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The Perfect Pain

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Amara Brown at a very young age knew she had some power to posses people and their actions. She could get anyone to follow her footsteps without question; of course she would never tell a soul. Tha...

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Fumbling over myself I ran back to where Pete's bus was, they were already gone .I quickly dialed Robert's number.


Staring off I looked up at the streetlamps as the bus sped by. All I can do is think of her; Amara. Something so delicate like her shouldn't be burdened with being a half vampire. The worst part is she doesn't realize what has to happen to her; it will be too painful for her. She's so small, but she's always been that way. Bringing up images of her in my head, I smiled to myself.

"Hey, Patrick." I knew he was coming to talk.

" How'd things go with her?"

" She doesn't know anything, and she doesn't remember things how I want her to." I sighed.

" That's what you expected though...right?" he looked at me curiously.

" I tried to make myself believe, but as soon as she stepped foot on the bus things changed. Sitting there looking at her I thought by some small chance she would remember what we had. I've missed her."

" Well, looks like someone is love sick. Have you even told her about you and her in the past?"

" How can I? Do you just want me to be like oh Amara you and me were pretty much in love, lets be like that again? I refuse to tell her."

" My god Pete, you may be some powerful vampire but you totally suck with girls."

I growled at him.
" Sorry man but you know its true, but anyway how are you getting her back with Carmella?"

" I really don't know, but I don't really want her getting into all this vampire business. She's too naïve to understand what her place is."

" I'm guessing you told her about her place in the clan. How'd she take it?"

"What'd you think?" I glared at him.

" I'm sure she'll jump on the bandwagon, she has to realize a vampire is what she is. There really isn't any escaping it."

" Patrick?" I asked him while turning my attention back to the passing streetlights.

" Yea?"

"She's not a full vampire...yet."

He was silent for the longest time but I knew he would burst eventually.

" WHAT?? How could this possibly happen?"

"The father was half mortal."

" she hasn't gone through the full process??"

" No!! I don't want her too, she won't be able to stand the pain."

" She is going to do it! She has to before she goes back to Carmella."


He blankly stared at me. " You know the clan won't like it if she shows up half. You'll have to put her through the process.

I whipped my head around to give him a good look. " Patrick I can't, I will feel horrible. I can' watch her go through that pain."

" No one said you have to watch, plus it's not like you don't want to give her a good bite. I can tell that her scent is luring you in."

" Of course I want to bite her, I could but I won't. That would bring trouble, if I bit her all the others would want too also."

" What's her scent like?"

" Different. It's this citrus smell, but it has a hint of vanilla. Delightful smell; she has a rare blood type."

"You love her."

" I love what she us to be. But I'm off to bed."

" You mean off to lay in bed, vampires never sleep remember?"

" Ha...yea that what I meant."

Another side effect of being a vampire; we don't and can't sleep.

So I'll lay in bed thinking of her all night.

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