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Secrets Revealed

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During the summer following his fifth year at Hogwarts Harry is attacked by Death Eaters. During the attack Harry's true power, which had been bound by Dumbledore is awakened. He struggles to contr...

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Chapter 2: Secrets Revealed

Albus Dumbledore groaned as he awoke. He felt as though he'd lost a fist fight with Hagrid. He heard gasps and quiet talking around him accompanied by the sound of feet rushing away from him. He opened his tired eyes to several blurry figures and struggled to sit up, but was stopped by a strong hand pushing him back. Before he could respond his glasses were placed on his face and the blurry figures became clear. He smiled as he looked at the worried faces of Poppy Pomfrey, Minerva McGonagall, Arthur Weasley, and Remus Lupin.

"Hello my friends. If I'm correct I'm in St. Mungo's am I not?" Albus asked rather jovially.

"Albus what in the world happened out there? The ministry is in chaos with the reports coming in from what happened yesterday, but nobody but the higher ups know what's going on. You nearly gave Molly a heart attack when you appeared at you-know-where beaten up and missing your left arm." Arthur questioned while looking intently at Albus.

"Oh that's right, my left arm is gone. Shame that, I was rather fond of it." Albus said while looking at his bandaged left side forlornly.

"Albus!" Minerva scolded quietly.

"Yes yes of course, forgive an old man's wandering mind." Albus chuckled as he straightened his glasses with his right hand.

"Well, will you tells us what happened already?" Remus asked impatiently.

"Of course, but not now. Minerva please call an order meeting tonight. Allow all the Weasley children and miss Granger to attend as well. I'm afraid we must now explain the history of a certain dragon we both know." Albus said somberly as Minerva paled.

"Don't tell me it's come out again. You bound it! It shouldn't be released until he is seventeen and able to properly control it!" Minerva said with a panicked voice.

"I'm afraid that is the fault of plans. They do not always go as they are meant to. Only how the fates wish them to go." Albus said with a slight tone of annoyance.

"What are you two talking about?" Arthur asked rather bothered about not knowing what was going on.

"All in due time Arthur. Now as you said I gave Molly quite a fright yesterday. Would you please extend my apologies to her before tonights meeting?" Albus asked with a smile.

Arthur frowned at the obvious dismissal, but nodded as he left as the nurse came in followed by Tonks.

"Mr. Dumbledore, you're recovered as much as we can get you. Your bones are mended and the bleeding stopped so you should be able to leave whenever you're ready." The nurse said as she finished checking him over.

With a quick smile and a nod she strolled from the room with the discharge papers to be delivered to the front.

Remus and Tonks had left shortly after Arthur and Minerva had followed after a few whispered words with Albus as the nurse checked him over. Albus was looking at the wall and pondering on how he was going to help Harry gain back control of the dragon. He was pulled out of his thoughts as a cursing nurse ran by his door towards a loud commotion that had broken out further into the spell damage area.

With a sigh Albus hopped up and grabbed his wand. He looked down at his left side and with a look of concentration, he pointed his wand at it and began murmuring a spell. Slowly a stream of liquid metal flew from his wand and attached to his shoulder and side where his arm would normally meet his upper body. The liquid metal span like it was in a mixer as it widened out and stretched longer, slowly forming an arm. As he finished forming the arm he waved his wand and with a quick flick the metal solidified and he flexed the metal hand. With a smile and nod he transfigured the hospital robes into his casual wear and strolled from the room whistling the tune to a weird sisters song.


Hermione sighed in impatience as she sat with the rest of the order waiting for Dumbledore's arrival. She'd been feeling unusually anxious since the previous day and was wondering if it had anything to do with what Dumbledore called the meeting about. It had to be big because they were allowing the kids to attend, though she was curious why Harry wasn't there. Her thoughts froze, 'what if something happened to Harry?' Her body seemed to seize up and she was having trouble breathing. 'Hurry up damn it, I want to know if Harry's OK.' She snapped in her mind.

