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To the Bar

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Reno's fave place, a target and Rufus.

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Horror, Humor - Characters: Elena, Reno, Rude, Rufus Shinra, Tseng - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2007-06-25 - Updated: 2007-06-25 - 713 words - Complete

Reno didn't much like the look of where they were and liked the idea of going forwards even more but Rufus wasn't going to let up easily on him. He followed the Turk cautiously with one hand idled on the gun as he tried to determine where they where. If there was one thing Rufus Shinra hated it was having a lack of information within his reach.

"Sir I will go out of the gates and see where we are." Reno said as he picked the lock and slid through. Again his mobile phone gave out a strange static. Reno cursed as he'd wanted it fixed.

"Do not go out of my sight." Rufus warned him as he tried to avoid getting covered in sticky clogging blood.

"Rufus..." Reno looked up wide-eyed. "I'd stay there a while." He said as he spotted something on the edge of his vision.

One thing that Reno never thought about as he flung the EMR in to his hands was what the things were or whether the electrical jolts would work. A strange creature on two legs with what looked like no eyes screamed at him. It screamed and Reno nearly dropped his weapon it was that disturbing but he ended up launching at the thing and whacking it around the head.

Reno found that aiming at the forehead and bashing repeatedly over it seemed to work. He ended up with it on the floor screaming as he lay into it. The creature didn't want to give up without a fight and in it's death throes spat a strange black liquid over the Turks jacket. Reno stood back panting heavily as he looked at it and then saw smoke on his jacket.

"Shit." He cursed and threw the jacket off his shoulders watching as the smoke spread and his jacket was consumed. "Great..." He muttered.

"Reno are you okay?" Rufus said stepping out as they looked at the road they had emerged on.

"Rufus I don't think we're gonna wanna stay around here." He suddenly noticed that the phone stopped hissing when the creature died. "Do you have your phone?"

"Yes of course." He said rifling through his pockets. "Though I had turned it off."

"Yo, it's gonna say no reception but I reckon that whatever these things are they interfere with the phone. Mine goes crazy when this freaked out crap is around us." Reno explained. "Hey look over there it looks like a bar or sommit?"

"Reno now is not the time to get drunk!" He snapped turning his phone on.

"Nah I was thinking there might be someone in there to tell us where we was or," Reno turned and looked to his boss, "maybe a newspaper with the date and shit on it."

"Well that has some merit." He said stepping closer to the Turk and smiling a little. "It's pretty exciting though. I wonder what happened here. The place looks utterly deserted."

"Yeah well I guess if freakazoid monsters were running about like that I might wanna stay indoors. Mind you the apartments have no lights on. Man this place sucks." He said feeling a cool chilling wind wrap around him.

Rufus set off towards the bar on the corner and Reno jogged the few paces to keep up with him. He wondered where the others were. Why hadn't they followed? Rufus' patience was only going to last so long and Reno wasn't really all that eager to be the one it was aimed at.

Reno headed to the bar, it looked abandoned with dusted murky windows and no sign of life. He peered through the glass, strangely a juke box seemed lit up and there was a pool table. Reno went to his trouser pocket and pulled out a lockpick.

"Reno?" Rufus looked around. "Is that really necessary?"

"Hell yes, the drink's in there. I bet I can get some smokes. There should be a clue of where we are too." He pointed out. "Anyways we are great at 'General Affairs' so trust me."

Rufus rolled his eyes and made a mental note to avoid asking too many questions. He then heard the click as Reno managed to unlock the door. It was time to try and find some more information.
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