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Roy's Fuhrer, and things are moving along...

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Title: Letter
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairings: Maes/ Roy
Summary: Roy's Fuhrer, and things are moving along...

Disclaimer: I still don't own FMa...yet.

Roy stood in front of the window in his office, staring out at Havos who was downstairs playing snap with Black Hayate. At least three years has passed since he had beaten Bradley and uncovered his plans. Now he was Fuhrer in place of the homunculi Pride. He counted himself lucky that he was still alice, and so were his friends. Now that the homunculi was defeated, more and more plans of the military were uncovered, and through the three years, Roy had aknist gotten a straight promotion to his current rank now. things were running the way he wanted them to be ( though not to Hawkeye's favour since he still slacks, the procrastinate ), the Elric brothers had resigned three months after the whole thing was over now that Alphonse had somehow gotten his body back ( though for Roy now his life seemed a little too drab ), and Havoc has finally gotten himself a girlfriend ( no guarantee she won't dump him like all the others before him ).

He had taken revenge for Maes, and he had acheived what he wanted. What now? He didn't feel particularly accimplished or elated, as he should have, but only a bone-deep tiredness. Revenge was taken, but what good does it do? He didn't know. A soft knock sounded from the door.

'Sir.' Roy turned from the window where Hayate had just succeeded in taking a bite out of Havoc's hand, to see Riza saluting him, and inevitable, another stack of documents in her arms.

Groan. 'I've just finished this stack...'

'No excuses, sir. Oh, and here's a letter for you.' Putting down the stack of papers on his desk and handing over the letter, she left.

Could it be from the Elric brothers? It had been some time since he had last heard from them. Opening the letter, he felt his breath catch at the sight of the familiar name he always saw on a grey tombstone.

'Maes, not you again...' Roy scratched his head and scowled. 'Aren't you supposed to be dead?'

Dear Roy,

If you get this letter, it means that i'm already dead, and i guess that about five years have passed then. I told Gracia to mail this for me if i die.

Hey Roy, i don't know if you've become Fuhrer yet, but if you have, then congratulations, mate!! Must be touch on you though, since the Fuhrer about overlooks everything. Just make sure lt. Hawkeye doesn't kill you. If not, you'll just have to keep working harder. I'm sure that with that much friends helping you, you'll get what you want in the end. I'm sorry i couldn't stay to help and watch you become Fuhrer. Well, don't be sad. You know that from the day we join the military, our uniform may well turn into our funeral suit at any one time. I'm just going first, dude. Don't make me wait too long.

Since i'm no longer there to watch you, you must be careful yourself. Don't get too agitated over certain things, and think before you act ( which you never do ).

'Since when am i but?' Roy asked the letter, leaning against the table.

But anyway, i'm glad to have known you, Roy. I wish you luck, and take care of Alyssia and Gracia for me.

Another knock on the door. 'Enter,' Roy said.

'Sir, someone's here to see you,' Riza smiled mysteriously.

'Hmm?' Roy raised his eyebrows as Riza stepped aside, and Edward, with a grin on his face, sauntered in, followed bu his brother.

'Hey, Colonel Bastard. How have you been, eh?' He grinned.

'That's Fuhrer for you, pipsqueak,' Roy answered as he put down the letter on his desk. 'I'm no longer Colonel.'

'To me you're always Colonel Bastard,' Edward drawled, shaking his head.

'And you're forever the red bean pipsqueak tinier than a-' Roy began.

'Who are you calling tiny like-' Edward began loudly.

'Brother!!!' Alphonse exclaimed.

'It's been a long time, Edward, Alphonse,' Riza smiled, feeling as if things were back to then.

'Yeah, and i've grown taller.' Edward glared at Roy, daring him.

'Oh really? And i just thought a dwarf came in through the door. Sure you grew taller, not shorter?' Roy raised an eyebrow, taunting.

'Hey-Edward and Alphonse's here!!' Havoc poked his head around the door, nursing a badly bitten hand to see what the commotion was all about. 'Hey guys-!!!

'Sheesh, this way no work's gonna get done today,' Roy sighed as Breda, followed by Felis, Havoc and the rest and barrelling in at the door. A happy reunion, he would say? But it was good to have Edward back, especially when-

'I've decided to come back!!' Edward announced. 'Life's too boring without Colonel Bastard.' A lot of cheering.

'Brother!!' Alphonse muttered. 'Don't be rude.'

'Then n this case...' Riza looked to her superior.

'Day's off then!! Let's go somewhere for a celebration!!' Roy gave in to the band.

'Hurray!!' Breda cheered at the thought of food.

'Let's go trash up his house after that!!' Edward chipped in. More cheering.

Roy shook his head as he pulled on his coat and followed the rest out admist the cheering and noise they were making. Now things were really back to then. 'Life's gonna be difficult again,' Roy thought to himself.

You'll always have friends around you. It doesn't really matter if i'm not there anymore, because they'll be there for you. Just hang in there and don't disappoint them, Roy. I'll be leaving first, bye!!

P.S: This letter might self-destruct in a few seconds.

Yours Sincerely,
Maes Hughes

P.P.S: Get a wife soon.

[The end]

Author's note: Nice, huh? I'll be adding up more fanfics, so if there's any requests, just ask me for it, okay? Okay? Say yes!!! See you again next time.
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