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Chapter 19 - Yeah That's It. I'll...

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*A/N: I think this is my best chapter yet... well that's just me saying that hahah


Jane's P.O.V:

After being put to sleep I awoke what seemed like days later to find myself in another dark environment.

" Great," I mumbled to myself. I tried to get up only to find out that I was chained to the wall.

" Oh fuck off already!" I snapped. " Now I must be going insane." Trying for what felt like over an hour to get out of the heavy metal shackles I heard someone enter the room.

" You know that's not going to help Janey," I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up to see a dim shadow. Suddenly I heard a match spark and a cerosene lamp which it lit making me see my surroundings. It seemed as if it was a dungeon and judging from what was keeping me chained to the wall i'd say it was.

" What the fuck do you want," I spat at her.

" Now, now Janey that's not how to treat a friend now is it?" She walked over to the other side of the room and sat down in a worn out wooden chair.

" More like slut," I said laughing menacingly. 'Okay now I know i'm insane.' She got up off of her chair, came over and smacked the side of my face causing my head to move to my left. Blood trickled down the side of my face as a large amount of pain generated in my right cheek. I turned my head straight again to look at her. I spat blood at her face.

" That the best you've got?" I said breathing heavy from how much pain the fresh wound inflicted on my jaw bone. She just looked at me then went back to sit down in the chair, crossing one leg over the other.

" Hear you put up a fight for your little boyfriend," she told me inspecting her finger nails.

" He is NOT my boyfriend!" I replied angrily, wishing I hadn't said that so harsh because it just made the pain even more intense. She just started to laugh at me putting her hands up.

" Wooah there don't go all postal on me now!"

" Why are you here. Don't you think you put me through enough torment over the years?" She looked directly in my direction as her eyes went completely black.

" Not even close. But don't worry, you're going to marry Anothony and spend eternity with him as it was supposed to be. Blah de blah de blah the end." I raised an eyebrow.

" I always knew you liked him. Is that why you killed my friend and took her body? Just out of jealously? Now that's just sad." I felt the anger coarse through her veins.

" Shut up you little bitch before I kill you." I chuckled at her, feeling the wound on my face heal.

" I'm a Haroquel dumbass! You could never kill me."

" But I sure as hell can." We both turned to find Anothony walk inside the room. " That is, if you want your little friends to die. We all know you still love me. You've never stopped! Don't think that, that was just your conscious saying all of that. I know how you feel and I still do. So we'll get married as we were suppose to. Til the end and long after that, babe." He got out a pair of keys and unlocked the cuffs. He offered his hand out to me as Holly scoffed. I took it knowing if I didn't that he'd probably kill my friends and Gerard. Thinking about him made me feel terrible. I wanted to be with him, not Anothony. Yes I still loved him and i'll probably never stop. But my place was with Gerard.

" You're place is with me now," Anthony stated calmly. He took me through mazes of hallways and doors until he brought me to a large, lightly stained wooden door. He opened it to reveal a large room filled with blacks, blues, purples and whites. On the wall at the back of the room was a king size bed with black satin sheets. There was a bathroom, small kitchen area stocked with food and another door. I opened it to find a big walk in closet filled with various clothing, most of which were dresses. I started to look through them amazed by how beautiful everything was.

" Only the best for you. Now if you'll excuse me I must go and take care of some buisness." After he walked out I sat down on the bed wondering why he was being so nice to me.

" He's doing it because he's softening you up. After you state your vows and you are offically married, you're going to be put through hell by him. And then even more by me." I looked over to find her standing beside the door.

" Who the hell are you anyways?" I asked.

" They usually call me Queen of the damned or Mistress of Darkness but I don't think you'd be addressing me by my real name." I raised an eyebrow.

" So, you're..."

" Yes, i'm the one all of your stupid little Haroquel kinds' victims go to after they die. But you, dear Jane, killed the man I loved. We were supposed to be together. That is, until you came along. Then he just turned the other way and forgot all about me. It left me broken hearted and I had nothing else to live for so I killed myself, vowing that I would get my revenge. But soon, I will be avenged. When you two are married, prepare for the worst, most excrutiating pain you've ever felt in your entire life. He will be mine, all Haroquels will parish under my domain and your little lover will witness almost as much pain as I will set you through. So goodnight for now, for it might be one of your last." She walked out closing the door, leaving me sitting there emotionless.

" SHIT! FUCK!" I screamed throwing a chair at the large mirror on the wall above my bed. I didn't care when the shattered glass cut its way into me. All I cared about was Gerard's safety and that of many more people. My race will vanish and I can't do anything to stop the pain and agony that will be inflicted into them all.

I can't do anything so save myself and Gerard. If I try and leave Anothony, he'll kill him. If I do, he'll still get killed. There's nothing I can do anymore. I'm worthless. Unless... I kill myself before I let anything happen to them. Tears were streaming down my face and I stood there panting from the energy I put into destroying the mirror.

Yeah that's it. I'll kill myself...
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