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Things that hurt most

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Roy finds Maes' box in their old hiding place.

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Title: Things that hurt most
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairings:Maes/ Roy
Rating: Well, slight warning i guess.
Summary: Roy finds Maes' box in their old hiding place.

Disclaimer: I do not own FMA.
Author's note: Haha...this story is based on seaweed's 'K is for Knife' once again, i want to thank her!!!! Yippy. Now let's get reading.

Roy stood underneath the tress that was before the buildings that made up the central HQ, looking up at the white imposing buildings, the flags flapping in the wind, then sighed and turned away. It has been a few months since Maes was killed, and the murderer was still at large. He has never forgotten that day. How could he? It seems that everyone wanted to die before he did. Never again, he had vowed. I'll protect them.

A breeze ruffled his hair, the leaves rustling behind him. He looked up at the bright sunlight filtering through the leaves, and was reminded of when he and Maes were still students, learning alchemy, and also when he was slacking during work, when Maes and himself came down here to get a breathe of fresh air away from the strictly disciplined atmosphere in the military offices. So carefree were the days back then, when they hardly took heed of anything else in the world other than themselves. Running a hand through his hair, he sighed. It was, in some way or other, his fault that Maes was killed. The guilt and pain would always be with him, but for the sake of Riza and Havoc, he had tried to look more cheerful, overwhelming himself with so much work that the pain will be momentarily forgotten, but when he had nothing to do, like at night when he couldn't sleep, the pain would return and tear at him. But he constantly reminded himself that if he didn't start working and getting back to routine, he wouldn't be honouring Maes' death. Then Maes would die for nothing.

Turning, he noticed a tree with a hole halfway up its trunk. Walking over to it, he put out a hand to touch the rough bark of the tree, and smiled despite himself. The tree hole used to be him and Maes' hiding place for some of their own things when they were students, though by now it probably would be empty. Feeling rather foolish, he reached into the hole, expecting to find nothing there, but his fingers encountered something hard and wooden, regular in shape, and definitely not a work of nature. Frowning, he withdrew his hand and in it was a wooden box. 'Whose box is this?' Roy wondered aloud. The box was retangular in shape, and was nailed shut. When he turned it over, he saw the name 'Maes' etched on the side in an untidy manner, and felt his heart skip a beat. Not believing his eyes, he looked again. Sure enough, the name was Maes. His heart hammering, he took it back with him to the office.

That evening, when the office was almost empty, Roy sat alone in his office, Maes' wooden box on his desk before him. Should he open it, and once again refresh those painful memories? Debating with himself painfully for a few minutes, he finally decided to open the box. Why not? Maes was his friend. In fact, Roy kind of welcomed the pain he always felt whenever he was reminded of him, because he missed Maes- he wanted to be reminded of him, actually, no matter how painful it was. Pulling out the nails, he opened the lid and emptied its contents on the table. There were photos, quite a number of them, a few marbles, his graduation certificate, and quite an amount of mumbo jumbo. Grinning, Roy remembered that MAes never kept his things tidily. Picking up the photos, he began to sort through them.

Students. Photos of him and Maes playing a fool, clowning around. There was a photo of Roy, all wet and dripping, yelling at the camera. Maes prancing around with more photos. A few photos of Roy sleeping. Parties. A few casual shots. Graduation photos.

Friends. Collages. Havoc, Riza, Brenda, Felis, Fuery, Sheizka. A military group photo, with Armstrong's head slightly cut off because he was so tall. Candid shots. Officers at work. Black Hayate biting Havoc's trousers.

His family, Gracia. Alicia. Family photos...

Roy put the photos aside, guilt and pain coming over him again. Those days were long gone, as was Maes. They were like a dream, already fading, blurring in his mind. It was getting harder and harder to remember those days now. Harder still to remember happiness, or how to smile. With the photos were his graudation cert, a few notes, and Maes' knife...

It was the kind Maes carried around for throwing. It was small, but hefty as Roy found out when he picked it up. The handle was intricately decorated, the blade sharp, jagged, gleaming in the light. Deadly. Has Maes used it to kill someone before? Holding the knife in his hand, all the memories of Maes came flooding back, things he thought he'd forgotten, things that he had been trying to forget for a long time. Roy choked back the tears that were threatening to burst his dams. On impulse, he hefted the knife, armed, and threw it, where it thudded into the wooden table, the blade sinking halfway into the wood. Pulling it out, Roy inspected the cut in the table, running a finger lightly alone it. The blade of the knife gleamed, as Roy realised that he can never ignore Maes, deny his existence. His knife was proof enough, his prescence too strong to be forgotten. 'Damn you, Maes..' Roy growled, and covered his face with his free hand, crying openly and freely for the first time since Maes' death alone.

Outside Roy's office, Riza Hawkeye leant against the door, holding some reports in her hand, as the sounds of Roy's sobbing came through clearly through the doors. Since morning, ever since the Colonel came back, he hadn't been himself, and thus she had stayed back to see if there was anything she could do to help. At her feet, Black Hayate nudged her leg with his nose and whined softly. Kneeling down, she stroked his head, smiling gently, sadly. How she wanted to go in and comfort the colonel, but she knew that he wouldn't want anyone to see him like that.

'I guess, sometimes it's good to cry and let your feelings out instead of bottling them up...' she murmured to Black Hayate, who looked at her questioningly and whined again.

Inside the office, Roy was still crying.

Author's Note: How was it? I think this one is really lame...maybe i don't have the writing talent...wah. Next...well, it's R is for...
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