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Jex visits Dag, but finds that his friend has an unwelcome guest.

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-Jex opened his eyes before the ship had even dropped out of hyperspace as he sensed all the life on the planet Zaross. Darkana also seemed to be aware that they were about to reach their destination, but Alera failed to notice.

-Jex took his feet off the council and readied the controls as the ship decelerated in orbit over a small, green world. Zaross was a backwater planet that the Ithorians had colonized due to its high concentration of plant life. Ever the ecologists, the Ithorians studied the worlds vegetation for anything that they could transplant on their own world that wouldn't be harmful.

-The Nomad descended through the atmosphere and landed at one of the circular landing pads. Being a strictly nonviolent race, the Ithorians didn't even ask to see Jex's documentation as he passed through the hub, something that Jex had been counting on all along.

-The three of them walked along the dirt paths; Jex didn't want to leave the girls alone with the ship this time. The Ithorians promptly got out of their way, especially Darkana's. Though the Ithorians had little interest in Jedi or Sith affairs, they could sense Darkana's predatory nature, and they kept their distance because of it, something that Darkana seemed to take perverse pleasure in.

-All of the buildings the Ithorians made were constructed out of a mixture of mud, rocks and wood. It seemed primitive, but Ithorians were more concerned with maintaining their connection to nature than being technologically advanced. The lumbering creatures walked to and fro, going about their business without paying Jex's group any mind.

-Jex led his entourage up the winding stairway carved into a giant dead tree. There was a door at every rotation, indicating a room. Each door had a symbol carved into it which Jex knew to be a family name. As he approached the door where his friend lived, Jex tensed up. He could sense a disturbance in the force, like something pulling in his stomach. He shot a glance to Alera and saw that she was already drawing her light saber. Darkana seemed reluctant to get involved.

-Jex ran the rest of the way to Dag's domicile and held out his palm, blowing the wooden door to splinters with the unyielding energy of the force. He marched forward, and he instantly took in the scene. Dag was laying motionless on the ground, and a man garbed in black was standing over him, holding what Jex assumed to be the artifact he had come for.

-Jex looked at his unconscious friend; dag had never harmed anyone. He had been a loyal friend for as long as Jex had known him, and now some sith scum had probably killed him when Dag wouldn't tell him where the artifact was. Jex felt a tidal wave of rage and hate swell up inside of him. It felt like a dark fire was burning his insides, driving him mad with fury. He fixed his eyes on the sith with murderous intent as the assassin activated a red light saber.

-"You bastard!" Jex snarled as he shot out his right hand, flexing his fingers into a claw-like grip. The sith tensed up as the unseen force that Jex had ensnared him with constricted his body, lifting him off of the ground as he convulsed. Jex's face twisted with insane bloodlust as his clawed hand slowly closed, and the Sith's body was crushed. The man cried out in agony as his ribs were broken, puncturing his internal organs.

-"Jex, stop it!" Alera cried, horrified by the display. Jex reluctantly released his grip, and the Sith's corpse collapsed to the ground. Jex rushed to Dag's side, clinging to the hope that he could save his friend's life.

-"Dag, talk to me!" Jex pleaded and propped up the bulky Ithorian. "Are you ok?"

-Dag groaned and slowly opened his eyes. "Jex, is that you, old friend?"

-"It's me," Jex said as he held a hand over his friend's chest, trying to use the force to heal any injuries. "Are you alright?"

-"I think so," Dag answered as he sat up. "I came home and a Sith was here waiting for me. He wanted the artifact, but I wouldn't tell him where it was. He did that lightning thing that they do, and that's all I remember."

-"Don't worry about it; I got him before he could get away. I'm just glad you're alright."

-While Jex tended to his friend, Alera retrieved the artifact that was resting on the ground. Darkana stood quietly in the doorway with her arms crossed, waiting to leave. She looked out at the landscape, admiring the view until she felt someone watching her. She turned around to find Jex standing right in front of her, giving her a steel stare.

-"Did you have anything to do with this," Jex asked coldly.

-Darkana carefully considered what to say. Every shred of common sense and Sith training told her to deny it, play innocent for as long as possible, but her instincts told her that that would be a mistake. She looked Jex in the eye, and answered: "Yes...but I gave specific instructions that your friend not be harmed. I've seen you angry."

-Alera gawked at Darkana with jaw dropped disbelief. Even though Darkana was a sith, the young Jedi was still too naive to believe that she would betray them in such a way. Jex, however, had no discernible reaction at all. He and Darkana stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Darkana felt a knot forming in her stomach. She chided herself for being honest with him; what had she been thinking? He would certainly kill her for getting his friend hurt.

-"Well at least you were honest about it," Jex finally said. And then in a far darker tone, added, "But don't pull a stunt like that with me again, understand?"

-Darkana blinked in surprise and then slowly nodded her acknowledgment. She couldn't believe he was going to forgive her for such a transgression. Darth Malice would and struck her down for far less, and yet Jex hadn't even so much as raised his voice to her. Alera, on the other hand was far less forgiving.

-"You're just going to forget that she sold us out?" Alera cried in protest. "She could have easily set a trap to kill us!"

-"And yet she didn't," Jex pointed out casually as he took the artifact from her and slipped it inside his robes.

-"What's to stop her fro doing it again?" Alera asked, refusing to drop the subject.

-"Good point," Jex relented. He walked over to Darkana and held out his hand. "Hand it over."

-Darkana knew there was no point trying to play stupid at this point, so she handed him her transmitter. "How did you know?"

-"You didn't know that Dag had the item until his transmission," Jex explained. "and you didn't use my com equipment to let you friends know."

-"Makes sense," Darkana agreed. "So you knew the answer to your question before you even asked it.

-"I wanted to give you a chance to tell the truth," Jex said as he helped Alera lead Dag to a chair. "and you did."

-Darkana watched with an uncomfortable feeling as Jex and Alera tended to the Ithorian. She had always considered compassion and sympathy to be a weakness, something that she had no need for, but looking on as Dag was comforted by friends made her feel a deep, sad sense of loss. Perhaps she had been wrong.
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