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Ch. 8-Make My Heart Skip

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THANK YOU GUYS FOR REVIEWING. Here's a slightly longer chapter, and sorry it took so long for me to update.

Gerard came back with a black shirt and boxers and pajama bottoms.

"Didn't know if you wanted boxers or bottoms, so choose I guess."

", Gerard."

"Anytime. Oh and... I guess you can sleep in the back room, whenever you get tired, but if you get tired before we're done playing the game you can have my bunk." He offered.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yea, positive." He smiled reassuringly.

"Kay, thanks."

He nodded and went back to his game.

When I turned to Frank he was smiling.

"Shut up." I said, and he laughed.

"Sorry! So, what part of Tennessee are you from?" He asked.

"I'm not. I'm from Kentucky. Me and my friends drove here from Henderson -where I'm from- to see you guys and Muse."


"Yea. Well worth it. It was great...The concert I mean. Muse was fucking awesome. I've always dreamed of seeing them live. When they played Our Time Is Running Out, I went APESHIT!" I babbled.

"Yea? They were pretty awesome. What'd you think of us?"

"Fucking great! When you guys did your Three Cheers set, I was elated-" I was cut off by Ray coming into the room with a phone.
"Um...that guy Collin, I think."

I took the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey. Where are you at...and who's phone? Why don't you have yours?"

I went into an explanation for what seemed to be the thousandth time that night.

"Well, my phone went dead, I'm on Fran's right now."

"Yea, she's pretty pissed."

"Well it's not my fault!"

"I know."

"Then why is she pissed?"

"Because-I guess cause...well shit I don't know, I didn't really understand her reasoning, and both Fran and Ashley are asleep, so..."

"Oh. That's stupid. It's not my fault though. Ugh, well, can you pick me up at the airport? Tomorrow."

"Yea. Just call me and tell me when you'll be in."


"Do me a favor though."

"What's that?"

"Get like...a pick or something from the guitarist of Muse."

I laughed and agreed and then got off the phone.

"They worried?" Asked Ray as I handed his phone back.

"Yea...I think. Fran's mad, though. Dunno why. Didn't get a chance to ask her, she's asleep." I explained.

"Alrighty. So, are things set?" Ray asked.

"Yea, he'll be there to pick me up. Anyway. I'm going to change." I stood up slowly, and started to limp to the bathroom.

"Here. lemme help." Ray came up next to me and put his arm around my waist, and I slung my arm around his and continued to hobble to the bathroom.

I changed into the clothes I was given, opting for the pajama bottoms. I limped back to the kitchen and saw Frank was no longer there, so I made the painful journey to the back room. I walked in and saw this amazing set up for such a small space. Frank and Gerard were now racing each other in some race game. Ray, I assume, had gone to bed.

"Um thanks, Gerard." I said looking at Frank with a worried glance.

"Oh no problem." He responded distractedly, eyes never leaving the screen.

"Um, one last question before I go to bed. Where can I put my clothes and your boxers?"

"Toss 'em to me." I passed the articles of clothing to Gerard, making sure my bra was hidden in my pants leg somewhere.

"Oh. And I dunno what place to sleep at."

"bottom bunk, left."

I nodded and turned to leave the room.

"Do you need help?" Gerard asked when he saw me hobbling towards the bunks.

I turned and nodded pitifully with my head down.

He paused the game and stood up, stretching. He turned to Frank "Fuck with my game and die!"

Frank nodded innocently.

Gerard turned and came toward me. He placed his arm around me, just as Ray had done earlier. I looked at his face and forced the gasp that was rising in my throat to keep itself hidden. His eyes were gorgeous; even in the dim light, and his face. I shook myself mentally when I saw Gerard's eyebrow raise and placed my arm around him. I felt my heart skip a beat. Hell maybe even two.
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