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The Awakening

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During the summer following his fifth year at Hogwarts Harry is attacked by Death Eaters. During the attack Harry's true power, which had been bound by Dumbledore is awakened. He struggles to contr...

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The Rise of the Dragon
By: SapphireRaven

Rating: M-violence and possible language.

Disclaimer: Don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters. No money being made.

Distribution: Ask first please.

Spoilers: Don't think there will be any. Takes place after book 5, but doesn't mention much of what happened in the first 5 books.

Feedback: Wouldn't mind getting reviews and hearing what you think of this story.

Pairing: The trilogy is Harry/Hermione.

Beta: Don't have one, but wouldn't mind having someone who knows what they're doing to check it for any grammar mistakes and for pre-upload input.

Author's Note: This story was inspired from X-Men: The Last Stand. The entire thing with Jean Grey's power being so intense and limitless that she can't control it, it controls her. This is going to be an extremely powerful Harry, but there will be plenty of character flaws. It isn't a powerful benevolent Harry. It's powerful unstable Harry. It's a Harry/Hermione Pairing.

Summary: During the summer following his fifth year at Hogwarts Harry is attacked by Death Eaters. During the attack Harry's true power, which had been bound by Dumbledore is awakened. He struggles to control it while dealing with the Ministry trying to capture him and stopping Voldemort's Plans. During all this Hermione struggles with dealing the price of remaining loyal to Harry when everyone else thinks he's gone evil while growing closer to Harry.

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Harry groaned as he sat down staring at his Aunt's garden. Nodding in approval at the work he'd done on it he laid back on the ground and stretched out letting the sun shine down on him.

He was startled out of his rest by several rapid cracks near the road. He jumped to his feet and spun around, his wand flying into his hand, and froze momentarily as the 7 death eaters walked towards him. It wasn't the fact that they were death eaters that made him freeze; it was the only unmasked death eater in the front who smiled widely at him.

"Bellatrix" Harry spat out firing a reductor curse at her and ignoring the other 6 who rushed past him.

"Aww Harry! You're happy to see me! Such a warm reception." Bella spoke out in a baby tone while she tossed up a shield to block the curse.

"Bugger off you psycho." Harry growled while he fired several curses and rushed towards her.

"Language Harry." Bellatrix snapped in a scolding tone while she fired a crucio at him.

Harry was hit in the leg by the curse and screamed as his body convulsed. His wand dropped to the ground as his body crumbled. Bellatrix watched for a few seconds before she lifted the curse.

"Shall we continue our lesson from our last encounter love?" Bellatrix asked with a coy smile as she twirled her wand.

"Fuck you!" Harry spat as he reached for his wand.

Bellatrix snarled and cast a reductor at the wand before Harry was able to grab it. She smiled as he flinched at its destruction and turned a glare on her.

"Naughty baby potter. You shouldn't talk to Aunty Bella that way." She scolded with a babying tone.

Harry looked as if he was about to retort, but was cut off by a scream from inside the house and the sound of several explosions. He turned quickly and his eyes widened as he saw several green flashes amidst burning furniture. He growled as the death eaters filed out of the burning house laughing and mimicking the last actions of his Aunt and Uncle. He launched himself up at a surprised Bellatrix and tackled her to the ground. He bit into her shoulder as he tried to grab her wand.

She screamed in pain and frustration before she withdrew a dagger and drove it into Harry's shoulder. He yelled out and fell back gripping his shoulder as Bellatrix stood with the bloody dagger in one hand and her wand in the other. She had a mad look on her face and her eyes were wide and bloodshot. She pointed her wand at him and muttered 'crucio' and watched him writhe on the ground.

She cackled madly as she watched Harry twitch. She walked up as she held the curse and kicked him several times. As he was writhing she slammed her right foot onto his wounded shoulder and drove her heel into the wound. She grinned as he began to foam at the mouth. She lifted her foot up and prepared to slam it down again, but was thrown violently from Harry by a violet colored wave of magic. She landed roughly several feet away and quickly got to her feet and gasped at what she saw.

Harry stood in front of her with a dark look on his face. His clothes were waving slightly in a nonexistent wind but quickly moved more violently when a black aura erupted around Harry and swirled around him like a twister. His emerald eyes darkened and shifted from green to a dark amethyst. Small stones and loose grass in the yards surrounding No. 4 Privet Drive lifted several meters in the air wobbling slightly as dirt picked up to form small clouds near the ground.

