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For all those who love me(which is practicly everyone:P) please read!!

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Hey guys!!

Well.... as you can all see, I haven't been updating or reviewing anything for awhile.
Well guys, the sad truth is, I really don't feel like it anymore! I mean, nobody's updating on stories and plus I'm getting bored of Ficwad.... I'm not saying that I'll quit!! (although I was thinking about it) I will still be here to review once in a while and maybe even update if I get the time because summer is a very busy time of year for me!! So I'm very very sorry for all those who were waiting for updates, but my stories are all on hold for a while.. Thanks a bunch to all those who review my stories! (like Draykor & Twinklestar) I LOVE all of you guys!! Keep up the good work!! And stay in school!:)

oxoxox Stephanie And guys add me if you need me! --->
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