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I swear this time I will not let you down

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I'm not as selfish as I used to be; that was a part of me that never made me proud. Right now I think I would try anything, anything at all to keep you satisfied. God I hope you see what loving you...

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The next couple of months were a whirlwind. Pete had finally agreed to go to therapy to get his demons out. Shortly afterwards, Fall Out Boy went back into the studio and finished up their CD and began touring to promote it. Emma talked to Patrick almost everyday, but she distanced herself from Pete and only talked to every couple of days. She didn't want him to forget his word. Emma also had started going to therapy after her mother forcing her to get a mental evaluation. She found out that she was depressed. She never thought that she would be able to go to a talk therapist and talk about her problems, but for some reason, at the first appointment, she had no problem whatsoever letting all her emotions and problems flow out of her mouth. The hour was up in no time, and honestly, Emma felt somewhat better afterwards. Her therapist said the main cause of her depression was the fact that she held everything in and never talked about it. Amazingly, after 5 months of weekly therapy session, Emma felt better about life and no longer went in to see her therapist, although her therapist said she was only a phone call away if Emma ever needed her.

It was now September 2005. Fall Out Boy were getting bigger & bigger everyday. Emma sometimes worried that Pete might not be doing as he promised, but every time she talked to him, he sounded genuinely happy. They were currently sitting in Emma's apartment. She was stretched out on her couch, watching TV and he was sitting on the floor in front of her, leaning up against the couch. He had a spiral in hands and was furiously scribbling away. Emma couldn't read what he was writing, but she figured it was lyrics. That's all he seemed to be doing anymore, was writing, not that it bothered her. She was glad that he was getting his feelings out somewhere. She lay on her side, and watched him chew on the end of the pen he was using to write with. She could tell he was deep in thought. She silently sat and stared at him, watching his eyes dart around the room, knowing he wasn't really seeing the room, but that he was actually searching his mind for the right words. He was meticulous when it came to his lyrics, they had to be perfect. He pulled the pen out of his mouth and scribbled something down, then put the cap back on the pen and closed the spiral, tossing it on the table in front of him. He let out a deep breath and stretched, arching his upper body over the couch, squishing Emma. She squirmed and whined, "Get off me, you're killing me..." She pouted and poked him on the temple. "Ow..." he muttered, rubbing the side of his head. She glanced over at the spiral and he followed her gaze. "No, you can't read it..." he said, reading her mind, grabbing the spiral and holding it to his chest. "Can you just tell me what the last song you were writing was about?" she asked, sitting up and pulling her best pout. He stood up and laughed, mocking her pout. "It was just this song...." He trailed off. She snorted and said, "No, shit, what was the song about..." He smirked and said, "It's a cheesy love song, I'm kinda embarrassed, so you don't get to read what it's about...Besides, it's not finished, it's more like an idea for a song, it's not in lyric form yet..."

She stuck her tongue out at him and acted like she was done with the subject. He sat down on the couch next to her, still clutching the spiral. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and saw him relaxing, forgetting about the conversation as he became absorbed in whatever was on the television. She waited for his hands to drop to his lap before she pounced on him and knocked him over on the couch. She sat on top of him, tickling his ribs, while she taunted him. "Let me read it, or I won't stop tickling!" she threatened. His laughter was infectious and she couldn't help but laugh at his laugh and at his squirming. He shook his head as he tried not to laugh. He stretched his arms out and held the spiral above his head. She reached for it, laying on top of him, stretching out for his hands. Her hands finally grasped the spiral and he let go. She scooted down and looked at him, wondering why he had quickly given up. He blushed a deep shade of red and shook with laughter. "What! What is so funny?" she asked, poking him on the side. He shook his head and continued laughing. He tried to speak in-between laughs. "Your boobs were in my face..." he managed to get out between laughing and gasping for air. She sat up and pouted. "I don't find that funny," she said. "Well, I'm sorry," he said, also sitting up and catching his breath, "I found the situation entirely hilarious, or maybe that was because of the demon taunting me with cleavage and torturing me with tickles..."

She smirked and stuck her tongue out at him and got up and ran to the opposite side of the room, flipping the spiral open, trying to find the last wrote on page. "Em, please...don't read it, it's stupid!" he shouted, jumping over the back of the couch and running towards her. She found the spot, flipped it open and took off running away from him. She sprinted down the hallway to her bedroom and flung the door open, running inside. She could hear him only a few steps behind her. She tried to dodge him but he caught her around the waist and tackled her to her bed. She landed on her stomach, with him on top of her. She stared down at the page. Among the various scribble of thoughts for songs, one caught her eye. Me and you, setting in a honeymoon, if I woke up next to you... She dropped the spiral and rolled over, somehow, with Pete still on top of her. He stared at her, trying to read her expression. Her eyes moved back and forth from his lips to his eyes. Emma suddenly became aware of how dry her lips felt. She licked them and continued to stare at his lips, wishing they weren't poised over her lips, but kissing her. She watched as he slowly lowered his face to her's and softly kissed her. She felt her entire body respond and she pulled him closer to her. His kisses slowly became deeper and hungrier and she felt herself letting go of all inhibitions. She crashed back to reality when she felt his hand slide under her shirt. She pulled back and whispered, "Stop, stop..." He pulled back and looked down at her, concerned. "I'm sorry..." he mumbled, getting embarrassed that he had made her uncomfortable, when he used to know exactly how to make her moan and writhe with pleasure. She shook her head. "No, don't be sorry...I just don't want us to move too fast and ruin everything again..." she whispered. He rolled over and lay next to her. She turned to look at him. He had his eyes closed and one hand on his forehead. He rolled over to look at her. She smiled at him.

"Can I lay in your bed all day?" he asked, quietly, quoting his own lyrics and something he had said to her that night not so long ago. She felt her eyes tear up. She nodded and snuggled up against him, feeling at peace once again in his arms.

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