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Chapter 12

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"I fucking hate you Gerard!" Frank screamed, "Go the fuck away!"

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"Frankie, honey, come downtown with me, we have to get dinner." His mom shouted out the back door the next evening.

Frank complied and left his dad and brother to do the yard work in the dark of mowing the lawn and raking.

"Dad, can you hand me th-" Jason started, but was interrupted by his father's outstretched hand in his face.

They were behind the shed. His dad was looking around the corner to the middle of the yard. Jason peered over too.

"I fucking hate you Gerard!" Frank screamed, "Go the fuck away!"

Frank was standing near the porch, his eyes wild with anger, and wearing what looked to be denim overalls and a white splotched shirt; he looked like a farmer. His skin was olive colored and grimy, as if he'd been fixing a car. His hair was VERY short, maybe less than an inch so it was spiky and messy looking.

"Just GO! I don't care about your stupid deal, or-or anything!' Frank shouted a distinct British accent in his voice.

Gerard stepped down off the porch. He was wearing dark loose pants and an unbuttoned white shirt that fluttered in the wind that Jason couldn't feel. His hair was much longer than from the videos or strange sightings occurring in the house, it was chin-length and slightly wavy. His skin was more browned and tanned than its usual pale shade. Gerard's eyes were distant as he looked at Frank, whose speech faltered as Gerard came less than a foot away from his.

"Shh... I get it. You don't want me here anymore." Gerard said quietly in a thick, involuntarily sexy, Italian accent, putting a finger to Frank's lips, "Fine."

"Y-yeah, g-go." Frank stuttered, his breath hitching as Gerard ran his fingers down the thin material of his shirt.

"Okay." Gerard said in his still calm, never-faltering, gentle voice, "Calm. Down."

He planted a kiss on Frank's lips and started walking away, but when he was about halfway to the gate, Frank called his name and he stopped, looking back.

"Nodon'tleavemeIneedyouI'msorry!" Frank cried, running to Gerard, who let him jump up and wrap his arms around his neck, "I'm sorry..."

"S' okay." Gerard said, pressing his lips to Frank's.

When Gerard was about to pull away, Frank shook his head lightly and slipped his tongue between Gerard's lips, deepening the kiss. After a moment, Frank slid his hands onto Gerard's shoulders under the open sleeves of the taller boy's unbuttoned shirt, letting the light fabric fall back halfway down his back, with Gerard's arms still in the sleeves. After a minute Gerard broke the kiss and placed a finger on Frank's nose.

"Now, now. We've got to remember there are neighbors. If you let me, we can go inside. What do you say?" Gerard said, the natural slur in his dialect causing Frank's heart to skip a good 3 beats.

Frank nodded and let Gerard place him on the ground, looking down, ashamed.

"Hey, hey! I say I forgive you, okay? You can get mad sometimes, it's all good." Gerard assured Frank, taking the kid's hand.

They disappeared in the shadows and the yard was empty except for Frank's dad and Jason.

"What the fuck was that about?" Jason yelled, throwing the rake in his hand down to the dirt.

"Watch your language boy." His dad warned, "You're still my son. Now, I have no idea what just happened, but we're not gonna go shouting curses into nothing for it."


I can just imagine Gee wiff an Italian accent n Fee with a British accent, cant you? i know Fee's not british, but it makes it more interestin...
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