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Amara Brown at a very young age knew she had some power to posses people and their actions. She could get anyone to follow her footsteps without question; of course she would never tell a soul. Tha...

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" You know what Carmella is right?"

" Of course I do. Does that mean?" I looked at him with tears in my eyes , I'm already having problems with my "gift". I don't need an extra burden.

"Not completely. Has anything strange been going on with you?" I looked up with him drying my eyes.

"Yea. I can read minds, move things, and sometimes I predict things too. How can I make this all go away, I'll do anything."

" You're more powerful then I thought you would be. Does anyone else know about this?"

" Just my sister Persephone, but she has the same problems."

" You've got to be kidding me. I know Persephone, did she not tell you?"

I looked at him confused. "Tell me what? What the hell are you talking about?" I am about to lose it.

"Calm. Persephone knows about Carmella too, in fact she's been trying to keep you away from her."

"So Persephone knew all along that Carmella's my blood sister. Neither one of them told me, I can't believe they would do this to me." I tried my hardest not to cry again.

" Who else is there?" he looked angry.

"My father and mother; I'm putting it all together. I was adopted by him after my real parents disappeared. Obviously the adoption agency put me with him because of Persephone."

He roared as he paced back and forth through the bus. " They've been hiding what you are for this long, this is outrageous!! I have to get you back with your real family."

"Pete, why are you involving yourself with me? I'm just trouble, and I'm sure Carmella doesn't want me back with her. If she did she would have gotten me by now." the tears continued to flow.

" Carmella has been trying to get you back for centuries now, but Persephone won't let her." his eyes darkened.

" Centuries?"

" Yes. Goodness they haven't told you anything. Do you ever remember being a baby?"

" I have memories from the age of 15 until now. I never took time to really think about why that is." I felt so stupid.

" Well. The reason you don't have memories before that is they kept you in some kind of a chamber until you're 15th birthday..."

" OH GOD!! That's right, all I can remember is the day of my 15th birthday I can't believe all this."

He cleared his throat. " Oh, sorry I didn't mean to interrupt."

"It's ok." he smiled.

I gave him a quick smirk. " So how do you know all about this chamber thing?"

" Carmella, she's been watching you off and on ever since they took you. She's been trying to get me to help her; finally I got the chance to talk to you today. She really wants you back."

" Why are you helping her if you hate her so much?"

" Long story that I don't want to talk about right now. What we really need to figure out is how to get you back with her."

"What? How is this going to work out?"

" Just go back to Persephone. Call me when you've figured things out."

I looked at him angrily." When I figure things out?? This is your fault, if you wouldn't have told me all of this stuff I would be perfectly fine."

"WHAT?? If you don't get away from Persephone soon... she'll kill you. You're are nothing to her; expendable. She wants to take your place in the clan."

" Clan? I have a place in the clan??" at that moment the rest of the band waltzed in.

" I think I should get going Pete."

He looked at me worried. " You know what to do." I nodded and quickly got out of the bus.

Walking back I felt so angered, I felt this rage within me. What I'm trying to figure out is if I am a complete vampire or not. How can I be centuries old? Walking back into the building I saw Persephone leaning against the wall, she had horror in her eyes. As I grew closer towards her, the rage became overpowering. Then I realized this isn't rage; I want to kill. Kill her.

" I can't believe you." I scowled at her.

"Believe it." she snarled, obviously she already knew what I was talking about.

" Explain yourself."

"Ha, I don't have to explain anything to you."

Getting face to face with her I whispered. "Actually I think you do, I could kill you right now if I wanted. I know what I can do to you now, I know what I am."

She glared. " Fine. The only reason we adopted you was for power. I'm sorry Amara, but you don't understand the world of vampires. There is no way you can take care of the clan like you need to." she slid her pale palm across my cheek.

" That's why you need to give it all up to me."

" I'll never do that, get over it. Move on, let me go back to Carmella, or be killed. Choose."

" Oh, Amara you think you're so clever now don't you? I'll go now, but don't expect me to keep quiet forever. I'm not the only one after you." she did the unbelievable, stepping back she smiled then quickly faded into the wall.

Getting rid of her was easier than I thought, pulling out my cell I tried calling my father.

" Dad?"

" Amara?"

" I'm not coming back home."

" Why?" saying it sternly.

" I just can't, not after..."

"Don't do this, I need you. We need your power."

Immediately I hung up.

My whole life has been fabricated.

Everything I believe in is a lie.

There's only one person I can go to.

Robert M.
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