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To the Bar

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Reno and Rufus get in to the bar... with more surprises

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Nelys bar had a pool table and the main bar had neon lights that flickered around. Reno opened the door and half light from slatted bar windows gave a dusty and dilapidated feel to it. Rufus considered commenting that all the drinks would have gone off but looking at Reno and his already eager smile he decided not to burst the bubble.

"Let's hope the others can find us?" Rufus said after a long silence of them standing just in the doorway. Reno flipped a light on and Rufus pointed to the pool table. "You been here already?"

"What?" Reno looked over at the table.

In the centre staked by a pool cue was a decaying rotten corpse. It had bloated and looked as though with one touch it would like explode. Reno imagined a shower of green putrescent body fluids covering the already blood stained shirt. He decided not to antagonise the dead body and see if his forecast was true.

Reno stepped around it towards the back of the bar and slid under the counter top and looked around. The whole place was covered in dust. The bar had a rancid smell about it and Reno looked at the fur-covered lemon and lime sat in a small bowl. He nearly wretched as he stood in the husk of something. Thinking it might be a dead rat he soon realised that he was wrong. It was a severed arm.

"Okay this place is hell or something?" Reno asked Rufus holding up the arm.

"I suspect not but it certainly isn't pleasant." He said with a nod. Rufus smiled and spotted the cigarette machine. With the knife from a concealed area on his suit he opened the small lock on the side and threw a packet followed by a couple more to Reno. One bounced off his goggles and the next hit his cheek over one of the red tattoos. "Well we can hardly remain here with a dead guy and severed hand for company."

"Well its called Nelys Bar and we're in Silent Hill." Reno said reading off a matchbox on the side. "So ever heard of Silent Hill? I bet Hojo has."

"Well Hojo isn't here." Rufus said as they looked out over the night sky. Suddenly and ear blistering siren wailed out across the town. Rufus and Reno looked at one another. It did not sound good at all. The lights that were there suddenly ended and Reno searched around his pockets until he found a pocket light. Rufus did the same.

It was then that they realised they were not the only ones moving around in the bar. The bloated corpse jerked violently and the creature writhed and moaned. The eyelids fluttered around and a gurgle came as it wrenched the pool cue from it's gut. They were splattered with blood and Reno moved in front of the ShinRa president.

"Rufus I would strongly advise getting me a whisky." He said as he brought his pistol out in one hand and his EMR in the other. He had materia but somehow guessed that it just would not work. He raised the pistol and shot between the eyes. The creature moaned and more blood fell out of it but it continued to shuffled forwards.

Rufus went behind the bar and poured a whisky shot for them both. Damn the dust and danger. He looked at the creature and then to Reno. He lifted his own gun, it was more powerful, and shot. The creature stumbled back a few paces and that gave the Turk a chance to grab the pool cue and wallop the thing around the head. It moaned and slid down to the ground. He whacked it a few more times until it stopped moving and the varnished wood had snapped.

"That takes care of it." Reno said moving to the whisky and wiping his hands down what was left of his shirt. He downed the shot and looked to Rufus who finished his own.

"This is not the kind of thing I was expecting." Rufus said and looked at the bar. "And how in Midgar do we get back?"

"Good question." Reno said shuddering from the whisky and pouring another. "Well there's nothing here of use. Where next?"

"Maybe we should try and hold here for the evening? Those sirens were quite loud." Rufus settled on a barstool. "Then tomorrow look for a police station or something?"

"All right." Reno nodded. He looked out of the window. It was a mistake. All around the city he could see more strangely humanoid creatures stumbling around. They looked perversely adapted and they screeched when they came across each other. Occasionally they would smell something and hoard like flies to the spot.

Reno shuddered and closed the blind. He was a Turk, he wasn't afraid damn it. He didn't like the look of it though he had to admit. These things seemed to have been killed and risen or maybe be beyond killing. Whatever was going on it was unnerving and he couldn't get immediate answers. That and the complete lack of life in the area served to piss him off. He wanted someone he could interrogate and get answers out of!
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