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60,000,000 Galleon Man

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During the summer following his fifth year at Hogwarts Harry is attacked by Death Eaters. During the attack Harry's true power, which had been bound by Dumbledore is awakened. He struggles to contr...

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Chapter 3: 60,000,000 Galleon Man

The Savior Turned Slaughterer
By: Rita Skeeter

Late yesterday evening The Minister had a press conference relating to all the fuss that has been going on in the ministry for the past 48 hours. What he revealed was shocking, but not unexpected if you've kept up with our articles about Harry Potter, the supposed savior of the magical world.

Apparently two days ago Harry Potter had some sort of break down while at home with his Aunt and Uncle. We were told there was an argument about something and that Mr. Potter snapped. He killed his Aunt and Uncle and then set their house on fire. The magic done by an underage wizard, as well as the magic being done in a muggle neighborhood, alerted the Auror department to the disturbance. When they arrived Harry Potter used his knowledge of the area as well as dark magic to kill the Aurors. The condition the bodies were in were far worse than anything He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did during his reign of power before being taken down. This leaves us with the fear of a new dark lord rising to power. It was even rumored he injured Albus Dumbledore when the Headmaster arrived at the scene to try to take Mr. Potter into hiding from the Ministry.

At the end of the Press Conference the Minister places a rather large bounty on Mr. Potter's head; 60,000,000 Galleons to be precise. This is the third largest bounty recorded for the last century. It's under only the 300,000,000 Galleon bounty of Lord Voldemort when he was alive, and the 150,000,000 Galleon bounty on the Scarlet witch. For more details on the bounty please see the newly added 'BOUNTY' section on page 13. There are also more extensive articles in the International Magical News.

You may remember many of our articles this past year dealt with Mr. Potter's past and much of it pointed to him being dark, but people such as Albus Dumbledore refused to acknowledge such things. This makes you wonder what other things we are unaware of the Headmaster may have covered up.

This paper would also like to bring attention to Mr. Potter's best friend, Miss Hermione Granger. It is rumored they are romantically involved and that she has been the brains behind Mr. Potter's plots all these years. We gathered information from various sources saying that when finding out Mr. Potter was a parselmouth Miss Granger spent a lot of time in the library of Hogwarts researching the Chamber of Secrets and discovered that there was a basilisk in said Chamber. Everyone will remember the incident I'm sure, of students being petrified. We have strong reason to believe it was Miss Granger and Mr. Potter who let the basilisk loose, and Mr. Potter's being a parselmouth allowed him to control the beast. Miss Granger was purposefully petrified to lay blame else were but I'm sure we all know the truth of the matter. When things became too heated they backed off, but we must wonder what happened to this basilisk? And are our kids safe from the beast?

We also have proof from a teacher at Hogwarts and the Minister himself that both Mr. Potter and Miss Granger helped Sirius Black escape Ministry custody and continuously kept the Ministry from finding him. They were adamant about him being innocent, but this paper wonders if they weren't just trying to recruit Mr. Black for when they made their move as Dark Lord and Lady.

We all remember the end of Mr. Potter's fourth year when he claimed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named returned. We wonder why he was never brought up on charges for the murder of Mr. Diggory. It was quite obvious Mr. Potter killed him in order to win the tournament and acquire more fame and acknowledgment.

We also learned from sources within Hogwarts that it was Miss Granger who planned the attempted murder of Delores Umbridge, Undersecretary to the Minister. Miss Umbridge was very outspoken with her opinion of Mr. Potter and as his lover Miss Granger became vindictive. She encouraged Harry to start an illegal defense club, to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, claiming Miss Umbridge was a horrid teacher, even though she was teaching by Ministry standards. We have reason to believe the Defense club was really an attempt to acquire followers and teach them dark spells. We do not know what really went on in there, as nobody has been willing to speak of it, but we at the Prophet are quite sure it was an attempt at gaining followers by the Dark Lord Potter and His Dark Lady. It was at the end of the year in which Miss Granger lured Miss Umbridge to the forbidden forest where she had the centaurs, who Harry Potter is known to have frequent contact with, take her away and torture her. It was only by the quick acting of Ministry Personnel that she was rescued.