Bella quickly cast another crucio at Harry only to gasp as he waved it aside as if it were nothing. She quickly found herself bound and lifted several feet off the ground staring at a menacing looking Harry.

"Naughty Aunty Bella. You shouldn't poke the beast. It might bite." Harry mocked in the same baby tone she had used.

The other 6 death eaters looked on in shock as Harry waved his left hand and Bellatrix's robes ignited and quickly burned away leaving her bared and burned. They cringed at her screams as the fire quickly burnt her robes away. Then they froze as Harry grinned in a way similar to Bellatrix at her maddest, and with a casual flick of his right wrist, Bellatrix's skin was ripped from her body. Her screams filled the air again as her skin fell to the ground near her.

Harry laughed as he looked at the screaming woman. Her muscles twitched from the pain as the flesh that hung from parts of her body flapped around with the twitching of the muscles and blood flowed down into a pool below her hovering body. Harry closed his eyes and listened to the screams of the woman with a grin.

He was pulled out of his listening by the other 6 death eaters casting spells at him. He growled as the spells reached 3 meters away from him and vanished into rippling air. Harry summoned more power and his black spinning aura grew as larger stones and potted plants lifted into the air and cracked as he bound the other 6 death eaters and lifted them off the ground. With a quick flick of his wrist he skinned them as well and let them fall to the ground screaming. He grinned at Bella and tossed her over with the other skinned death eaters as he looked up at the gathering storm clouds and let more of his power flow.

Albus Dumbledore sighed as he sat behind his desk at Hogwarts. He had just had a frustrating meeting with Cornelius Fudge and was ready to just hex the man into a goo.

He glanced at his phoenix and was startled to find it looked very agitated. He sat up straighter and turned to better face his phoenix.

"What has you agitated Fawkes?" Albus asked as he stood and moved towards the bird.

Before the bird could react one of Albus' instruments blew up drawing a gasp from him as he turned to it quickly. He paled when he saw which one it was and quickly fled his office. He Rushed past several surprised teachers and flew over the grounds. Once he was beyond the gates he apparated to No. 4 Privet Drive fearing what he'd find.

He arrived to feel himself pushed down by a dense concentration of magical energy. He looked around in surprise at several muggle automobiles floating off the ground, some dented or pulled apart in many pieces, as well as lawn furniture and lawn ornaments floating into the air. He was also assaulted by a violent storm that rained down a flood of water and car sized bolts of lightning around all of surrey as the wind whipped around violently. He looked to No. 4 and paled. He rushed forward and found 7 bodies that made him glad he had already been to war. He was saddened to see No. 4 burned to the ground and as he moved closer to inspect the grounds he was startled by a voice.

"Finally decided to show up Headmaster? I'm honored, but I've already taken care of those petty terrorists and my relatives were nothing but scum so all is well." Harry said as he stepped into the yard from the street.

Dumbledore whipped around and paled as he saw Harry surrounded by the large black mist-like aura and felt his signature marking the heavy magical pressure that filled the air. He lifted his wand and silently cast a few compulsion charms while he pushed into Harry's mind with his legilimency in order to weaken Harry's mind as he began to speak.

"Harry, you need to calm down. This power of yours is at a level I've never seen before. You don't have the ability to control it. You need to come to Hogwarts so I can help you." Albus said as he moved forward.

Harry frowned as he felt the attacking magic trying to affect his mind. He waved his hand and caused Albus' attack to stop and threw him back several meters.

"From what I've seen I have no problem controlling this power. You seem to have no confidence in me Headmaster, that hurts." Harry said as he glared at the old man.

"You don't have control over this Harry. It's controlling you. The Harry I've grown to know over the years never would have never done what you did to those people, death eater or not. This power is controlling you Harry. I need to bind it again so that you can be properly trained to control it."Albus said as he continued to cast compulsion charms and attack with legilimency.

Harry growled and banished the Headmaster back into a light pole and started pushing him up it.

