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The Sith and the Jedi fight each other throughout the galaxy but the republic has decided that it is a Jedi problem. Many force sensitive's stray from the path of the Jedi, those that do not fall ...

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-Andoss marched down the hallway from the medical ward of the Jedi temple. He flexed the new fingers of his prosthetic arm, still trying to get used to it. He was finding it difficult to contain his anger; things just kept going from bad to worse. The Sith were on the move, Jex had been allowed back into the temple only to murder Master Breck and escape to who knew where after cutting of Andoss' hand, and on top of it all, Master Frell was nowhere to be found. Sweat was still visible on his bald head, a sign of the strain he had been put under from his injury, something that seemed obvious to everyone who got out of his way as he walked.

-He stopped when a padawan walked up to him with a very troubled look on her face. Her black ponytail swung side to side as the young girl practically ran up to the dark skinned master. He waited for the girl to catch her breath before asking, "Any word on Master Frell?"

-"You could say that," the padawan answered reluctantly. Andoss' eyes narrowed; he was in no mood for evasive answers. The young Jedi straightened up under the harsh scrutiny and elaborated, "He...Master Frell is...dead, Master."

-"What?" Andoss yelled.

-The padawan flinched under Andoss' outburst before replying: "Our informants on planet Tokama reported that Jexel Garet, Alera, and another woman who appeared to be a Sith landed there and were later seen fighting Master Frell. He fought valiantly, but in the end, Jexel struck him down. Master Frell's body is being sent to use as we speak."

-Andoss lowered his head and sighed with despair; he had considered Frell a friend. He put Frell's death aside and looked the padawan with steel in his eyes. "Put out a bounty on Jexel Garet, and inform every Jedi in the field to keep an eye out for him. It's time he was brought to justice."

-Jex read over the coordinates that Darkana had given him. He looked up at her suspiciously, but she remained steadfast. He punched in the coordinates and was about to make the jump when he received an incoming transmission. He tapped his finger on the consol for a second, considering whether or not he should answer it. Finally, with a shrug, he pressed the button and was greeted by the image of an Ithorian.

-"Dag, how are you?" Jex asked with a pleasant smile.

-"What did you do now?" the Ithorian grumbled.

-Jex faked an innocent look. "I was framed; I swear." Dag seemed skeptical, so Jex decided to elaborate. "Frell was working with the Sith; he hired me to do their dirty work for them. I just took care of him, but there is another one out there. Calls himself Darth Malice. Ever heard of him?"

-Dag thought for a moment and then shook his wide head. "If he could get Master Frell to do his bidding, this Sith must be powerful, and if he could remain unknown, he must be cunning. You had better be careful, my friend."

-"Oh don't worry about me," Jex said. "I have Justice and Vengeance at my side. Did you have any luck with that other job?"

-"That's the reason I called you. I found one of the items that the Sith are looking for. I also learned a bit about them. apparently they were created by a Jedi long ago, back before light sabers had their own power cells. He was trying to find a way to augment a Jedi's abilities."

-"That doesn't sound like something a Jedi should be doing," Jex interrupted.

-"Apparently there was some kind of great threat that they were trying to deal with at the time," Dag continued. "Thanks to the device that he made, the Jedi prevailed, but afterward the council ordered it dismantled because it was too dangerous."

-"So what specifically does it do?" Jex asked.

-"It increases a Jedi's, or Sith's force powers ten fold."

-Jex was silent for what seemed like an eternity. The gravity of the situation had finally been made clear to him. If Darth Malice, or any other Sith got their hands on all of the fragments of the artifact, it would mean doom for the universe. Jex didn't like the thought of the Jedi getting a hold of it either. Though they were better company than most Sith, Frell had proven that they were far from saints. He decided then, to make sure that the artifact was destroyed.

-"Dag, I'm going to pay you a visit. I want you to lay low until I get there. Don't tell anyone you have that thing, and thank you."
The alien nodded his distended head in acknowledgment before closing the channel, and Jex sat back in his chair to dwell on what he had learned. He couldn't help but smile to himself; all of this trouble because he had gone to Toba'an to earn some credits.

-Jex punched in the coordinates for Zaross, and the Nomad jumped into hyperspace. He then busied himself by preparing his gear and weapons, tuning up the ship, and preparing a meal for the three of them. Darkana and Alera hardly said a word to each other, though they both assisted Jex with his tasks. He assumed that something had happened between them while they had been fighting Frell, but as long as it kept the ship quiet he wasn't about to pry.

-With ten hours before he arrived and his body sore and tired, Jex decided it was time for some much needed rest. Alera and Darkana both seemed content to meditate quietly on the floor at a distance from each other. Jex leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the consol to rest. He closed his eyes, relaxing his mind. He put the days events out of his thoughts and slowly drifted to sleep.

-When she was confident that alera and Jex were oblivious to the world, darkana slowly reached into her robes and felt for a small device. She began silently pressing a button, sending a signal to her master.
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