This paper is curious as to why they are only hunting Mr. Potter when there is an ocean of proof that Miss Granger has been a long standing accomplice of Mr. Potter. The reporters at The Daily Prophet urge the Ministry to do its duty and arrest Miss Granger before she is able to help Mr. Potter plan more attacks on the Magical world and its children.

Hermione Granger growled loudly at the breakfast table and threw the paper away muttering about insects and rolled up papers. Her mutterings caused raised eyebrows from those present. She just motioned to the paper in which they each read.

"Wow, they're really campaigning against you and Harry." Tonks said with a raised eybrow.

Remus nodded in ascent as he read the paper and tossed it to the Weasleys on the other side of the table.

"They can't really do anything to you, I think it's more of an attack on Harry. It's a well known fact that you're his closest friend. There are some who say it would be Ron, but well there are those of us who know other wise." Remus said with a scowl at Ron who was oblivious.

"I wish I could get that bounty. I wouldn't have to work a day in my life." Ron said with a sigh.

Hermoine growled again and she had a faint glow to her right arm and smacked Ron across the face. The power in the slap sent the fickle red head slamming into a cabinet to get stuck under the sink.

"You're pathetic Ronald. You're a petty, envious prat and I'm going to make sure Harry doesn't forgive you this time. I told him not to forgive you last time, but he wanted to. He wanted you to apologize so you could be friends again. I told him if you were a true friend you'd have never turned on him in the first place. I'll make sure he doesn't forgive this time. Your world is despicable. You're all nothing but sheep. Follow what the papers are saying and the crowds are doing. It's no wonder the Muggles have advanced so far past you." Hermione ranted before she stormed out of the kitchen, throwing the door off its hinges and into the wall, waking the screaming portrait of Mrs. Black.

Those in the Kitchen were a bit startled by what they heard.


There was a spike of magic through the house that caused the hairs on the back of everyone's necks to raise.

"Shut up you bloody bigoted inbred slut!" Hermione shouted, followed by a loud crash that caused the house to shake and bits of the ceiling and walls to crumble to the ground.

The surprised kitchen dwellers rushed into the hall to see Hermione storming off to the Library. They then walked to where the crash was and saw where the portrait of Mrs. Black was. There was a large hole in the wall and there were ripped pieces of portrait on the ground. The wall was cracked and shattered around the former place of the portrait and once piece of the portrait showed the cowering tearful form of Mrs. Black. Tonks laughed as she set the pieces of portrait on fire in tribute to Sirius.

"I'm going to go talk to her. Her magic is seriously fluctuating as her birthday grows near. I don't think she even realizes what's going on with her magic. It isn't a commonly covered subject since most pure bloods and half bloods grow up knowing about it." Tonks said as she followed Hermione to the library.


Tonks walked into the library to find Hermione buried in a book. She chuckled and shook her head as she moved to sit in a chair across from her.

"Hermione what do you know about magic fluctuations and coming of age for a witch or wizard?" Tonks asked as she crossed her legs and shortened her hair to keep it out of her face.

Hermione frowned as she answered, "Not much really. I read a few things about some witches and wizards having their core grow stronger when they're coming of age, but there wasn't a whole lot at Hogwarts about it and I couldn't find any books on it in Diagon Alley." she said as she moved to better face Tonks.

"Yeah, they wouldn't. It's something pure bloods and some half bloods learn when they're young and nobody really thought about things muggleborns should know. It's the same reason they just fling muggleborns into Hogwarts without any real guide to how the magical world works." Tonks said with a disgusted sigh.

