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Comfort and Solstice

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Mystique recruits Rogue before the Xmen and gets caught up in the growing conflict. But everything changes when she starts falling for their leader, Scott Summers. Scott/Rogue.

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Chapter 15: Comfort and Solstice


"You're my son, Kurt. And Rogue is your adopted sister."

Those words reverberated with earth shattering force. Rogue had received a letter from Mystique. She met her in a construction site under stormy skies. Kurt insisted on tagging along, driven to find out the truth about his past. A clue came in the form of a dream Rogue had, which turned out to be memories she absorbed from Mystique. Now it all fell into place. The truth was out. And a dark secret had finally been revealed.

"You' mother?" gasped Kurt, shaking his head in disbelief.

Rain started falling. Lightning flashed in the sky above. But such conditions went utterly unnoticed.

"Yes," said Mystique, nodding her head in confirmation, "Where else would you get eyes like that?"

Kurt couldn't believe it. An enemy of the X-men was biological mother. A cold feeling coursed through his veins. He wanted to know about his past and he found out. But for Rogue, it was too much.

"So all this time...Ah had a brother ya never told meh about?" she said with scorn in her tone.

"I had my reasons," said Mystique in defense.

"Bullshit!" spat Rogue.

"It's true!" yelled Mystique as rain poured down her face, "If you absorbed my memories, you saw what happened! I...I let someone experiment on Kurt. But when I saw what he was doing I grabbed him and ran!"

" let someone experiment on me?! Your own son?!" exclaimed Kurt.

"I thought he could help you!" she yelled in a rage, "I tried to get away, but I..."

She couldn't continue. Even for the cold, hardened Mystique it was too difficult to say. But Rogue pieced it together. The memory played over in her mind. This time it was completely clear.

"Ya dropped him in a river," choked Rogue, "Ya dropped him, but ya knew he survived didn't ya?"

"So you left me..." said Kurt, his tone thick with anguish as he gazed coldly at the shape shifter.

Mystique's face contorted in pain.

"It was the only way!" she said, "I couldn't drag you into my life."

"That didn't stop ya from adoptin' meh!" quipped Rogue.

That sent Mystique over the edge. She couldn't believe she was hearing this. She was fuming. Her own children were against her. It sparked a surge of rage and anger that went beyond anything the shape shifter had felt before.

"You have no idea what it was like!" yelled Mystique, "You think I wanted to leave my son behind?! You think it hasn't haunted me every waking hour?! It's why I reached out to you, Rogue! You were a four-year-old mutant girl who nobody wanted! You filled a void in my heart! I raised you like my own! Don't you believe me?"

Rogue and Kurt stood in a conflicted state. It was a lot to take in. There was no denying how much this meant to Mystique, but looking into the eyes of the woman they now knew as their mother all they could see was hatred and anger. There was no denying her dedication. But her actions told the story.

"But if ya loved us so much then why didn't ya tell meh Ah had a brother?" said Rogue in a strained tone.

"And vhy didn't you ever try and contact me?" added Kurt, fighting tears of anguish.

" was better this way," answered Mystique.

"Better by keepin' secrets from us?" spat Rogue bitterly.

"I had to!" yelled Mystique with further frustration, "You have no idea how sick this world is! I've tried for years to build a life by taking on the appearance of other! I live in a world of lies!"

"But ve're your children!" shot Kurt, "Ve vould understand! Ve vould be zhere!"

"Not if you've experienced the side of humanity I've seen," said the shape shifter in a dark tone, "You know better than anybody how hard it is to hide who and what you are. Even being a shape shifter, I have to hide my face. I do it because humanity considers me a freak. That's why I joined the Brotherhood. I wanted to work to make the world safer for the both of you."

Kurt and Rogue exchanged conflicted looks. Mystique was a master of deception, but she bore everything now. There was so much anger in her soul. She had no faith in humanity. She had no desire for peace. All she wanted was a better world for them even at the expense of inflicting harm on others.

"Mama..." began Rogue, shaking her head in remorse.

"I know Xavier has put naïve ideas into your heads," Mystique went on, "But that's why I'm here now. Together, we can be a family again and fight for a world where we don't have to live with our faces hidden from society."

"But zhat's exactly vhat zhe Professor believes in!" argued Kurt.

"Xavier is a stubbornly idealistic," scoffed Mystique, "What I'm talking about here is being realistic. I've seen how they treat those who are different. I've seen the hatred humanity is capable of."

"Zhat's not true!" shot Kurt, "Vhat about zhe good in humanity? Should ve just forget about zhat?"