She was saved any further mental complaints when the door opened and Dumbledore walked in. Hermione took immediate notice of his metal arm, as did several others. She was curious about what happened, but figured it would be explained during the meeting. She sat back and waited or the Headmaster to start the meeting.

Dumbledore greeted a few people, innocently ignoring the questions about his arm, and slowly worked his way to the front. He waited for everyone to quiet down as he caught Hermione's eye and noticed her anxious manner. 'Does she know something about what happened? Couldn't be..' His thoughts trailed off as the last person sat the steeled himself for telling a long hidden secret.

"Thank you all for coming. There have been some unexpected and unfortunate events occurring recently and I have been pushed into a position where in order to explain what happened yesterday, and why I have a shiny new arm, I must confide in you all a secret that has been kept from all but three individuals for roughly the past nine years." Albus said amongst curious murmurs from everyone.

"Why isn't Harry here Professor? If you're letting the minors attend this meeting why isn't he here?" Hermione asked from the back, not caring about whether or not it was polite to ask questions in the middle of the meeting.

"You should hold your tongue Miss Granger. Why the Headmaster allowed you hard headed children to attend this meeting is beyond me, but you should know your place and stay silent." Severus Snape said with a sneer.

Her recent bout of anxiety, her years of verbal abuse by the rude Head of Slytherin, and his indifference at the death of Sirius and the pain it caused Harry finally snapped a cord in her, and her eyes narrowed and her lips curled in a snarl.

"I don't believe I was speaking to you Snivellus." Hermione snapped oblivious of the gasps around her and the gaping mouths of the Weasley children.

"You should show more respect to a Professor Miss Granger." Snape ground out, his face a picture of growing rage.

"We're not in school you greasy prat. In fact we're in Harry's house, so if I want to question why he isn't here I will. You should learn to speak to others with a little respect, I'm sick and tired of listening to the buggering bigoted rubbish that spills out of your mouth. It's no wonder the marauders hated you, you bloody ass. You're a greasy weasel, I'll show Lucius Malfoy respect before I even contemplate respecting a petty, jealous, slimy git like you" Hermione spit out in a rant that had everyone looking at in shock and the Weasley twins looking at her like she was the Queen.

"ENOUGH!" Albus shouted, annoyed at the arguments.

As the commotion caused by the shocking verbal spar died down Albus turned to Hermione.

"Harry isn't here because what I have to tell you, both the secret and the events of yesterday, involve him. You will understand by the time I'm finished." Dumbledore told her and looked back at the rest of the order preparing to reveal a long kept secret.

Hermione understood Dumbledore's answer, but she grew more anxious as she realized her nervousness may very well be related to whatever it was that happened yesterday, and that it involved Harry. 'Harry, Please be OK.' She thought as she bit her bottom lip.

"There were events that happened when Harry was seven. Many of you may remember a massacre of the Auror force around November of 1987. This was blamed on a Death Eater attack, but that is only a half truth. It was the result of a power Harry possesses.

"Now some of the more history inclined of us know about the old ways of measuring a witch or wizard's power. There is a scale with 9 points on it. Now to give you an image of what the represent I will give you examples. A class 1 is a squib or a very weak witch or wizard. A scale 2 is a normal child and a normal student just starting their schooling at Hogwarts. A class 3 is the average witch or wizard after graduating Hogwarts. A class 4 can been thought of as a basic battle trained witch or wizard. Most aurors are class 4's. A class 5 can be thought of as someone with a lot of power, usually in a specific field. For example Minerva is a class 5 because she is a specialist with transfiguration and has a large magical core to back up her talents. Myself am ranked at a Class 6. A class 6 has what can be considered as an elite level of power. A class 6 witch or wizard is difficult for anyone below that class to win a fight against. Even a class 6 who isn't a fighter, and there are many natural class 6's around the world who are simply house wives or have small jobs that aren't note worthy would be hard to beat for several average aurors at once. Lord Voldemort is an upper class 7, but his power isn't his own. He isn't a natural class 7. He gained his power through black magic and dark rituals. It is rare these days for someone to be born with power above a Class 6, so there are not many people who can rival Voldemort's power. I get by in the battles we've fought by experience alone. Now the best example I can give you of a class 8 is Merlin. He was a class 8. Now something rare about witches and wizards that are class 8 or 9 is that their magical aura's adapt to a creature that resembles the characteristics of the witch or wizard. Another few examples are the Hogwart's founders. They were all lower class 8's. Their auras represent the mascots of the Hogwarts houses. Their auras would shape into a lion, raven, badger, and a serpent. Before the summer of 1980 there had never been a recorded witch or wizard having grown, or being born a class 9. It is a legend that a witch or wizard of a Class 9 would have limitless power and that the form their auras took would represent powerful beasts and be enormous. Now any of you who know Harry well will have caught on to what I'm about to reveal, as I see Miss Granger has." Dumbledore cut off as everyone gave a quick look at a pale, wide eyed Hermione before returning their attention to Dubmledore.

