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Izzie's POV

So after the fight between me and Brendon I pack up all my stuff and moved out to Chicago. Di decided she was tired of traveling back and forth between Florida and Chicago so she moved in with me (and the fact our parents got a surprising divorce was a big deciding factor). The past couple of months have been difficult especially hearing Panic's new single and Ryan insisting I design the costumes for their tour (of course with out Brendon knowing). Will and I started to officially date again and Pete and Di's relationship finally became public. We spent New Year's together and now Pete and I have to prepare for the fashion show that is less than a week away.

"So Pete we got your band, TAI, Gym Class Heroes, and Cobra Starship to perform at the fashion show. But who is going to play bass in Fall Out Boy and guitar and drums in TAI because The Butcher and Mike are walking in the show?"

"I already talked to Ryan, Spencer, & Jon to fill in the spots."

"Why not just have Panic play?"

"Because Brendon has voiced his opinion of not wanting to perform but he is coming to the show."

"Yea that should make for an interesting reunion."

"Everything will be ok. By the way I have a question to ask you."

"Shoot, I am all ears."

"I was thinking about asking Di to move in with me."

"She will say yes, I think she is tired of hearing me and Will almost every single night and besides she is at your place when she is not at ours."

"And ask her to marry me as well."

"You want to marry my sister?"

"Yes and I kinda want your permission because I know your parents just got a divorce and everything and your blessing is what really matters now."

"Of course I give you my blessing to marry her. Aww you are going to be the brother I never had."

"Yea she has to say yes first."

"She will say yes. Now I have to design her wedding dress."

"Yea, speaking of weddings do you see you and Will getting engaged?"

"Why has he mentioned something to you?"

"Noo, but I knew he was going to propose to you in Paris. Whatever happened to that ring by the way?"

"I gave it back to him and asked him to hold on to it until he was ready to give it back."

"And if you are not ready?"

"I will never be ready. Hell I thought I was going to marry Brendon and look where I am now, back with Will thinking about marriage with him."

"Funny how things work out right?"

"Yea funny. Oh I have to go drop off Panics costumes at their hotel before tonight's show. I tell you they have more rips and tears in their costumes then my jeans."

"I can not believe you had time to make all their costumes and patch them up even after what had happen."

"What can I say? I am a nice person. See you tonight." I left for Panic's hotel to drop off their costumes to Ryan. I went to the front desk and asked for 'Mr. Mad Hatters" room. They told me and I went up to Ryan's room and knocked on his door.

Brendon's POV

The past few months have been hell. Seeing pictures of Izzie and Will holding hands and kissing drives me insane when they are plastered on every website. Now I have to see her at her stupid fashion show. The only reason I am going is because Pete is forcing me to go and the rest of the band is playing in different bands.

A few of days before the show we had a show of our own in Chicago and Ryan sent our costumes off to the dry cleaner so have them smelling decent again. I was in Ryan's room when I heard a knock at the door. I open the door and saw my clothes being shoved at me.

"You know Ryan I have some major deadlines before my very first fashion show and you are lucky I had time to sew up all of your guys costumes in one night. Just remember our agreement, don't tell Brendon I was the one who made the costumes and fixed them up ok? Thanks would be nice."

"Yea thank you Isabella."

"Brendon, I thought this was Ryan's room."

"It is I am just waiting for Ryan to go get the dry cleaning. I guess whores make house deliveries."

"Yea and whores make the costumes you wear every single night during your performances. Enjoy wearing a whores design." I slammed the door in her face and threw our costumes on the bed. An hour later, Ryan came back and noticed the costumes on the bed.

"Hey where did those come from?"

"You know Ryan I did not ask you who designed the costumes because you said you had connections. I did not know your connections were through whore houses?"

"Don't call her a whore. Just because you haven't forgiven her yet doesn't mean the rest of us haven't. She knew all of our sizes and knew exactly what we wanted and she did it in a week while she could have been doing her own designs for her show."

"You should have told me."

"Would you have worn the costumes if I told you? No, so just suck it up and pretend it came from a different designer. Come on we have sound check." We left for sound check and performed that night in our costumes. I hung up my costume and looked at it carefully. How didn't I know it was Izzie's designs, it has her name written all over it. Am I that blind to notice the small details any more?
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