Hermione looked very angry. If Harry or Ron had seen her face they would have likened it to how she looked when she found out there were house elves at Hogwarts in their fourth year. Before she could get into a rant, Tonks continued.

"Well I'll tell you because it's affecting you and you don't seem to even notice. When a witch or wizard are within months of coming of age, their magic begins to fluctuate. Often times it does things you subconsciously desire. Other times it'll be weak and not be able to do spells you would normally easily be able to do. The stronger magically you are, the more severe the fluctuations will be.

"When I was your age, a lot of people at school were giving me a hard time because of my Metamorphmagus abilities. They always wanted me to change and to do things to amuse them. I really just wanted to disappear. I didn't want to be seen and my magic responded. I was turned completely invisible. I couldn't counter whatever my magic did and neither could McGonagall. I had to go to Dumbledore to get it fixed. It was quite embarrassing." Tonks finished with a chuckle.

Hermione was holding her sides as she laughed. She could picture Tonks turning herself invisible and then panicking and running around trying to get it fixed. It was a hilarious image that helped melt away her anger from a few minutes ago.

"What is mine doing then, if it's fluctuating like you've said?" Hermione questioned as she calmed down.

"Like I said you don't seem to have realized it. I didn't realize it at first either. You seem to want to curse Ron for the way he's been acting about Harry, but you know you can't use magic under age. Your subconscious knows this and your magic can sense your desire. So it did what it could and seems to be flowing through your muscles and strengthening you physically. Ginny told us about how you knocked Ron across his room the other night and what I just saw this morning. You shouldn't be able to knock someone like Ron around so easily. Your magic is responding to your desire to hurt him in the only way you would subconsciously allow. It's pretty funny if you ask me." Tonks finished with a chuckle.

Hermione laughed herself, "Yeah, Hermione Granger, ever the rule follower, Even in her subconscious." she commented through chuckles.

"Thanks for this Tonks, It explains a bit of the oddness I've been feeling, not to mention your story about your magic making you invisible was just what I needed to get rid of my anger from earlier." Hermione said as she set her book down.

"No problem Hermione. Now I've got to go. The Minister is probably thinking about responding to the Paper's comments. If he does try to arrest you I want to be part of the squad that goes so that you can be "Lost in Transit" as it were." Tonks said with a devious smirk.

Hermione chuckled and shook her head, "The Ministry has certainly destroyed my absolute trust in authority figures. They're so corrupt the Devil would be ashamed." Hermione commented with a sad sigh.

"Great wording!" Tonks said with a laugh while she got up and gave Hermione a hug.

"I'll see you later Hermione, be safe around here and try not to hurt Ron too badly." Tonks finished with a laugh as she left.

"Time to find a way to help Harry get control over himself." Hermione muttered with a sad sigh as she pulled the book she was reading before, back to her lap.


Harry sighed in annoyance as he tossed the International Magical News down onto the table where he recently tossed the Daily Prophet. He was quite annoyed with how the Prophet was attacking his best friend for what he did.

"I'll just have to teach Rita a little lesson in respect." Harry commented to nobody as he sipped at his coffee.

He was sitting at a muggle café with tables outside that was just down the street from the entrance to the Ministry of Magic. He loved sitting there because it mocked the Ministry's competence. One of their most wanted criminals frequents a café down the street from their location and they don't have a clue.

"Well I have places to go and people to discipline." Harry commented as he vanished into thin air, to the shock of several muggles.


The next day came with three shockers for Magical Britain. The first thing to show was finding the remains of Antonin Dolohov. The only part of his body that was recognizable was his head, which was left untouched, but frozen in a look of horror and torment. The right side of his body seemed to have rotted away and the left side was covered in thousands of tiny jagged cuts.

The second thing that was found was the trembling form of Rita Skeeter. She had cuts all over body that read "I will not tell lies". She couldn't talk, she would only ramble apologies. If anyone brought a quill near her she'd scream and run away. Everyone knew this was the work of Harry Potter and unfortunately it only affirmed their thoughts that Hermione was aligned with him.