"Again? You've bound my magic before! If I had this Cedric wouldn't have died in the graveyard! Sirius wouldn't have fallen through the veil! Hermione and the others wouldn't have been hurt in the Department of Mysteries! Why did you bind my power?" Harry shouted in anger as he drove the Headmaster to the top of the light pole. The force pushing the headmaster into the pole caused several cracks to be heard as his ribs were cracked or broken.

"Because Harry, this power is too much for you to control right now. You have to be older. It wasn't suppose to awaken until your seventeenth birthday! An attack during your childhood woke it early and it was too much for you to handle. You became violent and cold just as you are now. You must let me help you control this!" Albus yelled through the pain.

Harry growled in anger as the black aura around him grew denser. His hair shifted from black to an amethyst color matching his eyes as he glared at the Headmaster. He swung his right arm up and pushed his magic at Albus igniting his robes. Albus quickly put the fire out with his own magic and focused the rest into a shield around him that blocked Harry's magic from setting him on fire.

Harry growled in frustration as his attempts were stopped. He let loose more power and the ground shook as the storm intensified. Three houses around Harry were ripped from their foundation and lifted several feet into the air and began to slowly spin as the street cracked. Harry upped his effort to get through the Headmaster's barrier as several cracks sounded around him and two dozen Aurors arrived on the scene. They split up into three groups of eight surrounding Harry on his right, left, and behind. He ignored them for the moment as he focused on the Headmaster.

Albus saw the Aurors begin to attack and yelled at them to stop, but his calls were drowned out in the storm. He watched helplessly as the Auror's cast several spells that only vanished as they got within three meters of Harry. The air rippled around him as his magic protected him. The Aurors continued to fire spells trying to get through to Harry without much success.

Harry growled as he grew annoyed with the Aurors and his aura grew denser and formed into a serpentine dragon that wound its way around him with its head a meter above his own. It was made up of a black mist that had black flames flowing on the inside and black lightning crackling around its body. He watched in surprise as his magic started pulling a nearby floating car apart atom by atom. He focused on that aspect of his magic and the information flooded into his mind as his magic reacted to his desire to learn what was happening. He grinned as he realized he could vanish the cohesion of objects and pull them apart at an atomic level. He turned back to the Headmaster and focused on that ability and grinned as the Headmaster's left sleeve broke apart into tiny pieces that blew away in the wind. He focused on the bare arm and grinned madly as the skin began breaking apart followed by the muscle and bones. In less than a minute Albus' left arm was blown away into the wind as nothing but tiny groups of atoms. He let Albus fall to the ground with a crunch as he turned towards the Aurors to his right and smiled as they backed up in fear.

Harry gathered his magic into a black sphere and launched it at them. It crashed into the middle of the group of eight and blew a shock wave out that flung the Aurors away violently. Several crashed into floating cars with sickening crunches while others crashed through houses. He grinned and turned to those at his left and lifted his arm. A bolt of lightning trailed across the sky and slammed into the group frying several while blowing the others away with severe burns.

Dumbledore looked on with sadness as Harry destroyed the Aurors. He looked at his left side and groaned. Quickly looking back at Harry he made a silent promise that he would find a way to help Harry control himself.

Harry grinned and spread his arms out. He spun around quickly and began picking up speed. The air flowed with him as he focused his magic to his arms. As he made a pass at the shocked Aurors behind him he let his magic go. It formed a large black spinning chakram that rushed at the remaining eight. Before they could react the chakram hit them and ripped them apart. Harry laughed as he looked at their fallen bodies.

"You should have taken the hint when your spells didn't get to me. I'm above the level of simple Aurors. You should have run." Harry said in a condescending tone.

Harry turned quickly and glared at the old man. He made eye contact and violently assaulted the Headmaster's mind with legilimency. He began rapidly flashing through the memories in the old man's head.

Dumbledore groaned as his mind was assaulted. He could tell Harry was searching for something, but the pace Harry was going was too fast for him to follow. The memories being pulled up were a blur as he struggled to stop the attack. Just as he felt his mind was going to break apart the attack stopped. He slumped to the ground and watched through blurry eyes as the wind picked up around Harry and lifted him off the ground. He watched in surprise as Harry flew off rapidly into the distance using nothing but his magic and the wind. With the last of his strength he activated a portkey and vanished from the chaos of Privet Drive as everything that had been floating in the air came crashing down.
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