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R is for...

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A game of chess and an alphabet word game.

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Title: R is for...
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairings: Maes/Roy
Summary: A game of chess and an alphabet word game.

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA. Wish i really really did!!!

It was mid- afternoon, and since everyone had their day off, they all gathered in the Colonel's house ( for some unknown reason ), even Black Hayate. Roy had a spacious living room, and so it wasn't much of a problem accomodating the whole gang as they lounged around, Fuery looking idly out of the window, Felis and Riza scratching Black Hayate behind the ears on the couch, and Breda watching as Roy and Havoc playing chess.

No one really remembered who started it, but sooner or later, everyone was playing the alphabet game, even Havoc and Roy, though it meant that they must think even more other than chess. When they got to 'D', Roy had checkmated Havoc, and Havoc, who was determinedly not accepting defeat, had to restart again.

'E for elephant.'

Roy moved his pawn forwards and captured Havoc's pawn. 'Hey!!' Havoc protested.

'Er, Goat,' Breda quirked a brow at the chess board before whispering something to Havoc, who grinned and moved his knight backwards. Two moves later, Roy's bishop was captured.


By the time they had reached the 'R's, at least six games were exchanged between Roy and Havoc, with five wins to Roy and one win to Havoc. As he studied the board, Havoc realised that he was stuck. Either his knight would be taken, or his bishop.


Roy captured Havoc's knight with his queen. 'Reverse,' Havoc muttered in turn. While Havoc pondered, Roy went through some thinkig of his own. 'Regret,' he said, the word coming to him naturally. It was what he'd constantly been going through. Of things what he was feeling, most of them belonged in the 'R's.

Remorse. Regret. Remembrance.


As always, he never felt complete without Maes. It was as if a part of him has died with Maes, lost forever. In a way, it was true. He missed his friend's monkey antics and jokes, and him constantly reminding him to get married. 'Check,' Roy said as he moved his king forward, Havoc making a panicked, frustrated sound.


'Roy, you don't have to go so hard on me, must you?' Havoc muttered. '...Rebel.'

'There's no such thing like mercy and compassion in a war. Check mate.' Roy tipped Havoc's king over with his own.

'It's time we moved on to the 'S' now...' Havoc said for a change of subjects.

Roy got up from his seat as Havoc cleared the chessboard for another game, not appearing to hear. That's right, in a game, there are always bound to be sacrifices. He had to sacrifice his knight to checkmate Havoc, just like how Maes was sacrificed. He knew that there wasn't much he could do about it. Other than...


The word was loud and clear in the almost silent room, and everyone turned to look at Roy. He was staring at the window, oblivious to the reaction fo the others, and there was this fierce, ruthless look in his eyes that made Riza shudder when she looked at her superior. She had seen him once like this beforem and it had frightened her. She could only hope that he wasn't planning something stupid.

'...Roy?' Havoc prodded cautiously.

R for revenge. That was the last thing he could do for Maes.

Author's notes: So how was it? Only one review so far?? Aw~! Come on, and tell me!! Grrrr~!!!! Coming up next, Letter.
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