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Ch. 7- I'm Not Okay

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ONCE AGAIN! NO REVIEWS!!!! I'm starting to get a little put off. I know ficwad can be a bitch, but I'm just asking for a few reviews from you readers. And thanks to aloneinacrowdedroom, the ONLY one who reviewed the previous chapter.

I looked at Frank and he looked back at me.

I sighed and gave in, "FINE."

He smiled, "Yay!"

"Okay...well. I guess, well shit...I'll start from the beginning. First time I heard of you guys, was when I saw the video for I'm Not Okay. You know, they movie video. Mikey was my favorite. I have this thing for glasses and bass players. And he was all quiet looking and stuff. Then, I guess when Ghost Of You came out Ray was giving Mikey a run for his money, and eventually became my favorite. But I think Bob might be my second favorite. I dunno. Bob has his own category I think."
Frank looked at me and laughed. "Wait...what about me and Gerard?"

I gave him a look "Well, you... were the one I thought was the cutest...with the kiss and stuff in I'm Not Okay. I dunno...No offense?"

"None taken!"

"And..." I lowered my voice. "You have to keep this to yourself."

He nodded, and I went on. "And Gerard...well, he was my least favorite. I thought he was gross looking; the ugliest motherfucker in the world -not really, but you get the point- I just wasn't a fan, and I got tired of hearing all my friends, my sister and every other female alive go 'Ooooh, Gerard!'" I explained making a face.

"Ohhhh. Wait...was?" Frank was nosy.

"You're so nosy...jeez. I think he's kuh-not gross anymore...or ug-nevermind." I stopped when I heard footsteps.

"Hey guys. He get it out of you finally?" Asked Gerard.

"YEA! And she-" I covered Frank's mouth with my hand.

"Yea, so how bout some nightclothes?"

"Oh yea. I'll just get you some of mine. hold on."

"You promised!" I whined to Frank after Gerard left.

"I wasn't gunna tell 'em!" He whined back.

I looked at him, and he smiled. "Fine. I believe you. For now!" I warned.
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