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Jealousy and puppy love

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well, you get the picture.

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Kristen's P.O.V.

Traffic was a mess as the intense California sun beat down through my old car's windshield and onto my already sunburned and sweaty skin. I sighed, leaning my head back and trying to block out all the obscenities and honks being emitted from annoyed drivers' cars. I had assumed there was an accident but didn't think twice about it, instead rummaged through my glove compartment in the midst of the stand still traffic until I found my '3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge' CD. Popping it into the player in my car, my ears were immediately filled with Gerard's voice, drowning out any unwanted traffic sounds.

Just as I was flipping to my favorite song, "I'm Not Okay," I got a sudden flashback, and I could feel my heart tear in two. It was the day that Ana and I were at a concert in a small club when they had played this. It was the first time I had heard it, or heard of the band for that matter.

I was sitting on a barstool in an extremely crowded, dark club when Ana came running up behind me, her golden blonde tresses swinging behind her.

"Where'd you go? You know I have places like this and you didn't eve-" she interrupted me by placing a finger on my lips and she began to speak.

"Hey, chill." She said over the sound of the band warming up. Glancing over at the stage I saw about four or five guys in strategic locations, lights beaming down on them in hues of red. I looked back at Ana who was now meeting gaze with someone who I assumed to be a member of the band about to play, long black hair hanging in his face. He was cute, I guess, but he didn't seem like her kind of guy.

"Why did you drag me here?" I sighed, placing my hand on my hip in annoyance. She pointed at the band, and I just looked at her in confusion.

"So you brought me here when I have work tomorrow at six in the morning just so I could see some half-ass band play some cheap music?" I said to her and she shook her head. Grabbing my bare wrist with her ring clad hand, she pulled me up to the front of the stage as their set began.

"I know you all know us, and love us to death" the guy with jet black hair laughed into the microphone. Man, that had to be the vainest sentence I have ever heard. Ana didn't seem to notice and started to bob her head with the beat of the song that started to play. "This is called "I'm not Okay"," he screamed into the microphone before starting with the lyrics. 'This has to be some of the worst music I have ever heard' I thought to myself as I stood in the midst of the crowd that was now thrashing to the tune of the guitar.

I started to move my head to the beat, but immediately stopped myself. I wasn't supposed to like this kind of stuff. I mean, there were sweaty guys rubbing up against me and spazzing out like they were having a seizure to the music. I crossed my arms and made my way through the wild crowd and into a small, deserted booth in the back of the room, sliding into the sticky old seat. After about twenty minutes the set was done and Ana came back to the booth, spotting me easily as I was the only one in bootleg jeans and the only one without eyeliner.

"Why did you leave?" she asked, looking at me as though I had committed a crime. I shrugged and moved over, letting her sit in the seat beside me. "Oh, and we're going to hang out with the band for a little bit." She said, oblivious to the fact that I hated being here. I sighed and leaned forward, rubbing my temples with my index fingers.

"How about you just stay here and I go home and go to bed? I have to get up early." I told her and she shook her head.

"Just come on, call in sick. And I want you to meet Gee..." She said, her voice trailing off as the guy who had been singing approached our table, surrounded by the rest of the band that had been playing.

"Hey, Ana," two guys said at the same time, looking at her longingly. They looked slightly similar in facial features but one had shorter, brownish hair and glasses. She got up, as to introduce them.

"Kris, this is Gerard," she told me, swinging her arm around his waist. He kissed her neck in desire, she moaned a little before motioning for him to stop long enough to tell me the rest of their names. "This is Mikey, Frankie, Bob, and Ray," she said, pointing to each one as she said their names.

"Hi," I whispered shyly. Gee and Ana went over to the bar and got as intimate as you can get without showing too much skin. Mikey and Bob walked off and started talking in the corner of the room and Frankie looked around for a moment until finding what he was looking for.

"Cynara," he said, happy to see her.

I, at the same time was shocked. "Cynara?!" I gasped, and she looked over at me. Immediately coming over to pull me into a hug, I was confused. "I didn't know you listened to...this..." I said. She nodded and smiled before retreating back to Frankie's arms. Ray slid into the seat opposite me on the booth, flashing a genuine smile.

"Don't worry about those guys. Just ignore them, they don't have any manners," he laughed and I just nodded, my gaze quickly drifting back to where Ana was now kissing him on the lips with the utmost passion. How I longed to have a relationship like that. I got up, grabbing my purse and walking over to Ana.

"Are you coming up for air any time soon?' I asked impatiently. She immediately pulled away from him and he turned around, looking extremely embarrassed. "I'm going home, okay?" I asked and she nodded, I guess she finally gave up.

Pushing open the graffiti covered door and breathing in the cool October air, I thought to myself. 'Okay, maybe he is cute. But he's Ana's. Oh well.' And with that I walked out into my car.

Looking back on it now, I laugh. Ana and Gerard were meant for each other, and I knew it, contrary to what I wanted to believe. I guess I still had a puppy crush. But I couldn't help it. The traffic finally started to move and I realized that I never told Gerard that I was going to work, didn't even leave a note. 'Shit!' I thought to myself as I started moving forward. My curiosity got the better of me and when I got to the part of the road where an accident had happened, I looked over. 'Oh my god.' I said, realizing who had been in the car that had run off the road and into a tree laden path. There he was, too, sitting o the back of a cop car, rubbing his leg and holding back tears. "Gerard." I whispered, pulling my car over and hopping out to run over to him.
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