"Any good humanity managed is snuffed by hatred," said Mystique coldly.

"You're wrong!" yelled Kurt in defiance, "Vheren't zhe people you left me vith human? Zhey loved me for who I vas even zhough so many others didn't! You expect me to forget about zhat?!"

A hard scorn fell upon the shape shifter's face. Even as she gave them the cold hard truth, Xavier's ideas hung strong. These were her children. She had no desire to fight against them. She refused to lose them.

"Kurt...Rogue...Xavier has brainwashed you," continued Mystique, "He's put naïve ideas into your minds and..."

"He's teachin' us to have faith in humanity, mama!" shot Rogue, "Ah know it sounds far fetched and all for ya, but ya know what? There's more to it than that! Ah've only been at the institute for a couple of days and Ah've seen the things ya never told meh about!"

"Rogue, listen to me..." said Mystique vehemently.

"No YOU listen!" shot Rogue, her face within inches of the woman who raised her, "Ah thought we were doin' our kind a favor at the Brotherhood! But all Ah've seen from you and the rest of those slobs ya call a team is bunch of thugs that this ain't about helpin' mutants! It's all about helpin' ourselves! How does that do the world any good? Hell, Ah wouldn't blame the world for bein' afraid of us for that!"

Kurt tried to pull Rogue back, but she shook his grasp off. Tears were streaming down her face. Her heart was breaking, yelling at her mother like this. But she had to let it out. This was her life and she was making her own choices for a change.

"Xavier teaches us to use our powers to help people," said Rogue, her lips quivering with anguish, "Ah thought Ah was gonna spend the rest of mah life hurtin' everybody Ah touched. But the X-men have shown meh that it's possible to make a difference. They've given meh a life and a purpose."

"But you had a purpose with the Brotherhood!" yelled Mystique.

"Only because ya didn't give meh a choice!" spat Rogue, "Well guess what? Ah got a chance to see the other side of the story that ya wouldn't tell meh!"

"Only because that Summers boy wanted to use you," said Mystique bitterly.

"And you didn't?" said Kurt, matching his mother's bitterness.

Mystique was fuming. This couldn't be happening. She could feel her children slipping away. Xavier had taken them from her and so had Scott Summers. She felt sick. Her son was with Xavier. Her daughter was sleeping with the leader of the X-men. And nothing she did got through to them.

"I'm your mother!" she said strongly, "I gave you life! I took you in! I spent years trying to make a better life for you and this is the thanks I get?!"

"A better life?" scoffed Rogue, "Ya call the Brotherhood a better life?"

"They have more of a future than Xavier!" shot Mystique, "I had hoped that you would see that. But I guess being X-men has made you forget about your family."

The shape shifter's words hurt. Kurt had to hold Rogue back from going off again, but Mystique wasn't finished. Clenching her fists, she made one final stand.

"I'm going to leave you two with one last chance," said the shape shifter in a serious tone, "Either come with me and fight as family or stay with the X-men and fight fading dreams. Which is more important? Your family or your friends?"

Kurt and Rogue swallowed hard at the predicament Mystique had put them in. Even after all her deception, she was still their mother. They were family whether they liked it or not. But she lived in a different world. Her life was guided by anger and hatred. They could see so much of it burning in her eyes. And looking back at each other, their choice was clear.

"Ah'm sorry, mama," said Rogue with a sob, "But mah place is with the X-men."

"Same here," said Kurt with a look of remorse, "I'm sorry ve can't be a family, but zhis is who ve are."

Mystique felt a hard sting through the pit of her soul. She gave them a choice and they chose Xavier. She had lost her son. She thought she could save her daughter. Now she didn't have either. She was forced to hide her tears, maintaining a stern expression. Her talents as a shape shifter allowed her to hide many things. But hiding this pain was harder than she ever could have imagined.

"Is that your final choice?" said Mystique, her words devoid of emotion.

"Yes," Rogue choked, seeing the anger in her eyes.

Bowing her head in remorse, Mystique let out a defeated sigh.

"That's too bad. We could have worked a lot of things out. I guess this means we'll have to do this the hard way."

Kurt and Rogue's eyes widened, but before they could do anything Mystique snapped her fingers and in an instant, a silver and white streak burst out of the surrounding area and spun around them at blinding speeds. Falling back in shock, a tornado-like wind formed and caused them to lose their balance.

"What in the..." exclaimed Rogue.

"You-can't-run-from-us-that-easy-Roguey!" taunted Pietro as he zipped around them at breakneck speeds.

