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Chapter 17 - Hey Janey Miss Me?

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Jane's P.O.V:

After those guys went back to the arena I sat up in my bunk. Why me? Why now? What did I ever do to deserve this life?

'Everything,' came a voice. All of a sudden the lights in the tour bus shut off. It went silent. The only sound in there was my heavy breathing. I suddenly realized who's voice that was. I felt my stomach lurch with guilt and hatred. I remembered all of those terrible moments that left me scarred with what felt like a thousand different wounds.

" Holly... why? How could you? " I whispered slowly. I turned to find her sitting on the table near the middle of the bus. I walked a couple steps to get a clearer view of her.

" Why? You really ask that question? Come on Jane. You know fact from fiction. Put the pieces together!" she said as if she was trying to explain basic knowledge. " Did you ever think for one second that I don't enjoy spending time with you? The only reason I was around was because I had to make sure you were actually alive. For fuck sakes!"

" Who the fuck are you? You're not the person I grew up with. What did you do with her! " I asked enraged and scared as to what she did with my friend. She let out a high pitch laugh before answering.

" I got rid of her a long time ago. She was just getting in my way. You were in my way. But now, I can get what I rightfully deserve and get rid of what I hate the most. Again it's you. Surprise!" She sarcasticly replied. You could hear the filth in her words. No, this was not the friend I grew up with.

" You haven't answered my question. Who the fuck are you!" I spat at her clenching my fists together. She simply laughed and got up off the table. She the stopped and turned around, glaring at me with red eyes.

" Your worst nightmare," she replied quietly but lowed enough to hear clearly. I tried to reach her but she vanished before my eyes.

" Hey Janey miss me?" I froze. The last time I heard that voice...

'...never be loved. You never were and you never will be.'

" No need to respond, love. Now, what have you been doing whilst I was gone? Oh yes I recall the jackass now. Gerard Way, is it not?" he asked s if it were an everyday question. I was suddenly filled with rage and fear for Gerard.

" Don't you dare touch him you sick bastard! He never did anything! Just leave him alone!" I said through clenched teeth as I turned around with my fists balled as tight as I could until they were bleeding. He looked almost the same as he did that night except his hair was pitch black as were his eyes. I never fell for him this time though. This time I felt pure hatred against him.

" Aww baby doll don't do that you'll ruin your hands. You wouldn't want all those men out there without an extra hand or two to help fuck themselves into tomorrow? Would ya now? Especially Mr. Way. Wouldn't want to displease him now. You two seem so good together. The chemestry that you two have it's unmistakable!" he remarked. " Shame to see someone like him go to waste now wouldn't it?"

" STAY AWAY FROM HIM" I shouted lunging at him with all my might. He grabbed my wrists in mid air and pulled me close to him.

" Spend the rest of eternity with me or let your little lover and the rest of your friends parish. So what will it be?" I looked into his eyes and kissed him softly. He let his grasp go and as he did I bit his lip as hard as I could. I ran stumbling over things as I went.

" YOU LITTLE BITCH!" He shouted grabbing me again. This time he pulled my head back by my hair. " Now I will only say this one more time. Come with me or let him die," his whispered into my ear.

" Please don't hurt him," I begged him crying. He grinned from ear to ear.

" That's what I thought." He whispered some words as I fell into an even worse darkness. I saved my friends and Gerard. That's all I needed to do. It's worth their safety even if they all hate me.
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