The third thing that was discovered was the naked hopping form of Delores Umbridge. Her body had been turned green and slimy. She was covered in warts and hopped around like a toad. She'd croak and sling her tongue out to catch insects. The only thing she managed to say was the sentence "Toads shouldn't walk on two legs. I'm a bad toad." The healers at St. Mungo's had no clue what happened to her and had her kept in the long term spell damage ward.


Albus Dumbledore was a very tired man. He'd spent the better part of the past 24 hours of his life trying to convince the Minister to retract the bounty on Harry's head. He was furious because the bounty labeled only death upon arrival. He was also angry that none of the articles on the bounty mentioned how powerful the boy was so everyone hunting figured he was a school boy who managed to do something to anger his ministry. He had failed in that goal and he was very angered by that.

He also spent that time convincing the Minister not to arrest Hermione Granger. He had succeeded after several hours of arguing and pointing out that he had no actual proof. He only had the words of people who openly disliked Hermione Granger, and despite what the Minister believed, accusations were not enough to arrest Hermione without proof. He was slightly satisfied that he had saved Miss Granger from the terror of a trial that would undoubtedly be fixed, but he was angered that he couldn't get the bounty retracted.

He had a very bad feeling about how this would turn out for the bounty hunters who went after Harry.


It had been two weeks since the bounty was placed on his head and Harry Potter was curious if anyone was going to take it. He didn't really want to kill anyone, but he thought it'd be fun to fight and a bounty as high as his would undoubtedly bring out the stronger bounty hunters.

He was currently enjoying a sandwich and coffee at the café he frequented and enjoying an article in the Quibbler. As he was reading he noticed a very beautiful woman in a blue dress sit down across from him, but didn't react other wise. He was amused as he watched her shift lightly and brush one of her legs against his. He frowned slightly when he felt about fifteen magical signatures surround him in the crowds, but they didn't move. He let out a sigh of annoyance and placed his paper down and smiled at the woman.

"How can I help you?" Harry asked in a playful tone as he grinned at the woman.

"Well I saw you sitting alone and thought I'd keep you company. Someone as attractive as you shouldn't be eating lunch alone." She said as she put on the sexiest grin she could manage.

She appraised the young man in front of her. He had messy black hair that hung down to his nose and what Americans called 'Emo Glasses' on his face. He had a lean lithe figure and was wearing a tight black military style shirt with patch pockets on the chest and the front on each side of the button down center. It buttoned closed to his waist and then opened as it went down to about the bottom of his bum. He had on black cargo pants that were slightly loose but still fitting around his legs and his feet were covered in black converse shoes. She thought it was a rather odd outfit for someone who had such a large bounty on his head.

"Well may ask the name of the beauty who will keep me company?" Harry asked as he slowly took her right hand and began massaging the back of it with his thumb. He slowly let his magic trickle into her and her eyelids fluttered.

"Alexis Masters." Alexis said without thinking as she bit her bottom lip.

Harry grinned and put more magic into his thumb to trickle into her. Her breath began to quicken and she let out soft moans as she closed her eyes. A minute after she stated her name she let out a load groan and her body shuddered. Harry grinned as he let go of her hand and sat back.

Alexis opened her eyes with a confused but lusty expression. Her eyes quickly widened when she realized what happened.

"You already know who I am of course. You shouldn't have told me your real name, but a I was doing the equivalent of toying with your clit you can't be blamed for not thinking. I read up on known bounty hunters and bounty organizations when a large bounty was placed on my head.

"You're Alexis Natalia Masters, Master class Bounty Hunter of the Black Lions. You really shouldn't have come after the bounty. I can't be beat." Harry said with a sad smile.

Before Alexis could respond, Harry placed two fingers, his index and middle of his right hand, on her forehead.