Dirt from the construction area picked up, choking Kurt and Rogue in a blinding haze. Toad, Freddy, and Lance emerged as well, surrounding the whirlwind in combat ready stance.

"Can't believe they fell for it, yo!" grinned Toad.

"Man they're gullible!" laughed Freddy, "Nobody disrespects the Brotherhood and gets away with it!"

They all watched as Kurt and Rogue choked on the dirt while struggling to keep their balance. All the while Mystique watched on indifferently, hiding whatever emotion was burning within.

"I'm sorry, my children," she said in a low tone, "But I won't let you slip away again."

Kurt and Rogue tried to regain their composure, but the dirt kicked up was too thick. It was impossible to see or concentrate. Kurt attempted to teleport, but if he couldn't see where he was going he could wind up infused in a slab of concrete. He tried to hold onto Rogue, but the wind was too strong.

"Light's-out-suckers!" taunted Pietro.

"My thought's exactly!" came a voice.

Suddenly, a burst of telekinetic energy shot through the site and knocked Pietro off his feet, sending him tumbling towards a steel beam at breakneck speed.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed before getting knocked out cold by the impact.

The whirlwind quickly died down and the dust settled. Toad, Freddy, and Lance took defensive poises, letting out a grunt of frustration. The X-men just couldn't leave them alone. Scott, Jean, Evan, Kitty, and Wolverine didn't look pleased with their stunt, especially Scott. His eyes never left Rogue as she and Kurt remained surrounded.

"Game's over, Mystique!" growled Wolverine, drawing his claws.

"You!" yelled the angry shape shifter, "This doesn't involve any of you! This is between me and my children!"

"Children?" said Evan with a look of shock, "Dude, when did this happen?"

"Long story, mien friend," said Kurt, clearing his throat from the dust, "All you need to know is Mystique tricked us!"

"What part of that's supposed to shock me?" muttered Kitty, "You guys alright?"

Still reeling from her mother's betrayal, Rogue cleared her throat and narrowed her gaze on Mystique. A look of determination never left her face. Her own mother had broken the trust she valued so. Now her choice was clear.

"No! Ah'm pretty damn far from bein' alright!" said the angry Goth, "But at least Ah know who Ah can take it out on!"

"Rogue?" said Kurt with a weary look.

Ignoring the surrounding Brotherhood, Rogue charged towards Mystique with rage in her eyes. The shape shifter had little time to react. On instinct, years of fighting experience kicked in against the daughter she helped raise.

"YOU LYIN' TWISTED BITCH!" she cried, throwing a fury of punches at her mother, "HOW COULD YA DO THIS TO MEH?"

"Augh!" grunted Mystique, blocking each hit, "Rogue! Stop this!"


The fight went on, the raging emotion driving Rogue's fury. The Brotherhood hesitated to help, but they had other concerns as they stared down the X-men.

"Rogue!" yelled Scott as he ran towards his girlfriend.

"Back off, Summers!" bellowed Freddy, now standing in his way.

"Out of my way!"

Unleashing an optic blast, the immovable Blob held strong. Scott was determined to get to Rogue, but the Brotherhood wasn't going to make it easy for them. Meanwhile, Toad and Lance joined in the fight. Toad went for Evan while Lance went for Kitty. As usual, the Brotherhood was overconfident.

"Come on! Come on! What you got? What you got?" taunted Toad as he hopped around Evan.

"What are you gonna do, Tolensky? Hop me to death?" grinned Evan.

"I could. But how bout this!"

Taking aim, Toad spat a glob of slime at Evan. His reflexes kicked in and he dove off to the side to avoid the shot. Toad prepared to shoot again, but this time it was Sypke's turn. Lining his arm with bony spikes, he unleashed a barrage that forced Toad to leap out of the way. But when he landed, he left himself open for a quick hit with an oversized barb that pinned him a pile of gravel.

"Ack!" grunted Toad, the barb penetrating his pants and underwear to give him a world class wedgie.

"Gotta work on that aim, swamp breath," taunted Evan, standing in triumph.

Over with Lance, Kitty was hesitant to attack. She and Lance had been flirting and talking since the X-men recruited her back home. She thought he wasn't like the rest of the Brotherhood, but the hallow look on his face left little room to argue.

"Lance! You don't have to do this!" she urged.

"Sorry Kitty," he said, clenching his fists, "But this is my choice."

