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Chapter 34: I Can Feel You All Around Me

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WOO! I'M ON A ROLL! SUMMER VACATION IS GIVING WRITERS BLOCK A KICK IN THE ASS! anyways... Happy times. ... Oh mi gawrsh. I'm so sad. You'll see why. But it's happy. and *cough* trilog...

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"What you name him?" Ryan asked, still in awe of the new baby.

Lilee smiled. "Hunter was a name we both agreed on."

Brendon leaned over and kissed her. "We did good."

She giggled. "Yep."

"He's so cute" Kara said, after being handed the baby. "Hello, Hunter."

"So, Jared. You are 36 years old and a grandfather. What's it feel like?" Spencer asked, snickering.

"Shut up, Spence." Jared replied.

Spencer bit his lip, grinning.

"Ryan, you can't resist that face. Look at him." Jon said. "Your face is giving it all away. You want one."

Ryan growled at Jon. "Shut up." Ryan said, trying to hide his blushing.

"Really Ryan? Be serious now..."

"Can I talk to you about it when we're alone."

"No, we want to hear this." Brendon said.

Jared sighed. "The boys of Panic! At the Disco are becoming men, how does it feel, Spencer?"

Spencer laughed. "Great."

Kara smiled at Ryan. "Please?"

Ryan's face got red. "Okay... I admit... yes."

Kara squealed, being careful with the baby. "Jared?"

Jared took baby Hunter and smiled. "He has the looks." He laughed.

Lilee laughed. "Well of course he does... having a sexy dad, like Brendon."

"I might've been talking about my daughters family roots."

Brendon looked at Jared.

"I'm just kidding."

Brendon laughed. He was handed the baby. "Hey, Hunter. You're gonna be seeing these people often. Right? Yeah." He handed Hunter back to Lilee. "I love you both, so much." He said, kissing Lilee again.

"I'm gonna go tell the others." Spencer said.

"Yeah, let's leave these... 3 alone." Jon said.

Brendon watched as the door closed behind them. "Baby... you're so beautiful. I love you so much."

"I love you too. You're just adorable. And don't think we forgot about you." Lilee said, now looking at the baby. "It's gonna be a confusing life living with us. I know what it's like living with celebrities for your parents. It's pretty weird."

"I wouldn't know."

Lilee looked at Brendon. "It was a total hell. But as long as we stay together nothing can really happen. My dad was all around with girls, movies, but when he formed the band I was older so... don't become a movie star." She laughed.

"If it keeps me with you... then I wont." Brendon looked at the door. "I should go show my face, shouldn't I."

"Go ahead."

Brendon walked out of Lilee's room and saw his band mates and friends talking amongst them selfs.

"So, I hear Brendon became daddy." Pete said, grinning.

Brendon nodded.

"How's she doing?" Patrick asked.

"She's great... Hunter is too."

A week later.

"Well, this is where we're gonna be living... until we die." Brendon said.

Lilee laughed. "And this is gonna be loud."

Brendon opened the door with caution.

No sound.

Brendon rolled his eyes. "I wonder where everyone is."

Spencer jumped out. "Hi!!!!!!" He exclaimed. "In case your wondering... they all thought you were gonna come through the back." He laughed.

"Oh that explains it."

"Yeah, but he's asleep." Lilee said.

"I'll go tell them then." Spencer smiled and ran off.

Lilee sat down. "Despite the fact that I don't have any extra weight on me now... I'm still hurting."

Brendon put everything down and took Hunter. "And it's gonna hurt for maybe another week. But that's why me and the band is here. To let you sleep."

She laughed. "Like they'll wanna help."

"Hi!!! Again." Spencer exclaimed.

"I swear to god, you pop up from nowhere sometimes." Lilee said.

"Well... Brendon do you know where the video is? We've been searching and searching but we can't find it."

"What video?"

"You'll see." He said. "Come on Spence..."

"So, Lilee... congrats. You and Brendon are parents."

Lilee turned around and saw Pete, along with William Beckett.

"Oh hey guys." She said. "Thanks."

Pete and William sat at both of her sides. "How's everybody taking it?" William asked.

"Great. Hunter's been getting a lot of attention."

"And Jared seems happy too." Pete said.

"He's been very supportive..." She said.


"What was that?" Lilee asked.

"It-it sounded like Brendon." William said.

"Babe? Everything alright up there."

Brendon ran down the stairs, followed by Spencer.

"That video... it's very private stuff... it's us. Sweetie... the window upstairs in our room was broken. The video that had our life together... was in my suitcase... and it's not there anymore."


"We've been robbed..."


Cliffhanger ending.

Oh yeah.
But you know how this ends.
Another sequel!
But I don't think it's gonna drag as long as this one.

But because this is like... the only story that has a soundtrack.
I'm gonna work on that... like... right now.


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