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Meeting the residents?

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The others are split from Reno and Rufus which serves to make the mission simple. Find the president!

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Elena and Rude sat on the large oak desk in the classroom as Tseng wandered along investigating. They would have to move out of the room at some point. Silent Hill? What was that anyway? Elena watched as he paced, trying to think and put himself in to the position of his missing Turk and the president.

"We should head outside and look for a bar." He said.

"Figures." Rude nodded as he pushed his shades up the bridge of his nose and looked around. "Out the window?"

"I think I would prefer it to the hallway." Tseng nodded.

Rude didn't need to be told twice and he moved to the window and punched out with his fist. It connected with the glass and the pane shattered. Rude gave a satisfied grunt before he leant out and checked the area. The sky looked grey and he was sure it was snowing. The curious thing about that fact was that it was not really all that cold.

"Tseng... it's a bit curious outside here." Rude said extending his arm out and bringing it in. Strange little flakes fell on to the dark jacket.

"That I suspect is ash." Elena said her fingers pinching at it. "Yup ash."

"Ash?" Tseng looked out of the window. "It's raining ash? Oh this just gets better."

Rude stepped outside not really all that interested in trying to discover the source of the problem or muse over it but to look for a way to Rufus and Reno. The redheaded Turk was okay in short doses or if you knew him well enough but he could be a bit much if you were having a bad day or if you were short tempered. He headed out in to the open street and looked around.

"It's clear." He shouted to them. "Abandoned looking but clear."

Tseng helped Elena out of the window and she smiled at him grateful for the gentle touch and thought. She headed over to meet with Rude and the three of them looked up and down. There were directions to various streets, a funfair, hospital and historical park with a boat lake. Rude grumbled, none of those were bars. He spotted the gas station and a figure moving around in it.

"Hey!" Tseng spotted the same thing. He moved that way and looked at the gas station. A burnt out old car sat on the forecourt the areas they walked were left with footprints in the ash. "Hey! Excuse me?" He called.

Elena moved behind Tseng with Rude as they approached the garage. The guy turned around and looked at the suited figures. He seemed to be quite concerned by their appearance. Tseng's hand idled over his katana as they moved in.

"Hey!" Tseng ran towards the guy who lifted a shotgun. "We just need you to help us to answer some questions."

"Get out of here!" The guy wavered the gun at them. "You gotta leave or they come after you. If they come after you they'll find me!" His eyes were wide, his voice maniacal. He had ripped and bloodied clothes.

"Who will find you?" Tseng asked.

"Them! They get to you and take you then he... he... oh god." He dived back behind the filthy counter. Tseng raised an eyebrow and looked to the others. "Get out, get out and don't be outside when it gets dark!"


"That's when they come!" He screamed and the shotgun levelled at them. Elena shot out with her pistol and it landed in the man's head. Grey matter mixed with skull fragments and blood splattered across a very faded pin up of a woman in a swimsuit. She put her gun back away.

"It's not proving to be a very good visit." Rude muttered under his breath. He flipped his phone open and tried to call Reno but the reception was non-existent. He moved his shades back up his nose and looked at the sky. "How will we know when it is night time anyway?"

Then the sirens started. The whole town was covered in a noise like an air-raid shelter and a few straggling bodies could be seen in the distance heading out to various areas. Elena ran to one, it turned out to be a teenager. She managed to get enough sense out of him to be told there was a bar around the corner. He told her to run fast and pray hard before he darted down an alleyway.

The Turks moved to the directed bar in the hopes that they would be able to resolve the situation immediately. They hoped to find Reno and Rufus. If they could at least get together as a group they might well be able to get back to their own world.
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