"Have a happy afterlife." Harry said and with a bit of pressure to her forehead she let out a scream and her body turned into a bloody goop that dissolved into a mist and then nothing.

The muggles who saw it screamed and fled leaving the fifteen other members of the Black Lions standing in shock. Finally one of them shouted in a rage.

"That was my wife!" He shouted and fired a curse at Harry that only vanished in the rippling air.

"You should have thought about that when you decided to come after me and send her in to 'seduce' me. She really should have worked on that. She wasn't very good." Harry commented.

He didn't feel like playing with them, he could tell they weren't all that strong. They may very well be good at their jobs with average targets, but they were nothing to him. His hair shifted to amethyst as his eyes followed suit. The dragon formed around him and waved his arm sending three rings of black fire at three different hunters. The flame rings burned right through the shields they put up and turned the areas they hit to ash. The three targets fell to the ground in pieces as the rings slammed into a building.

"You really shouldn't have come after me when you had no clue how strong I was." Harry chastised as he glanced at two more and they turned into a bloody mist with a scream.

Harry walked to the remaining ten who were frozen in fear. He glanced at each in turn and shook his head disgustedly. With a flick of his wrist the ten were thrown a hundred meters into the air. The amethyst haired youth grinned and snapped his fingers and with a roar of his dragon aura the ten in the air hurtled at high speeds to the ground. The crashed with a crunch and a splatter of blood and organs. Harry had tossed them a hundred feet and then increased their gravitational pull by ten. He was surprised at the results and shook his head. He vanished from the panic filled street silently.

It was twenty minutes before the Aurors responded to the incident that happened just down the street from the Ministry.


Hermione threw the Daily Prophet across the table in anger. Tonks chuckled at the now common action. Hermione had been tossing the Daily Prophet across the kitchen on a daily basis because of how absurd the articles were. No articles directly accused Hermione anymore, what happened to Rita Skeeter had frightened the other reporters, but they still did everything in their power to turn the public against her and Harry.

"What are they saying this time?" Tonks asked curiously as she pulled the Daily Prophet over to her.

"They're saying the bounty hunters Harry killed last week were just innocent wizards and witches that Harry killed for fun. The only paper that is actually saying they were bounty hunters is the International Magical News, but most people in Britain only read the Daily Prophet. I swear, if I owned that paper I'd fire everyone there. I could easily turn that into a respectable paper, but they're nothing but a bunch of lying gits!" Hermione ground out through clenched teeth and white knuckled fists.

"Well in your words, Ignore them. They're not worth it." Tonks said with a grin

"Oh sod off Tonks." Hermione muttered as she left the kitchen and a laughing Tonks.


Harry chuckled in mirth as he smacked away another powerful curse. He'd finally gotten what he wanted. Powerful opponents who found him enjoying a day at the beach. If he were to grade the majority of them on the magical power scale, seven of them would be classed 6 and eight would be classed as 7's. His fifteen opponents were providing him a lot of fun.

He finally saw an opening and pulled lightening down from the storm brewing around them and caught one of the hunters. It slammed down right on him turning his body to ash. Harry cheered in triumph only to get knocked back by five powerful curses that pushed powerfully against his constant barrier. He turned around in surprise and grinned. The rest were all calling up their full power. He decided to do the same.

He called forth all of his power. The sand on the beach whipped around violently in globs of mud as rain poured from the sky. Lightning slammed onto the beach, the streets nearby, and the ocean. The ocean was raging with huge waves and enormous waterspouts. Nearby beach houses were ripped from the ground and left spinning in the air with water and mud.

The remaining hunters looked fearful at the amount of power Harry could summon, but they attacked despite that. Harry grinned and threw his arm out to the side and made a pulling motion. A nearby waterspout ripped away from the cloud it was connected to, but still leaving the bottom connected to the ocean. Harry pulled the top of it towards the beach and slammed it down at the remaining fourteen hunters. Ten of them managed to avoid the attack, but four got caught and pulled into the waterspout that was now reconnecting with the clouds.