Rolling his eyes back into his head, Lance unleashed a wave of tremors. They were strong, intense enough to knock everybody off their feet. Even Rogue had to halt her assault on Mystique in order to maintain her balance. Debris from the site fell from the steel scaffolding, but Kitty managed to phase through it.

"Lance!" she yelled over the commotion.

"He ain't gonna listen, half-pint!" grunted Logan, "Ya gotta take him down!"

"How?!" she exclaimed.

"With that special move I taught ya last week!"

A mischievious grin formed on her face as Kitty regained her poise and shot up to her feet. Lance tried to turn up the intensity, but his concentration left him too open and Kitty exploited it. Attacking with drive that could only be learned from the Wolverine, the young mutant elbowed Avalanche in the face while simultaneously kneeing him in the groin.

"Ugh!" grunted Lance, his eyes widening as the paralyzing pain shot through him.

"Wow, guess that training really does pay off," grinned Kitty.

The tremors stopped, allowing Rogue to resume her fight with Mystique. But before she could renew her attack, the shape shifter tackled her to the ground.

"You ungrateful little brat!" spat Mystique, "After everything I've done for you THIS is how you repay me?!"

"Mother, stop!" yelled Kurt, trying to tear his mother off Rogue.

"Stay back, son! You've already made your choice!" said Mystique coldly as she elbowed him off.

Mystique was fighting back and gaining the upper hand. She now had Rogue tackled to the ground. Scott was quick to take notice, but Blob wasn't giving him any openings.

"That all you got?" taunted Fred, "I'm the freakin' Blob! You can't beat me!"

"Wanna bet?" said Jean, seeing her chance.

Using her telekinesis, Jean released a heavy wrecking ball from a nearby machine. With a focused mind, she swung it around to build momentum. Fred was still occupied with Cyclops's blasts. Taking aim, the young psychic sent the heavy object directly at the immovable Blob.

"Ahhhhh!" yelled Blob, stumbling off to the side and landing head first in a cement mixer.

"Ain't so immovable now, bub," grinned Logan, casually flipping the switch and causing the mixer to spin.

"Hey! Get me out of here! When I get my hands on you I'll..."

But that was all Freddy got out before he got a mouth full of cement.

Now free from further impediment, Scott set his sights on Mystique. She still had Rogue pinned, but Rogue was putting up a major fight. So full of rage, the southern mutant kept struggling. Mystique tried to restrain her, but after the stunt she just pulled her rage was just too great.

"I...won't...let go...again!" grunted Mystique through the epic struggle.

"Hey Mystique!" shouted Scott in a stern tone, "Hands off my girlfriend!"

Adjusting the settings on his visor, Scott unleashed a picture perfect shot that impacted Mystique square in the chest. The force was great enough to send her flying, freeing Rogue in the process. Still on the ground, Scott and Jean went to help Rogue up. She was dazed, distraught, and emotionally drained. But the feeling of her boyfriend's soft grip helped ease her troubled state.

"Are you okay, Rogue?" asked Jean as Rogue returned to her feet.

"No," she said bitterly, "But Ah'm gettin' there."

Taking her hand, Scott pulled Rogue into a soft embrace. She quickly sank into his arms, craving the comfort only he could give. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. And through the anger and distress, she let out a hard sob.

"It'll be okay, Rogue," said Scott softly, "I'm here now."

Upon recovering from the blast, Mystique arose to see her daughter crying in the arms of an X-man. It made her blood boil, but at the same time it sent a surge of pain through her soul. She made her adopted daughter, the little girl she took in all those years ago, cry. It was a sight she never wanted to see, but she made it happen because of what she had done.

Trying to get up, she was met with the imposing sight of Wolverine standing over her. His claws were drawn and he bore a threatening look, further dissuading the shape shifter from making things worse.

"Don't even think about it, lady," grunted Logan, "Rogue's with us and so is elf. Accept it or keep fightin'. Either way is fine by me."

Kurt teleported next to him and was soon joined by Kitty and Evan. Her team was defeated. Her children were lost. If she fought any longer she'd only cause more pain. And seeing the look in the eyes of her son and daughter was painful enough.

"This isn't over," she said in a menacing tone.

"Yes it is, mother," said Kurt in a strained tone, "I'm sorry, but zhis is how it has to be."

Full of bitterness, Mystique turned her back. The Brotherhood was slow to recover, groaning in pain from their defeat. The day was lost. The best the shape shifter could do was prevent further damage.

"Ugh!" grunted Pietro, his head still ringing as Mystique forced him up.

"Get up. We're leaving," she said in a low tone.

