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Izzie's POV

I had a few hours to kill before I had to get ready to meet up with Pete, Di, and William for our last time in Chicago before we headed to New York City for the fashion show. I decided to go to the salon and have my hair lighten and have streaks put in. After 2 hours I still had 4 hours to kill. I decided to commemorate my first fashion show with the bartskull tattoo on my lower back. After 2 hours of pain and needles I headed back home to get ready. When I got there I heard Di yelling and cursing to herself.

"Di is everything ok?"

"No I have nothing to wear because half my stuff is at Pete's place."

"It's ok, just borrow some of my clothes as long as it is not the outfit hanging on the door." Di nodded and went to my closet to get some clothes. I was in the process of changing when Di shrieks.

"When did you get a tattoo?"

"Today and I got my hair lighten and streaked."

"Mom is going to kill you."

"I don't give a shit. Hurry up or we are going to be late meeting the guys." We finished getting ready and met up with the guys. Will saw me and nearly lost it.

"I haven't seen you in a day and you have just gotten extremely sexier."

"Why thank you honey."

"Yea wait until you see the tattoo she got."

"You got a tattoo?"

"Yea, and sorry Pete for copying your infamous tattoo. But I got it today and it still hurts. I wanted something to commemorate our fashion show." I lifted up my top and showed the guys and pulled it back down.

"So does it hurt too much for you to have sex with me."

"Will not in front of my sister and Pete." He mouthed sorry and we ate dinner. Di left with Pete to spend the night at his place while Will spend the night at mine.

"So what made you do a complete 360 in your look today?"

"Nothing I felt like I needed a change."

"I heard you had a run in with Brendon today."

"Yea and he called me a whore and I said he wears whores clothing every single night when he performs, then he slammed the door in my face."

"Don't worry about him."

"I'm not. And besides I am not a whore, you should be the whore because you lured me to sleeping with you."

"Now I officially hate you."

"Aww and I love you too."

"Say that again."

"What? Aww and I love you too?"


"Will what is your problem?"

"You never said you love me before so I am just sinking it in."

"I have said it before."

"No you always said me too or ditto. Never I love you."

"Well I do love you."

"And I love you."

"Good now can we have sex because my tattoo is not hurting and I am really horny." I giggled and ran into my room. Will was close behind and closed my door and started to remove my clothes. He pushed to the edge of my bed but I stopped him before I laid down. "I think I should be on top because of my tattoo and all." Will just nodded and switch us around. I pushed him onto the bed and grabbed a condom from the end table. I quickly open it and put it on Will then straddle him. I started to grind in circles and Will grabbed my hips and making me go faster and harder on his dick. I start to tighten up and came fast and hard on Will's dick. After a few more thrust Will came and I collapse on top of him. We slept until morning until I heard Will cussing in the kitchen. I went to go see what he was doing until he saw me.

"No go back to bed. I am making you breakfast."

"Breakfast in bed I should have said I love you earlier."

"Yea maybe now back into bed I will be there in a few minutes."

"Ok," I crawled back into bed and waited for Will. Few minutes later Will came in with breakfast and coffee and juice. "Will you did not have to do this for me."

"I know but I wanted to do something special for you and make this morning special."

"Yea what is so special about this morning?" I said removing the cover for my food. But instead of food there was a small black box. I looked up at Will who taken the box off the plate and stared at me. "Will?"

"We have known each other for more than 10 months now and been together 7 months out of the 10. But within those 10 months I have grown to love you more and more each day. And I want to love you for every single day for the rest of our lives. Isabella Raines will you marry me?"

I was more than speechless and the tears in my eyes weren't happy tears but what the hell am I going to do tears. Yes I love Will but Brendon was the first person I ever thought about marrying. Well I am a whore in his eyes and he wants nothing to do with me. After these thoughts ran quickly in my head then muttered out, "of course I will marry you!" Will brought me in for a kiss and kissed me long and deep. I pulled away and looked at the box and then my finger.

"Sorry. I was caught up in the moment. Now I made some minor adjustments to your old ring and I hope you love it." Will opened up the box to reveal a completely different ring. Instead of a circular white diamond ring with pink diamonds, it was a square cut pink diamond ring with pink sapphires encrusting the band.

"It is absolutely hideous! Now put that ring on my finger now!" He laughed and slid the ring onto my finger and kissed me again. Not soon after my phone starts ringing. "Good news travels fast." I went to go pick up my phone and saw it was the office. I talked to them for a few minutes finalizing everything for New York City, when I heard the front door being opened. Will went to go see who it was and I heard congratulations being shouted. I hung up the phone and saw Di and Pete in the kitchen. "Hey you two what's up?"

"Oh nothing Pete and I are getting married!" Di hopped over to me and showed me her ring. A beautiful 3 stone diamond ring sparkled in my eyes until Di pulled her hand away and grabbed my other hand.

"Izzie what's this?"

"What? Oh nothing." I glanced over at Will who looked at Pete who looked at Di.

"Oh my God Will you proposed!?"

"Yea, just a few minutes ago."

"We are getting married!" Di shouted hugging me. We all exchanged hugs and laughed. Until Pete's phone went off.

"We should be getting ready for the airport. I will see all you at the airport. And you future Mrs. Wentz, I will see you on the plane. Bye guys."

We said goodbye and Will said he had to go home and pack. I kissed him goodbye and Di and I were left by ourselves.

"Why is your ring prettier than mine?" Di asked.

"Because I saw the last one Will got me and it was bad luck. Can you believe we are getting married?"

"No and guess who is designing my dress, your dress, and all 8 tuxes?"

"Oh no I don't mind your dress and mine but not 8 tuxes. I don't do men's tuxes."

"We will see about that. Come on we have to pack." We packed and left for the airport for the fashion show.
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