Harry grinned and turned around while making another pulling motion. A column of water from the an approaching wave quickened up and Harry grabbed it. It spun around fast and threw it at the ten remaining hunters. Three jumped into the air avoiding the water, but seven were caught in it. The god-like amethyst haired teen molded the water around the seven captured hunters and turned the water to ice. Punching the air in victory, Harry caused the ice to shatter, taking the bodies of the seven captured hunters with it. Harry smiled as he faced the last three hunters. He'd never felt so alive before. The dragon wielding teen was having a blast fighting such skilled opponents.

He was forced to dodge several powerful curses and conjurations. One of them even managed to summon a flock of Rocs. Harry easily took them out with a rain of lightning, but was impressed at the power required to conjure the giant birds. With a smirk he apparated right in front of one of the hunters and tapped his chest. The body caved in on itself as if a black hole opened in his chest. His body compressed with squishing and crunching sounds until the body of the hunter was the size of a soccer ball and roughly round.

He flew through the air and caught the last two with extended mist claws. Their bodies rapidly decayed from the point of contact with his large mist claws and he dropped them to the ground.

Harry looked around the beach and sighed. He'd just had a lot of fun, but it had ended all too soon for his liking. In his frustration he focused his magic and lifted the water in the ocean into a hundred meter tall tsunami and with a pushing motion, he threw the wave. The tsunami took off at rapid speeds towards the continent. With a shake of his head, Harry vanished from the destroyed beach.

A half hour later a hundred kilometer wide long strip of coast on the edge of France facing the beach Harry had been at was destroyed. There was little warning of the tsunami and many people were on the beaches due to the summer season. The tsunami pushed fifty kilometers into the lands of France and killed thousands of unprepared people. The muggle world regarded it as a freak incident caused by the storm that formed rapidly around a coastal town in southern England. The magical world blamed Harry Potter, as such storms have thus far been associated with his attacks.


Hermione was curled up in an armchair in the Black library with a large tome in her lap. She had tears flowing down her eyes as she looked at various newspapers that were opened in the tome. She couldn't deny the accusations against Harry as the cause of the storm and tsunami that killed thousands. She knew it was him. The storms were his signature. She couldn't believe he'd do such a thing, but knew that he was falling further and further out of control. It broke her heart to know he was loosing himself.

She sniffed a few times and dried her tears. Her face set in a resolved expression and she tossed the newspapers away and began reading the large tome in her lap. She was going to find a way to stop Harry if it was the last thing she did.

She never knew she had a subtle halo of orange and red hovering around her body that seemed to solidify when she found her resolve. The only one who noticed was the pink haired Metamorphmagus hidden in the shadows of the library. With a sad smile Tonks quietly left the bushy haired brunette to her search.


Harry growled as he crouched in the middle of a forest. His dragon aura was flaring around him and he was growling at the dozens of hunters surrounding him. The attempts on his head were highly increased after the tsunami incident. The French Ministry of Magic placed a 140,000,000 Galleon bounty on his head. Coupled with the British bounty, taking his head would reward 200,000,000 Galleons. This pulled out the strongest hunters from the corners of the world. Harry had been fighting non stop for the past three weeks and was growing tired of it.

Currently he was surrounded by what seemed like a small army of Dumbledores. Individually their power was nothing to him, but as such a large group, He was having a hard time taking them down. From the language they were speaking he figured they were from the middle east.

He was just about to let his dragon loose when the group in front of him were ripped apart by a large silver tail that seemed to be made of spinning wind. The tail was followed by a large silver claw that ripped apart another group. Harry watched in fascination as the hunters were quickly ripped to shreds.

Out of the shadows a feminine figure approached. She was clad in a silver cloak with the hood up. Silver hair flowed around her shoulders under the hood and she spoke with a soft Asian accented voice.