"When Harry was born he was measured by myself in relation to a prophecy. I had the device i was using set to a class 8 marking and when I tested him the device I used reacted violently and exploded. This led me to believe he may have actually been a class 9. I had no proof as he didn't show abnormal magical talents as a baby. It wasn't until November when he was 7 that I learned he really was a class 9." Dumbledore said, and as many looked at him in shock, Hermione's breath caught in her throat, and Snape snorted in disagreement, He began to tell a secret that had been kept for about 9 years.

November 1987

A seven year old Harry Potter was playing by himself in a park near his Aunt and Uncle's house. His cousin had scared everyone else off and had laughed at him being alone before he and his friends wandered away. As he was playing he noticed ten people in odd looking black robes moving towards him with sticks in their hands. He heard one of them say something and the next thing he knew he was in extreme pain, worse than any beating Dudley and his friends ever gave him.

Artemis Anges was enjoying torturing The-Boy-Who-Lived. He hadn't been a very important death eater, but he had been good at what he did. He procured many things the Dark Lord needed. Cursed objects, rare objects, ritual ingredients, rare dark arts books, and more. Anyone could've done his job, which was why he wasn't all that important, but he had spent years making connections so that he'd be more valuable. He had connections within the Ministry, Within the Order (though they didn't know he was connected to the Dark Lord), and connections among the many businesses of wizarding Britain, and the wizarding world on the continent.

It had all gone down the tube when the little boy who was currently screaming his lungs out vanquished his Lord. His purpose was erased and many of his connections in the underworld wouldn't go near him. Then he'd been accused of being a Death Eater by a fellow Death Eater trying to get a lesser sentence. A few thousand galleons and he was found innocent, but he was still furious. The simple matter of being accused of being a Death Eater caused his connections in the legitimate parts of the wizarding world to shun him and it was all this little brats fault! He'd seen him in the park as he was moving by, looking for a rare bird he'd been hunting for a client in his job as a procurer of goods. He'd quickly gone and gathered a few of his fellow Death Eaters he still kept in touch with and the ten of them had placed silencing charms around the park and a few wards up to prevent detection and he cast a crucio on the little brat.

Harry had never experienced pain to this extent. He didn't understand why these weirdly dressed people were taking turns hurting him. He'd never done anything wrong yet everyone hurt him: His Uncle, his Aunt, his cousin, his cousin's friends. For some reason they all took pleasure in hurting him, though he never did a thing to them, and now these black clothed people were enjoying his torment as well. Something began to well up in him, something that he would learn later was rage. He vaguely took notice of the pain stopping and the ten people backing away from him. He felt himself let out an beast-like roar and then he blacked out.

The ten Death Eaters looked on in horror as Harry's body was covered in a black mist and the crucio that was torturing him lifted and its caster was tossed several meters away. They watched as he stood shakily at first, but then stood confidently. His hair shifting to an amethyst color as his eyes quickly followed. The black aura that was flooding power greater than they had ever felt formed into a serpentine dragon that wrapped around the young boy's body. The ten began backing up in fright but were stopped quickly by a heavy concentration of magic that pushed them down towards the earth.