One by one the Brotherhood got up. They gave the X-men angry stares, but Mystique's orders were clear. There would be no more fighting today. Lance didn't eye Kitty, who stared at him with a distant gaze. No words were needed at this point. Their path was clear.

Taking one last look at her children, Mystique saw the hurt in her eyes. In addition, Scott still had a protective arm around Rogue. It still made her sick, but there was nothing more she could do. A hard lump formed in the shape shifter's throat. She was a master at hiding emotion, but this was just too much. A slight tear fell down her face, but she didn't allow her children or the X-men to see it.

"Come on, team," said Scott, holding Rogue close, "Let's go home."

"Home..." said Rogue, wiping the tears from her eyes, "Yeah, that sounds nice."

Managing a smile, Scott slipped his arm around her waist as the X-men left behind the complications they had just endured. Kurt and Rogue held their heads low, still reeling from Mystique's betrayal. The truth was difficult and harsh. But by the sides of their friends, the pain wasn't as bad.

And for Rogue, it was a new beginning.


Kurt and Rogue spent the rest of the night letting the days events sink in. The whole way back, Rogue stuck close to Scott while Kurt kept to himself. Nobody said a word. It was a lot to take in, knowing they were siblings and Mystique was their mother. Life had a ways of taking dramatic turns. There was no telling where they would go from here. But at least they didn't have to go it alone.

When they got back, Rogue retreated to her room while Kurt spent a quiet moment on the back balcony. Meanwhile, the Professor discussed the new situation with Logan and Ororo in his study. It had been a day of revelations. Everybody was physically and emotionally drained. Yet plenty of uncertainties remained.

"So elf and stripes are siblings..." said Logan, chewing on a toothpick as he, Ororo, and the Professor sat before the soft glow of the fire, "That's gotta mess with your head."

"Yes, I can't imagine how they must feel," said Ororo with a distant look.

"Indeed," agreed Xavier, keeping his gaze on the burning embers, "And I'm sure it will take time for Kurt and Rogue to make sense of it all. Mystique may be an enemy, but she is a major part of their lives."

"Think she'll try something like this again?" wondered Logan, throwing away his toothpick.

"She's their mother, Logan. It's not a matter of if. It's merely a matter of when."

A heavy silence fell over them. Despite her cold poise, the shape shifter showed just how dedicated she was to her family. Even though her stunt hadn't work, Mystique was a tenacious fighter. She would never leave her kids behind. But then again, they would not leave their friends behind either.

"I guess we'll just have to be ready," said Ororo, still holding onto a sense of optimism.

"Indeed," said Xavier, "But for now we must help Kurt and Rogue in every way they can as they come to terms with who they are and who Mystique truly is."

It was a hard pill to swallow. But what's done is done. A lot had changed and there was no telling just how much it would continue to do so.

"Ya think they'll be alright?" mused Logan.

Professor Charles Xavier, in all his confidence, smiled at his friend's words. Rogue had Scott. And Kurt now had Rogue as a sibling. Their lives had been complicated to no end as a result of their mutation. Now it had been complicated even more with Mystique. But in the end they still came together.

The Professor may not have been able to empathize with Kurt and Rogue's predicament, but if the feelings he sensed were any indication then they would have all the support and strength they would need for this time of great transition.

"Logan old friend...I have a feeling they'll be just fine."


As the hours ticked by, Rogue sat wide awake in her bed. Hugging her knees, the young women went through the complicated events that had devastated her world. She came to Bayville a complete outsider, cursed with powers that imprisoned her in her own body. But all that changed when Scott entered her life and showed her that she could connect with another person and share her heart.

If that hadn't been stressful enough, Rogue went up against her own mother. Not only had Mystique been disgusted by her relationship with Scott, she tried to take it away from her. All the while the shape shifter had kept a secret from her about her past that would forever change her life. She had been hanging around a brother and didn't know it.

Resting her head on her knees, Rogue gazed out the window at all the changes that had affected her life. Her heart stung with Mystique's betrayal, but at the same time there was plenty to be thankful for. She had a boyfriend she loved, fought for a cause she actually believed in, and even had a sibling to turn to for when times got rough. No doubt her life would never be the same, but there was still plenty of reason to be hopeful.

Lost in her thoughts, Rogue was abruptly brought out of her daze by a knock at the door.

"Rogue?" came Kurt's distinct tone from the other side.

Not getting a response, he entered anyways to see his adopted sister still sitting on her bed. While he couldn't blame her, he couldn't end this night without speaking to her one last time.

"Hey, I zhought you might still be up," he said, sitting next to her.

