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Chapter 11

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"I'm not gonna answer you, you know."

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As the months passed, more weird things happened around the house. People would hear talking and conversations through a closed door, but no one would be inside. Frank never seemed to be around when it happened though.

"Frank, you really need to tell us what's going on." His mom said after the rest of the family had held a conference without him.

"What can I tell you? I haven't seen these "ghosts"." Frank answered, still lying on his bed.

"You know something." She persisted.

Frank rolled over onto his stomach and looked at his family. The only one who didn't seem to want to force him to tell was Jason.

"I'll tell you one thing, okay?" Frank said, watching his parents nod.

"Okay... Gerard was supposed to be back 10 years ago..." Frank murmured quietly.

"Uh, when you were 7?" Jason asked skeptically.

"NO..." Frank replied, "But that's all I'm gonna say..."

"But how could he have been gone that long if that was you and him in the tapes?" Jason asked.

Frank shrugged and turned on his side, examining the ring on his finger carefully. He ran his fingers over the smooth middle face of the cylinder. It was black, and the two smaller ridges on the outside were silver. He could hear his parents talking to him, but ignored them knowing they would only question him further.

"I'm not gonna answer you, you know." Frank said finally.

After a while they let him alone, except Jason, who sat down on his bed.


"Yeah, Jason?" Frank answered, turning over to face his brother.

"Will you please tell me?" he asked.

Frank sighed and sat up.

"What do you want me to say? Ask me a question and I'll decide whether I want to answer it." He proposed.

"Okay." Jason agreed, "Then... who is Gerard?"

"A guy." Frank replied dully.

"Yeah, but who was he to you?" Jason continued.

Frank shook his head and refused simply, "No."

"Okay... was that you in the videos?" Jason asked.

"Yeah..." Frank said after a moment.

"Is that a wedding ring?" Jason asked, pointing to Frank's hand.

"Yes." Frank replied.

"Are you married?" Jason questioned.

"No." Frank replied.

"Then why are you wearing it?"

"I'm not answering that." Frank objected.

"Fine... have you seen there things popping up around the house?" Jason inquired.

"No, I haven't." Frank said truthfully.

"Okay." Jason said as he rose from the bed.

As soon as Jason left, Frank went back to his depressive blank state, staring at the ceiling. He truly had no idea why they were seeing things.
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