Harry's arms were covered in black mist that slid down his arms and his hands were outlined with large claws. Both he and the dragon were growling as they looked at the ten fools that had attacked them. No longer would they be put down by others and hurt for the amusement of others. Their power would be feared. With an earth shaking animalistic roar he leaped forward at inhuman speeds and slashed two of the ten across the chest with his claws. The other eight used all their power to scatter away under the intense concentration of magic pushing them down. They watched in horror as the two who had been slashed across the chest began decaying from the cuts on their bodies. Their flesh rotted away to reveal muscle which rotted away to revel organs, veins, and bone. In less than a minute they were rotted corpses in tattered robes. The dragon around Harry let out a snort of mist as black fire swam within the mist and black lightning crackled around its form.

The remaining eight death eaters tried to move away, but they could not run or apparate. They came to realize why the Dark Lord fell when he tried to kill this child. They looked up as a clap of thunder sounded and were shocked to find the sky filled with dark gray clouds. A strong storm was gathering over the town they were in and it was roaring it's fury. Large bolts of lightning were slamming down everywhere and trailing across the ground for seconds at a time leaving streams of damage in its wake. Rain poured down like an ocean while the wind whipped violently around ripping trees from their rooted homes and roofs from the houses nearby.

Harry turned slowly, his mind blank as the dragon controlled. He grinned madly as he took slow steps towards three death eaters who immediately tried to back up. He threw out his right hand and the mist claw extended and grew as it closed in on the fearful Death Eaters. The large claw picked all three up off the ground and as Harry closed his hand the mist claw did the same. The three Death Eaters fell to the ground in pieces that quickly rotted away like the two before them. The mist claw withdrew to Harry's body and he smiled as he turned to the last five and lifted his left hand. The rain that poured down in a flood suddenly turned and they all pounded onto the five struggling Death Eaters. Harry smiled as the water pounded onto the five men and then waves his left hand in a circle. The hundreds of drops of rain suddenly froze into hundreds of shards of ice that dug deeply into the five Death Eaters drawing screams as their bodies were impaled all over.

Harry, or the dragon who was in control, grinned as he took in the carnage. The fools thought they could get away with harming him. He'd put up with enough of that. Now there were three more to take care of before he could be free. He turned and was about to return to his 'home', but was cut off as over thirty people appeared dressed in clothes similar to the first ten but in a few different colors, red dominating the numbers, the others wore blue or black but different from the first ten. His caught on an old man who was dressed in ridiculous bright purple robes that looked like a picture of merlin he had once seen. The old man looked to be talking to the group, but the ones in red seemed to ignore him as they spread out around him in a circle and lifted sticks at similar to the first ten. The sight of the items used to torture him shortly before angered him and his amethyst eyes narrowed and began to softly glow.

Harry stood silently as one of the ones in red shouted some nonsense and the entire group of about thirty-eight fired attacks out of their sticks. They came in a various number of colors, shapes, and sizes. None matched the clear waver the torture attack had, but he was angered none the less. He smirked in amusement as the ones in red stepped back fearfully as their attacks hit his magic aura three meters away from him and vanished as the air rippled like water. They fired again, but got the same results. Harry's smirk vanished and he decided he had enough fun watching them fire attacks at him. He let the mist cover his arms and form claws again and he threw both his arms out extending his claws as he had before. They each grabbed two red robed people and cut them to rotting pieces. He swung his arms out around him catching 6 more that were shred apart to rotting pieces before he withdrew the claws.

He smirked again as he watched the surrounding people's faces fill with fear and terror. He lifted his left hand to a ground in front of him and the wind whipped up violently. Ten were caught in a whirlwind of razer sharp wind and were shred like meat in a grinder. The horror in the faces of those left rose as the grass in the park was littered with a mist of blood as the rain poured down around them and lightning crackled. He smiled and lifted his right hand. A ten meter wide bolt of lightning streaked across the sky and slammed into a group of eight and fried them to a crisp and a left a smell crater where it hit.

