Well it is your 18th birthday. So I had to get you something" "Thank you so much. I just love both of them" "I thought you would" The boy sits back down just as there was a knock on the door. The girl gets up and answers the door. When she answers it she was bomb-barded with gifts, and balloons, and "Hello's and "Happy birthday's. All of the girl's friends go into the house then everyone except the girl's boyfriend go into the front room. Then the girl starts opening her presents and when she finishes opening the second gift her boyfriend (now fully clothed) and her two lovely kids come into the room. The girl's kids go up to their mom and hand her her present from them. It's a dead bouquet of dandelions and weeds. "These are for you mommy!" The kids hand the flowers to their mom and give her a hug. "Happy Birthday Mommy" "Thanks guys I love them" "We thought you would" "I do" The girl gets up and spreads the weed and dandelions on the entertainment center. "They look so perty!" "They do" The girl sits back down and continues to open her presents. When the girl gets done opening her presents one of her friends stands up and says, "Ok. Now as an addition to all these presents we are going to take you too -insert theme park name here-" "Really?" "Yep so go get dressed and then we'll go" "Ok!" The girl jumps up and runs upstairs. She changes into a pink shirt that has the "Double Bubble" logo on it and some pants that have fun pockets and pink stitching on them. She goes into her bathroom, runs a brush through her hair then puts it into pigtails. She pulls out her make up and puts on light pink eye shadow, black eyeliner, and black mascara. She grabs some socks then runs downstairs. She walks into the front room, sits down and puts her socks on. She runs to the front door and slips her shoes on. She goes to where everyone is standing and says, "Ok lets go" Just as she got done saying that her boyfriend walks into the room and says, "Honey I'm not feeling to well so I'm just going to stay here" "O are you sure?" "Yea but you should still go" "Ok" "And have extra fun for me k?" The girl laughs slightly "Ok I will" The boy gives the girl a kiss then says, "I love you" "I love you too" "Happy Birthday Sweetie" "Thanks" The boy starts heading upstairs and the girl and her friends walk outside but little did the girl know that her house was going to be a mad house until she got home. Everyone piled into the cars and drove to -insert same theme park name here-. When everyone got to _______ they all tried to decide where to go. Finally they decided to go on the roller coaster. One of the girl's friends goes up to her and pats her on the back. "Are you having fun?" She was hesitant; "Yea" "You want your lover to be here huh?" "Yea" "I'm sorry he doesn't feel well" "Its not your fault. He probably ate something that didn't agree with his stomach" "Yea probably" "But I don't care... Well I do but I'm still going to have fun. I'm not going to let that bring me down" "That's the spirit" "I'll race ya to the roller coaster" "O you are on" The girl and her friend raced to the roller coaster. There was no winner; it ended up being a tie. When they got there they waited for everyone else to get there. When everyone got there they got in line and waited to get on the ride. They didn't have to wait very long because it was a slow day and not many people where there. When the ride was over everyone got off and everyone agreed it was a great ride. So great in fact that they rode it five more times. After everyone was sick of the roller coaster they decided to play some games. The first game the girls' son won. Then the next one the girl herself won. They played a couple more games and rode the rest of the rides they wanted to ride then they decided to leave. When they got to the girl's house one of her friends said "We're going to take your kids with us ok?" "Uhh ok" The girl said goodbye to her kids then walked to her door. When she was there she turned around and waved goodbye to everyone. She turned back around and opened her door. When she did she saw that the lights were dimmed and there were rose pedals on the floor from the entranceway leading to the kitchen. She followed them then she noticed that it wasn't just rose pedals on the ground. There was something else there. The girl bent down and picked it up. It was a small velvet box. She opened it and it was some diamond earrings. She gasped and walked some more. The girl took just a few more steps then there was another box. She picked it up and opened it. Inside was a diamond bracelet. Another few steps later there was another box. Inside this one there was a diamond necklace. When she got to the entrance of the kitchen there was a sheet over it and hanging in front of the sheet was a gorgeous black dress with a note on the front of it. The note said, "Put all of your gifts on then come back down" The girl takes her dress and runs upstairs. She changes and puts her jewelry on. She comes back downstairs and now the sheet is gone. In the kitchen is her wonderful boyfriend in a tuxedo standing next to a table with candles on it and two plates of spaghetti. "You did all of this?" "Of course I did. I had to. It's your 18th birthday" "Oh honey. You are too perfect." The boy just grins. He walks over to her chair and pulls it out for her. The girl goes and sits down and the boy takes the seat next to her. They eat and chat for a little and when both people are done the boy digs in his pocket for something. He stands up and goes over to the girl. He gets down on one knee and the girl gasps. "We have been together for two years now and I love you with all my heart and soul. I want to be with you forever so I'm asking, Will you be with me forever and become my wife?" "Oh my god. Of course" The girl starts crying and the boy puts the ring on her finger. They both stand up and embrace each other. The girl whispers in the boy's ear, "This is the best birthday present ever" "I love you Lydia." "I love you too Benji" They pull apart and make out for a good 5 minutes. Then they decide to go upstairs and make little Maddens. Later that year Lydia and Benji were married and they were expecting 2 more kids in 5 months. She did get pregnant on her birthday (January 7th). After they got married Benji adopted Amy and Bennie. They decided to name their other twins Krystal and Daniel. They all lived happily ever after until Lydia died at 95 and Benji died the next day. Probably of heartbreak.
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