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Chapter 18 - Don't Think You're Going Without Me

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Gerard's P.O.V:

I can't save her. I just can't...

I fell to my knees crying. After a minute or two I heard footsteps but I didn't bother to turn around to see who it was.

" Oh my god. He is back," Derek gasped. I felt someone lay their hands on my shoulders. I looked up to see Frank crounched down looking at me saddened by what he saw in front of him.

" It okay Gee we'll get her back," he said to me. I got up off of the ground.

" DON'T YOU GET IT? I CAN'T! I can't save her. He has her and I can do nothing to help her. She's going to spend eternity with the one she really loves." I handed Frank the blood stained note. The others read it too and then there was silence.

" Yes you can. If you really love her you'll go after him. She doesn't love him she loves you. Why can't you see that?" Adam asked me, ashamed of the man he saw in front of him. They all left the bus after Adam leaving me alone to wallow in my self pity.

" So you're going to save Jane, eh?" came a voice from beside me. I turned to find a woman standing there adorned in black from head to toe. She had shoulder length straight light brown hair with purple highlights, tan skin with her lip pierced on the rightside. I saw that she had some stuff strapped to her belt.

" I can't. I don't know what i'm going to be faced with and... wait. Why am I saying this to someone I don't even know? Who are you exactly?" I asked suspiciously.

" My name is for me to know and you to find out. But if you want my help you will not ask any questions about my personal life, where I come from or anything like that. Understand?" She said. I nodded in agreement. " Good. Now I should probably tell you that I am also a Haroquel. One that fights against the dark forces that could harm my kind. I heard about Jane's situation and thought that if you were to save her that I might be of some very much needed assistance." She looked around the tour bus.

" Guess she put up one hell of fight." She took her finger and rubbed it against some of the blood on the wall. I just stood there wondering what she was doing. She saw the note on the floor and bent down to pick it up. After a couple minutes she finally spoke up.

" Don't listen to this. They usually do this to try and scare us all off to give them time to escape and so that no one searches for them. But the blood is still fresh. That means we must get going at dusk. You should rest for now. I will return tomorrow at first light. You may take one accompaniment to come with us. I cannot deal with soo many people. Until then, Gerard," she told me before turning to exit the tour bus. I ran out after her only to find an empty parking lot. I made my way onto the my tour bus to find everyone talking. They stopped when they saw me enter the bus.

" I am heading out tomorrow at dawn so I have to get something to drink then some rest." I went over and gave everyone a hug before turning to leave. " I love you all and make sure to stay safe for me even if I don't return." I stepped off of the bus and started to head towards the road. I felt someone come up behind me. I turned and saw it was Frank.

" Don't think you're going without me."

" No Frank it's too dangerous I couldn't risk you getting killed."

" I'm going through free will. Jane's my friend and you're my friend too. You both are like family to me. I don't really have nothing to worry about anyways."

" What about Jamia?" I asked him.

" We broke up. It wasn't working out between us and we didn't love eachother like we used to so we talked and left eachother on good terms. We're still going to be friends and all." He shrugged. I felt that something wasn't right about what he just said.

" She found someone else and dropped you," I said now knowing why he seemed different. I looked over at him and saw tears rolling down his face.

" We were engaged Gee. I proposed to her 2 months ago and we kept it secret. Guess she didn't want me."

" Shit Frank. I didn't know about that. There's someone out there for you Frank. You've just not met the right one. But for me, Jane is mine. She's my everything. She makes me feel things i've never felt before. She's different Frank. She's the one I want to spend eternity with."

" And you will. Trust me, you will."

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