Harry turned to the final remaining ten red robed figures. He crouches slightly and swung his right arm in front of him and then his left. Both swings let loose two streams of burning black fire that plowed through the ten red robed figures like they were butter. They fell to the ground in two pieces;both parts burning to ash courtesy of the black fire. Harry let loose a chuckles as he looked at a grim faced old man in purple robes, a slightly green faced black haired woman, and a gray haired man with a curious look on his face. The old man said something and began moving forward. Shortly after a white sphere sprung up around him as he moved towards Harry. The dragon took this as a challenge and threw a mist claw forward. It stopped at the white barrier and gripped it tightly. It failed to break through and with a growl of frustration withdrew.

Dumbledore was thanking the gods that he had delved into the rarely thought of group arts. The art of more than one witch or wizard of similar power focusing on one long lasting spell to strengthen it. It use to be used for rituals and permanent warding. The founders had been famous for their use of it, well three at least. They used group combat tactics to overwhelm the forces of Salazar. Dumbledore had shared his findings in the group arts with the two people he brought with him. Nicholas Flamel, famous for his alchemy work, secret head of the Department of Mysteries, and the oldest man alive. As well as Minerva McGonagall, his long time coworker and friend. Nicholas was a class 6 as he was, and Minerva was a class 5. Together they aided in keeping up the white magic shield that kept out spells and solid objects as Dumdledore pushed towards the fury filled child.

Harry growled as his continued attacks were unable to break the white sphere. He threw hundreds of ice shards at him, streams of black flame and lightning, and kept up a constant force of razer wind, but nothing made it through and soon the old man was breaking his three meter barrier and looking at him with a determined expression. Before he could react the white sphere vanished and he heard three voices say Stupefy, but saw only one large red light shoot out of the stick in the old man's hand and hit him. He knew a few moments of shocked pain before he blacked out. The raging weather around the park quickly spread away and the two remaining joined Dumbledore who was waving his wand intricately around the boy.

"Albus that was horrible, what has happened to the dear boy?" Minerva asked in a shock filled voice.

"I believe my original thoughts were correct. Harry is a class 9 and the attack by those Death Eaters on the other side of the park seems to have awakened his power." Albus said as Nicholas bent down and waved his wand over the unconscious boy.

"What will we do?" Nicholas asked as he looked around at the carnage.

"Cover it up. Nobody can know what has happened. I've erased Harry's memory of this afternoon and bound his powers down to an average wizards. His true power shouldn't have awoken until his seventeenth birthday. He wont be able to control it till then. His powers should hold behind the bind until then. Then he'll be trained on how to use it without succumbing to his power's urge for use and battle. Merlin's journals often spoke of his power's yearning for battle. It seems with the higher classed wizards and witches they feel a certain compulsion to battle. I suppose that's why most are fighters. Anyways we blame the deaths of the aurors on the Death Eaters and play off the surge of magical energy as a ritual that was an attempt at reviving Voldemort. We never speak of this again until it is revealed to Harry. Nicholas, work on finding a way to make sure his power doesn't break free. Minerva, please return to the Ministry and report our story." Albus finished as he stood.

The black haired woman nodded, took a quick glance at the boy and vanished with a crack. Albus looked down at the boy and shook his head. Picking him up he nodded to Nicholas and moved towards Privet Drive.


The order was shocked into silence as they learned the truth about Harry's power. As Dumbledore finished telling the tale of the past and the events of the previous day the order was quiet as they were lost in their thoughts. Silence reigned for several minutes before Dumbledore spoke again.

"We need to find a way to bring Harry back in and bind his powers so that he can be brought back to his senses. He is not himself, his power is influencing him. He must be brought back under control or it could spell disaster for the world." Dumbledore said gravely.

As the order erupted in to talks and arguments about what to do, nobody noticed Hermione slip out the doors and lean against the mantle near the fireplace. Tears fell down her cheeks and she hugged herself. She glanced over to a chair Harry had often used during their previous summer in the house.

