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Chapter 16 - I Can't Save Her. I Just Can't...

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Derek's P.O.V:

Throughout the show Jane was acting really strange as if she was frightened of something. The guys and I all noticed but thought best to put it aside until we went offstage.

" Thank you and goodnight Chicago!" Jane screamed. She ran into the dressing room after we exited and we followed right behind her. When we entered we found her in the middle of the floor huddled up heavily breathing and crying.

" What the fuck happened Jane? Are you alright? Speak to me Jane please speak to me!" Adam said to her putting a hand on her shoulder. She flinched as her did that and backed up a bit away from us.

" He's back. HE'S BACK!" She said screaming the last bit. We all looked at eachother wondering what she was talking about. Holly came in and saw the commotion. Right away she went over to Jane's side. She seemed different lately. I didn't want to admit anything to her yet but I wasn't in love with her anymore. I don't know how it happened I just realized it a couple weeks ago.

" Common help me get her out to the bus. She needs some rest." Holly said. Jake came over and scooped her up into his arms and started towards to back exit.

" Hey what's wrong with Jane?" Mikey asked as he picked up his guitar.

" Just not feeling good. We're going to take her back to get some rest." I replied. We made it to the tour bus and layed her down on her bunk then went back to the arena to sign some autographs.

Mikey's P.O.V:

I could sense something wasn't right. It was sometime after I encountered Gerard and then Jane. She didn't look too good. It's something worse than what Derek told me. I can feel it, I thought.

Yeah Gerard's been acting stranger than usual. Something happened between him and Jane and he's not telling us. I can feel it tearing him up inside, Frank replied to me as Gerard was telling everyone goodnight. Ray and Bob both agreed.We exited off stage and went to our dressing room.

" You okay Gee you don't look so good." Alicia asked. He sat down and let out a deep sigh before looking up at me with tears in his eyes.

" Help me Mikey. I think I just killed us all. Why did I have to do that? Why do I have to be in love with her. FOR FUCK SAKES WHY!" He cried out expressing his razorsharp fangs. He bit the sides of his mouth making him bleed. I stood there just looking at him wide eyed.

" What do you mean you think you've just killed us all? What the fuck are you talking about?" I said frightened.

" Anthony... I kissed Jane... now he's back and is going to kill everyone in his way of getting her.... Holly's not mortal.... I dunno what she is... but she's not good." He answered slowly with short breaths.

" So that's what she meant," Someone whispered. We turned around and Derek, Adam and Jake were standing inside the doorway dreading what Gerard just said.

" I never thought this would happen. Not to her. We all knew Anthony could do this but wqe never thought he would. Shit..." Adam said.

Gerard's P.O.V:

The guys from DGD made their way over to me and knelt beside me on the floor.

" It's up to you whether we all live or die. Would you give your life up for her? What would you do to save her?" Derek asked. I looked up at them, salty tears still freshly gliding down my face.

" Anything. I love her with my very soul, " I responded quietly.

" You are Jane's and all of ours' only hope. If you choose to fight, there is no turning back. If you don't you must kill her for her to be free so you and everyone else will be able to live. If you choose that than you will never be able to see or even hear her again. So what is it? Jane or your own soul?" Derek said courageously. I got up off of the ground and felt as if not even the strongest forces and obsticales could get in my way of being with Jane.

" I will fight for her. We will be together, no matter what it takes."

" We're all in," Ray spoke up. The others all said that they were in also.

" If it means yours and Jane's sake, i'm in," Frank said hugging me. I returned the gesture and said thank you. After that we talked some more and then FOB came into the room. We told them everything and then they were in as well. I felt somewhat better now. But then I felt something inside of me turn. Something happened...

" So where is she anyways?" Pete asked. I ran out to their bus an fast as I could, my heart breaking with every step, dreading what I was to find.

" JANE! JANE!" I yelled running onto the bus to find it torn apart as if there was a struggle. There was dark blood staining the walls and floors. I made my way to the back finding a note in Jane's bunk written in even more blood.

Don't even try to find her lover boy.
She vowed to marry me and be mine. We'll be together forever and you won't be able to stop me from having her.
I dare you to try fucker.


I froze unable to move. He got to her. Why wasn't I here making sure she was safe? Fuckin idiot. She'll never be able to forgive me. Neither will the others. Not even myself.

I can't save her. I just can't...

*A/N: Sooo tell me what you guys think! I told you guys there was going to be one chapter that's gonna suck really badly so here it is hahah... Thanx for reading everyone! --Christiexox
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