"You have a manifested aura too? Where in the world did you come from?" Harry asked in excited surprise.

"You're rather hard to find Mr. Potter. I am pretty close to your power level, but I have been using mine for nearly thirty years. Your time is up, you can't control your power and it is my duty to exterminate you before you cause more harm to the world. I will grant you my name, as those who die in battle should know the name of their killers. I am Safaia Tsukikora. My alias is Silver Fox. As you can see it is the form my aura takes. Now lets get on with this Harry Potter." Safaia said with a cold tone of voice.

Harry grinned as he threw a black mist claw at her only to have it batted aside by the fox's tail. Harry blinked in surprise and was caught of guard by a powerful blast of wind that tossed him through the forest. He growled as he stood up and pulled down a storm of lightning at and around Safaia.

Safaia skillfully dodged around the lightning, gliding through the air as if she were a part of it. She waved an arm towards Harry and large cyclone slammed down from the clouds and pulled him into it. She focused a lot of her magic into the cyclone and was only slightly surprised when, with a roar, Harry blasted away the winds of the cyclone.

Harry growled as the dragon around him grew in size. He was letting more power out than he ever had before. A large section of the forest was uprooted. He turned the trees into huge sharpened stakes and sent them slamming towards Safaia. She dodged and her fox smashed them aside as they came. One managed to hit her back, but was stopped from crushing her by her aura. It slammed her into the ground and her aura stopped it from going any further towards her, but before she could get out of the crater she was in, three huge bolts of lightning slammed onto her, quickly followed by a spinning ball of black fire.

The forest around the crater where Safaia originally landed was incinerated for about a fifty meters in a circular area. Safaia was breathing heavily when she stood. Her cloak was destroyed and revealed a tattered dress covering her body. Her skin was burnt in places and her left arm looked broken. She glared at Harry and focused her power. The cuts vanished and her arm straightened out. Her aura grew and she flew at the surprised amethyst haired youth, her body being trailed by spinning razor sharp wind.

Harry was mesmerized by the fiery silver eyes rushing at him. He was so mesmerized by the eyes, that he caught the full brunt of her attack. Her shoulder slammed into him and he was bombarded by fierce cutting winds. She stuck with her shoulder in his stomach, and the two of them hurtled through the air. The crashed through several dozen meters of forest before they entered a nearby city. Their auras protected them from the physical damage, but they still crashed through several buildings before stopping as they crashed into a traffic filled street. Screams filled the street as the two powerful mages glared at each other.

Heedless of the people around them, Harry thrust his arm forward and his dragon rushed out straight at Safaia. She likewise thrust her arms forward and her fox rushed out and slammed into his dragon. The crash of their contact shook the city. Nearby buildings collapsed and the ground cracked for kilometers around. Lightning slammed down through buildings and tornadoes formed around the city ripping it apart. Oblivious to the damage being done around them, the two god-like mages focused all their power into their combating auras. This was now a battle of power and control.

Safaia's fox bit down on part of the body of the dragon, and the dragon wrapped itself around the fox. The power continued to build as blades of wind shot out from the fox and cut up people, cars, and buildings; meanwhile black lightning and fire flooded out from the dragon. The magical pressure was causing everyone still alive in the city to fall to the ground as if the gravity of the earth increased five fold. With two loud screams of fury the fox and the dragon exploded in a ball of silver and black magic. It expanded rapidly, destroying everything in its path. The city was rapidly covered in a blinding silver and black light that could be seen from orbit.

When the light faded and the dust cleared, the city was nothing but ruins, bloody bodies, and destroyed cars. For twenty kilometers around Harry, it was a large smooth crater. No buildings, bodies or cars. Only a single body that laid thirty meters away. Harry's clothes were ripped and resembled rags. His body was covered in burns and cuts and he was breathing heavily. His dragon aura was gone and the storm was dying down. He slowly made his way to his fallen opponent.