"Things can never be easy for you, can they Harry? It's not enough that you're the target of the darkest lord in existence, you have to be filled with a power you can't control properly, and you're alone." Hermione said the last bit with a sad sob.

Slowly her tears stopped and her face turned from sad to determined as she thought back to just before the end of the school year after Sirius died. Harry had mentioned how he wanted to see where his parents were buried. Nobody had ever told him and he had never really asked more than once. 'The information he searched for in Dumbledore's mind was his parent's burial place! Of course! Dumbledore would know, and Harry would never have read the books about him and his parents so he never would've known it was common knowledge. He might still be there.' Hermione thought rapidly. As she finished her thoughts she smiled and nodded. Grabbing floo powder and tossing it into the fire she whispered "The Burrow" and vanished into green flames.

As she arrived at The Burrow she rushed out to their shed. She grabbed a broom and set off in the direction of Godric's Hollow. The property of the Potter Family and the location of the Potter Graveyard.

She arrived at the still damaged house and set the broom against the front wall. She moved slowly through the house where the potters had been killed and called Harry's name, but got no answer. She moved through the house and out the back to find a small field. She moved across it until she found a fence and a gate. She move through the open gate and smiled as she saw a silhouette towards a corner near the front. She moved over quickly and stopped ten feet away leaning against a large headstone.

"You would be the one to find me." Harry said with a slight hint of amusement and affection in his voice.

Hermione smiled as she replied, "I do know you best Harry."

"How did you know to find me here?" Harry asked curiously without looked at her.

"The Headmaster told everyone in the order what happened. He let us children attend because it involved the secret about your power. Congratulations by the way, according to Professor Dumbledore you're the most powerful wizard alive. Another point in fate's basket of 'Reasons Harry Potter will never be normal'." Hermione said with a smile and earning a chuckle from Harry.

"Anyways, He told us you had searched his mind for something, but he couldn't keep up to find out what. I remembered that you had said you wanted to see where you parents were buried and that you never would have read the books about you and your family written after your parents died, it was really the only thing that would make sense in regards to searching the Headmaster's mind." Hermione said with a grin.

"You never cease to amaze me." Harry said with a tone of affection that caused Hermione to blush.

"How've you been?" she asked with a soft tone.

"OK I guess. This power is a little overwhelming, but I got to kill Bellatrix. I have a feeling Fudge will be glad to use this as a reason to have me thrown in Azkaban, but I'll laugh in his face if he tries. This power should make it easy enough to kill Voldemort." Harry said as he turned towards her and leaned against a nearby tree.

"Power corrupts Harry." Hermione said warningly

"I'm fine Hermione. I'm prophesied to kill Voldemort and that's what I'm going to do. If I have to kill some people to get from here to there, so be it." Harry said with steel in his voice.

"My Harry wouldn't talk about killing so casually. You're not as in control as you think." Hermione said with a frown.

"I cast the cruciatus on Bellatrix at the Ministry." Harry said suddenly.

Hermione's eyes widened in surprise before her face turned steely.

"She deserved it." Hermione spat out.

Harry raised an eyebrow in surprise and smirked.

"Got a dark side there Hermione?" Harry asked with a grin.

"Everyone does Harry. It's all about control. Sure I could curse Malfoy into a bloody goo and smear him on a wall for calling me a mudblood, but that would be pointless. It'd get me nowhere except thrown into Azkaban. I control my dark side, others either do the same, don't have a strong dark side, or let it loose." Hermione said casually.

Harry laughed a bit at her mention of cursing Malfoy and raised an eyebrow at the surprising revelation of Hermione's dark side. With a shake of his head he let loose another chuckle.

"Your dark side is strong though. With your past filled with anger and rage your power is feeding on it and influencing you. You need to come back to Headquarters so the Headmaster can help you regain control. If you learn to properly use your power you could end this battle of good versus evil for good. Please Harry, Come back and let us help you control your power." Hermione pleaded as she moved towards the boy.

Harry's hair shifted to amethyst as his eyes followed suit. He let out a growl as he advanced to the now nervous girl.

"I have this power under control." He ground out.