"Yeah," she said in a monotone voice, "Kinda hard to sleep after everythin' that's happened."

"Tell me about it," sighed Kurt.

A heavy silence fell over them. It was hard to digest. They had been siblings and never realized it. It brought many strange feelings, but at least they didn't have to face them alone.

"So..." began Kurt.

"So..." repeated Rogue.

"So vhere do ve go from here?" he pondered

"Ah don't know," sighed Rogue, "What do ya do after your mama betrays ya? What do ya do after ya find out ya got a little brother?"

"Beats me," shrugged Kurt, "But I...I honestly vouldn't mind having you as a sister."

That got Rogue to divert her gaze from the window and face the younger boy who she was undeniably connected to.

"Ya really mean that?" she said with hope in her eyes.

"Of course," smiled Kurt, taking her hand in his, "You're a great person, Rogue. You've shown me zhat. And Brotherhood or not, ve're related now. And I don't know about you, but I zhink it vould be nice having a sibling to turn to vith all the zhings ve have to deal vith. Don't you?"

It was remarkable to think that this boy was her brother now. But as she looked into those yellow eyes of his, Rogue couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah," she said softly, "Ah would too."

Another silence fell over them. Only now, it was far more comfortable. They had a lot to work out, but all that could be done with time. And now that they were together after this ordeal, they had plenty of it to work things out.

"I promise you, Rogue, vhatever you're going through now, I'm here for you," said Kurt, giving her hand a squeeze, "Being Mystique's son is hard to get over, but you of all people can understand zhat. And besides, it's not a total loss. I mean, ve got new family out of it!"

"Guess we did," said Rogue with a smile, "Thanks, Kurt."

"Anytime, mien sister," he said, returning her gesture.

The night had been full of surprises and this was no exception. But regardless of what had happened Kurt and Rogue had something to build off of together. There was no telling where it would lead them, but they would find it together.

As Kurt got up to make his leave, he saw Scott standing in the doorway waiting for his chance. Smiling at his friend, Kurt gave Scott a friendly nod. He was his sister's boyfriend now. As if their lives weren't eventful enough, there was still one last matter to take care of.

"Take good care of her," said Kurt under his breath, "She's mien sister, you know."

"I will," replied Scott, "I promise."

"And do me another favor..." he said, his voice shifting to one of discomfort, "Do as much as you can to keep vhat you two do in private on zhe down low. You're not just sleeping vith Rogue now. You're sleeping vith my sister."

Scott and Kurt shared an awkward moment, but it had to be done. No doubt things would be different now that Rogue was Kurt's sister. Kurt already scolded himself for thinking about them having sex earlier. It was going to take a while to get over it, but that was just one of the little things. Now that they were family they had much more time to work it out.

Kurt retreated to his room with a smile, leaving his sister and her boyfriend. Tomorrow would bring a new beginning. But first, Scott and Rogue had their own things to work out. It was very late and everybody else was fast asleep. Despite being tired and drained, Scott and Rogue still had the energy to share one last moment together. And for Rogue, he was the one person she needed most at the moment.

"Hey sugah," smiled Rogue, "Come to kiss meh goodnight?"

"That and see how you're doing," said Scott, closing her door and sitting besides her, "You had me worried for a while."

"Ah know," she sighed, "It's just a lot to take in. First Ah find out Ah have a brother and then mah mama tries to take us away."

"Yeah, hell of a day, huh?"

"That's puttin' it lightly," muttered Rogue.

Hugging her knees again, Scott moved in closer. She quickly sank into his warmth, resting her tired head on his shoulder. The comfort his presence offered was still as strong as ever, his warm presence easing her troubled soul.

"It still hurts," she went on in a strained tone, "Mystique's still mah mama and Ah love her, but...she betrayed meh. She..."

"She'll always be your mother, Rogue. And she'll always love you," said Scott, giving her a warm hug.

"Doesn't make it any easier," said Rogue bitterly.

"You made your decision and so did she. I can't say I know how it feels, but I can say I know what it's like to be in pain. And now that you're here with friends and a brother, you don't have to face these things alone."

Sobbing hard at his words, Rogue slipped her arms around Scott's neck and turned to face him. Gazing into the ruby quartz glasses that covered his eyes, she smiled warmly as he wiped away her tears. Her heart was still aching after Mystique, but Scott Summers still made it soar with such passion and love.

"You're right," said Rogue warmly, "And Ah have a very special someone to thank for startin' it all."

