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Chapter Thirteen

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Uh oh...

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Kendall sat at the kitchen table, diligently working on her homework as Patrick walked into the room.

He sat down next to her as a look of complete seriousness overtook his complexion.

"Hey, Ken?" he spoke,"Can I talk to you for a sec?"

She looked up from her paper at her father, eying him suspiciously,"Sure..."

"What do you think of Addie?" he asked.

Kendall felt the color drain from her face,"She's um... alright, Dad."

He nodded his head,"What do you think about making Addie a part of the family?"

Kendall gulped, remembering what Addie had said to her,"Well... Don't you think you're taking things a little fast?"

Patrick smirked,"No. I love her," he said simply,"I was thinking of proposing tonight," he pulled a small velvety black box out of his pocket.

Kendall felt as though she may get sick,"That's... that's great, Daddy."

Patrick smiled and kissed his daughter's forehead before standing and leaving the room.

Kendall's thoughts raced as she watched him leave the room.

There was one thing she was sure of:

Patrick was making a huge mistake.
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