Safaia's body was still. She had a peaceful expression on her young looking face and she had a slight smile on her lips. Harry knew she was happy to have died in such a battle with such a powerful opponent. She, like him, felt the urge to fight. The call of battle that came from his powerful magical core.

He waved his hand and fixed her tattered dress and closed the wounds on her body. He then ripped open part of the earth and gently dropped her in it. He covered her with dirt and spent several moments in silence. He conjured a stone and placed it above her buried body. He waved his hand and the stone had a carved message on it.

Safaia Tsukikora
The Silver Fox
A mage of her own class, and a worthy opponent.
May she have a joyful afterlife.

With a nod of his head, Harry's body dissolved into a black mist.

The destruction of the city was covered for a straight week in dozens of papers, both muggle and magical. The magical world again claimed Harry as the cause, and also changed the message on the make shift tombstone to relay a mocking message. It was placed there to incite the anger of the witches and wizards of whatever country Safaia Tsukikora came from. The muggles played it off as a terrorist attack with a basement nuclear bomb.


The Minister was holding a press conference in Diagon Alley two weeks after destruction caused by the fight between Harry and Safaia. Diagon Alley was filled with people and reporters listening to the Minister as he made promises of taking care of Harry and protecting the children and people of Britain from the Dark Lord that Harry Potter had become. Sadly this would be the last thing Cornelius Fudge did. Just as he was about to respond to a question about Hermione Granger he as surrounded in a black mist. The mist slowly pulled away and formed into a glaring Harry Potter.

"You've been slandering me since the start of summer Fudge. You left out the little detail that the bodies of seven Death Eaters were at my home on Privet Drive. They were the ones who killed my relatives and I killed them. Your Aurors arrived and attacked me without asking any questions.

"You called me a Dark Lord when the only people I've killed have either been Death Eaters, or wizards and witches I killed in self defense. The tsunami was caused from my frustration and rage. You placed a bounty on my head that never warned them the extents my power reached. It's your fault so many have died and it's time for you to pay the price." Harry finished to the silent crowd and the terrified Minister.

Fudge was lifted into the air and his body was slowly turned to ash started from his feet and going up. He pleaded mercy as his body slowly turned to ash, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. In a matter of minutes the Minister was dead.

Harry turned to the stunned and fear filled crowd with a frown.

"Make sure you vote in a competent Minister this time." He said simply and vanished into black mist.


Three days later the Minister was Chosen. Amelia Bones was a near unanimous choice. She immediately set out to fix dozens of problems Fudge had caused. The first of which being to retract the bounty on Harry's head to prevent the damaging fights that the bounty had caused. She then admitted that Fudge had covered up the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. She made everyone aware that he and his death eaters had returned and laid out plans to fight back. She was accepted easily by the public of magical Britain who were eager for a Minister who could do the job right.


Hermione was sitting on a cushion next to a window in her room at Grimmauld Place. She had a photo album opened and had tear tracks on her cheeks. The photo album was filled with pictures of her, Harry, and Ron. She was using the moon light filtering in through the window to look at a picture of her and Harry laughing and hugging during the Yule Ball, just minutes before Ron's tantrum about Viktor. She cried for her lost friend in Ron, and cried for her current loneliness, and she cried for the friend who was slowly loosing himself. She was days away from returning to Hogwarts and she didn't know if she'd make it without Harry.


Albus Dumbledore was rubbing his metal arm and looking out his window. He was contemplating how things had gone so far out of control. He pondered on what would have happened had he trained Harry to control his power from a young age instead of binding it and leaving him with his relatives. He was bittered to admit that Harry would've probably killed Voldemort in the graveyard his fourth year and the war would be over. He had made a grievous mistake and thousands were dying because of it. He was reminded, disturbingly, of his similar mistakes with Tom Riddle. He shook his head and looked to his phoenix.

"How am I going to fix this?" Albus asked with a sad sigh.
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