Caressing his face, Rogue captured her boyfriend's lips in a soft kiss. Slipping his arms securely around her waist, Scott kissed back. The warmth and comfort offered by such intimacy knew few bounds. They had come a long way since they first met and yet they still had so much further to go.

Rogue's life would never be the same. And it was all because she connected with this boy. He gave her so much. Enraptured in his strong arms, there was nothing she couldn't overcome. And after a night so full of drama, there was only one way they could conceive of to start things anew.

"Scott..." she said as the kiss parted, "Make love to meh."

Scott looked at her with little surprise, but smiled none-the-less.

"After everything that's happened?" he said, tracing a hand down her face.

"Can ya think of a better way to cap off a night like this?" smiled Rogue.

Surrendering to their passions, Scott and Rogue embraced one another in a tender moment. Their lips met softly as yearning desire overtook them. Holding her lover close in an upright position, Rogue hooked her legs around her lover held him closely. Tasting her sweet lips, Scott let out an impassioned moan to the woman who meant so much to him.

"Rogue..." he moaned, succumbing to the wonder of this woman's love.

With increasing desire, they removed their clothes. Scott's shirt was the first to go, Rogue sliding it up over his head and attacking his manly chest with her lips. Rogue's shirt came next, exposing her pale skin to the glowing moonlight. While she kissed along his manly chest, Scott reached around and undid her bra. Tossing it aside, he gazed in awe of Rogue's topless form.

"Damn you're beautiful," he said in the heat of passion.

"Aw, yer makin' meh blush," smiled Rogue.

Smiling back, Scott took both her breasts in his hands. Closing her eyes, Rogue let out a deep moan of contentment. Surges of hot sensations shot through her body, adding to her growing desire. Kneading and rubbing her large orbs, Scott kissed down her cleavage. Her fervent grasping of his manly flesh intensified. The sweet touch of his skin was pure ecstasy. And it was all possible because of a gift he had given her.

Throwing her head back in delight, Rogue fervently kissed down her lover's neck while going for his pants. A hard bulge was growing in his pants. It pressed against her with growing intent. Loosening her grip with her legs, Rogue got on her knees and undid his pants. After adjusting himself slightly, Scott helped Rogue slip them off. Now completely exposed, he craved her hot flesh.

" hard," purred Rogue, giving his member a firm stroke.

Letting out a husky grunt, Scott tenderly captured her lips and laid her on the bed. Now flat on her back, Rogue closed her eyes and absorbed each wondrous sensation. She moaned in delight as Scott trailed his lips down her naked skin, moving past her breasts and along her well toned core. He then gripped the sides of her skirt and gave it a firm tug, sliding it down her sexy legs and removing both her stockings and underwear.

Now she was completely naked before her lover. Lying there exposed in all her glory, Scott hovered over her and admired her naked form. His penis was rock hard with arousal. His heart was flushed with passion. Tenderly caressing her face, he made his love for her clear.

"Let me help you with your pain," he said, gently caressing her face.

Rogue's heart jumped as Scott kissed down her neck and suckled one of her breasts. The southern beauty let out a gasp of delight, her body arching to the hot sensations. His hand slipping down lower, he gently fondled her wet pussy. She was so moist with arousal. She truly wanted him in every meaningful way. And on this special night, they would embrace their connection.

"Scott please!" she cried, "Give it to meh!"

Positioning himself over her naked form, Scott adjusted himself so that Rogue's legs were hitched over his shoulder. Taking a firm grip of her hips, he guided his hard cock into her tight vagina. Slowly, he worked his member into her folds. Feelings of hot pleasure soon followed.

"Oh-oh-oh God!" cried Rogue, gazing lovingly into Scott's eyes as her inner walls stretched to his length.

Flushed with passion, Rogue reached up and caressed Scott's handsome face as he started making love to her in the way she so desired. Gripping her hips firmly, he drove himself into her tight depths. Their bodies moved together with him thrusting his pelvis forward while her body bounced to the rhythm. The pace soon quickened. Breathing turned to panting as hearts soared and hot flesh collided.

Soon, the bed was rocking to their motions. Their skin rubbed together in a sea of flesh, their sweat mixing in a plethora of passion. Scott grunted every time he drove his dick into her pussy and Rogue's body contorted each time in response. Their bodies were flushed with pleasure. Their emotions soared with passion. It was everything they needed during this amazing moment.

"Uh-uh-uh-Rogue! Oh Rogue!" panted Scott, his cock slamming into her tight depths.

"Uh-uh-oh Scott! Oh it's so good!" cried Rogue, "Just a little more! Ah'm gonna cum soon! Ah-Ah-oh God!"