Hermione steeled herself and with her shoulders squared she glared at him.

"No you don't and you know it. You're out of control" She said firmly.

"I'm not out of control!" Harry shouted and waved his arm violently at Hermione, but froze halfway through with his eyes wide.

Hermione squeaked as she was hit with the backlash of the canceled curse and she was thrown back a few feet, tripping over a headstone and falling on her bum. She looked up at harry with wide surprised eyes. 'He stopped himself from cursing me' she thought in wonder.

Harry's wide eyes narrowed and he stood straight while glaring at her. Without a word he turned away from her, conjured two flowers and laid them on his parents graves, kissed the two headstones, and with a whirl of wind he was flying away rapidly.

Hermione bit her lip as tears fell from her eyes. She shook her head in frustration as she worked her way back towards the house. She moved through it silently and got back on the broom. She flew back to The Burrow and set the broom back up. She went to the fireplace and flooed back to Headquaters.

She arrived to a bunch of frantic activity that was halted when she arrived through the green flames. She was bombarded with questions but waved them off in a subdued manner and moved towards the meeting room. After telling Snape to sod off when he said something about 'Know it alls gallivanting without thinking of others.' She approached the Headmaster and asked to speak privately. After he dismissed the remaining members in the room and shut the door, she relayed what happened at Godric's Hollow, ignoring the annoying twinkle when she relayed their conversation, and sat back as she waited for him to respond.

"You seem to be the only person he wont hurt. You may be the key to helping him control his power." Dumbledore said as he twirled his beard.

"I guess so." Hermione said somberly.

"Well we'll figure this out later I'm sure. Why don't you go get some rest. We'll do everything we can to save him." Dumbledore said with a smile.

Hermione forced a smile and nodded. She moved towards her room passing Ron's she heard him talking.

"Do you think with the way he is with his power he'll go dark and join you-know-who?" Ron asked curiously.

"No way. He'd never join that freak you prat. You better not do what you did during the tournament." Ginny said with a growl.

"She's right Ronniekins. You're so fickle. Just like mum. Harry wouldn't join V-Voledemort. He's just moody. It's that time of the month for him, I'm sure of it." Fred said.

"Fred!" Ginny shouted in anger followed by the sound of a punch.

"Hey now I'm George, If you want to hit Fred, then hit him." Fred said pointing at his twin.

"You're both insane." Ginny ground out in annoyance.

"There's no way he can be anything but dark though. Everything he's done is dark magic. He skinned those Death Eaters and killed all the aurors. That just yells evil." Ron said as if it ended all doubts.

Hermione slammed the door open with a bang and a glare in her eyes. Fred and George leaped away with a yelp and Ginny backed away with wide eyes as she felt an odd sensation of magic flooding the room. Phineas Nigellus Black watched on silently from his portrait, a smirk of amusement on his face.
Hermione walked up and slapped Ron in the face. Everyone's eyes widened as Ron was sent careening into the wall several meters away. Hermione had a light orange aura around her as her eyes burned with rage.

"You disgusting, fickle, back stabbing git. After everything Harry has done for you, you just turn on him again. You are no better than Percy. You are a fool." Hermione ranted in a rage, her body shaking.

"Hermione, calm down." Ginny whispered moving close and tentatively touching the brunette's back.

Hermione glared at Ron, but was slowly calming down as Ginny rubbed her back and told her to ignore the stupid git.

With a final glare at Ron who was still recovering from his surprise trip to the wall, she turned and stormed out to her and Ginny's room and slammed the door.

Ginny scowled at Ron before turning to two surprised Twins.

"Did you see her glow?" Ginny asked curiously.

"Yeah, I think our braniac..."

"...Has got a lot of hidden power..."

"...Lets make sure we don't..."

"...get on her bad side." The twins finished as they and Ginny nodded before filing out of the room leaving a still recovering and bruised Ron.

As Hermione went to bed that night her mind was filled with images of rage filled amethyst eyes, and flowing amethyst hair.

Before she fell asleep she whispered, "Harry, please come back to me."
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