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Let the Good Times Roll

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Haley doesn't like being left out.

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One Week Later

I came home that night from having dinner with some friends to celebrate the end of the semester. I had barely talked to Pete all week, since he knew I was busy with finals and didn't want to bother me. But I was missing him even more. While changing clothes, I came up with a brilliant plan. I quickly grabbed my Sidekick and hit Patrick's number, waiting impatiently for him to answer.
"Hey, Haley..."

"Sshh...don't let Pete know I'm talking to you. Is he around?"

"No, he's off playing video games with Joe."

"Good, cause I need your help."

"Is everything okay?" he asked, sounding concerned.

"Everything's fine. I'm going crazy because I'm stuck here without Pete, and I'm missing out on all the fun. So I decided I want to surprise Pete and finish out the rest of the tour."

"Really? That's awesome. But I thought you were going to work."

"I was, but I've been thinking about it, and Pete and I aren't as close as we used to be, and I think this is more important," I said. Patrick could relate to what I was saying, since he dealt with it in his relationships.

"If you feel that way, then it's a good idea. But you don't need to worry, Pete loves you more than anyone in the world. And yeah, you're going to have problems, but you two are perfect for each other. You two balance each other out, and are going to be together forever. I just know it. I wish I had that."

"Awww ...Patrick. Trust me the perfect girl is out there for you."

"Yeah, yeah. Enough of the Patrick pity party. But seriously, I'm excited that you're coming. When are you thinking about coming?"


"Miss him that much?" he laughed. "But that sounds good. Have you gotten a flight yet?"

"Nope. Where are you going to be at tomorrow. I forgot and I'm too lazy to look it up."

"Lazy," Patrick said, laughing. "But we're going to be in Atlanta tomorrow. Just text me when you get the details and I'll send someone to pick you up."

"Sounds good, but please not Dirty," I pleaded. Dirty was okay, but only then one of the guys was around to control him.

"Fine, not Dirty. I'll send Charlie. I gotta go, Pete's coming." He hung up.

I walked over to my desk and brought up the site to order the tickets. As I was looking at the flights, my phone rang. Glancing down at the screen I saw Pete's growly face.

"Hey Peter Panda," I said, trying not to sound too excited. I didn't want him to get suspicious.

"Whatcha doing? I'm hyper and bored, and Joe won't play video games with me," he whined.

"What did you do to him?" Knowing Pete, he was never completely innocent. I found a flight and typed in my credit card number.

"We were playing Mario Kart, and I was losing so I threw my shoe at him."

"Pete! Don't be mean to Joe."

"You love Joe more than me, I knew it!" I heard him throw himself on the floor.

"Oh, stop being so overdramatic. And yes, I'm running away with Joe to have his babies. How much sugar did you have anyway?"

"Um...a whole bunch of Capri Suns and fruit snacks," he said, giggling.

"Oh God. I feel sorry for the other guys." Next thing I heard was Pete yelling, and Joe yelling at Pete to get off of him.

"Peter Lewis..."

"You're not my mommy. You can't use my full name."

"Oh whatever. Are you sticking your tongue out at me?"


"Petey grow up," I said, laughing. I heard the phone hit the ground as Joe tackled him.

"I'm never gonna grow up. I'm Peter Pan!"

"Sure, you are. Just don't try to fly again," I said, remembering the time he decided to jump off the roof of his house.

We talked for a while longer until Pete had to go. "I'm going to go harass Andy. He's on the phone with his girlfriend," he said, laughing evilly.

"Leave poor Andy alone. He didn't do anything to you."

"Fine," he said, pouting. I imagined the look on his face and laughed.

"You're mean."

"You know you still love me."

He pouted for a second longer before saying, "I love you."

"Love you too. Now behave."

After hanging up with Pete, I sent a message to Patrick telling him I would be landing at 6. Looking at the clock, I saw it was almost 1 and decided to try to go to sleep, since I had a bunch of stuff to do in the morning to get ready.
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