Feeling her orgasm draw near, Rogue adjusted herself so that Scott was right on top of her. Hooking her legs around his waist, he drove him in harder for the remaining thrusts. His sweat mixed with hers, their flesh grinding together in a mantra of bliss. Scott was closing in on his climax as well, but he wanted to hold out so they could enjoy it together.

"Uh-uh-uh-I'm cumming, Rogue!" grunted Scott, squeezing her hips and thrusting in as deep as he could.

"Uh-uh-meh too! Meh too! Ohhhhhhhh yes!"

With a deep moan, Scott shot his load of cum deep into Rogue's wet pussy. The hot feeling of his fluids mixing with hers sent Rogue over the edge as well, her cunt contracting around Scott's hard member and milking it for every last drop.

Breathing hard, the two lovers gazed into one another's eyes with intense passion. Their hearts and souls were so entwined, fueled by an indescribable love that now bound them. And through the rush of sensations, Scott and Rogue met in a deep kiss to signal the feeling that now burned so strongly.

Slipping under the sheets, Scott and Rogue made out tenderly to their burning desires. They kissed and touched each other's naked bodies, moaning and gasping in delight. Rogue's pussy was still tender and Scott's dick needed a rest, but it didn't take too long before they were ready for more.

"Scott..." panted Rogue, "Again. Do meh again."

"Oh Rogue!" moaned Scott, grasping her breasts in a fervor of sexual energy.

Yearning to embrace this feeling in its fullest, Scott and Rogue kissed again and prepared for another round of lovemaking. This time, Rogue got on her side while Scott held her leg up and thrust into her pussy from behind. It allowed him to kiss down her neck and reach around to caress her breasts. Cries of delight soon echoed through the room once more as they moved together with heated passion.

Feeling frisky, Scott flipped his lover over so that she was on her hands and knees. From here, he thrust his dick into her cunt from behind. His hot flesh slammed against her sexy ass while reaching around and rubbing one of her breasts. Rogue bucked her hips, matching each movement. And after a long round of intense lovemaking, she rose up so they were both upright and kissed him passionately from behind.

Their bodies moved as one through the passion, moaning and panting with each intense sensation. It was sweet, tender, and intimate on an unparalleled level. What they shared was truly special and this was their time to embrace it.

After making love from numerous positions, Rogue pinned Scott on his back for the final round. Straddling his pelvis, she rode his cock with intense passion. To Scott it was like she was dancing atop him. Her breasts bounced with each gyration, making her look nothing short of angelic. Gripping her hips, he thrust upwards into her pussy. He could feel the rush coming strong. But for this final act, they wanted to share it together.

"Uh-uh-uh-oh, Rogue! I'm cumming soon! I'm cumming! Oh God you're so beautiful!" he panted.

"Yes-yes-yes-oh Scott!" cried Rogue, riding his cock with increased fervor, "I'm cummin' soon! I'm cummin' soon! Oh God Ah feel it!"

Grasping her breasts, Rogue threw her head back and cried out in delight as her pussy tightened around her lover's hard cock. The extra tightness sent Scott over the edge as well, filling her with one last load of his cum. And in a burst of heavenly bliss, the ecstasy consumed them.



Collapsing atop her naked lover, Scott and Rogue panted hard. Their bodies were glowing with sweat. Warm feelings of love and contentment filled their souls. They had come together through enormous complications, but there was no denying how deep their feelings were.

Lying beside one another, their naked bodies entwined from such passionate lovemaking, Rogue smiled as she lay atop her lover. Still panting, she caressed his face and gave him one last soft kiss.

"So...where do we go from here?" she wondered.

"Honestly? I don't know," said Scott, tracing his hand up from her hips to her beautiful face, "But I do know this though...wherever the future may lead, I take comfort in knowing I'll have an amazing woman by my side every step of the way."

More tears formed in Rogue's eyes. Only this time, they were tears of joy.

"I love you, Rogue," said Scott softly.

"Ah love you too."

Capping of a profound night, Scott and Rogue came together in one last kiss before slipping into a world of dreams secure in each others' arms. Things were sure to change in the complicated world they lived. The issues surrounding Mystique, the Brotherhood, and her family were sure to continue. But lying in the arms of her lover, Rogue wasn't worried at all.

Once cursed to by her powers, she now had someone so close to her that she treasured with all her heart. It was amazing how this man had changed her life. They came together so suddenly, yet what they shared was undeniable, unbreakable, and above all untouchable.



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